Review of Wood Wall Art from Society6

Society6 is an online marketplace that allows users to upload their own designs and artwork onto a variety of products. One of the most popular prints on the site is Society6’s wood wall art.

But are they any good?

Since I just bought 2 of Society6’s wood prints for my little off-grid cabin, I thought I would share with you my thoughts about them. Plus, I’ll also include what 200+ Society6 customers[RES] had to say about the quality of this type of print to see if they’re worth your money.

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Is Society6’s Wood Wall Art High-Quality?

I always found that Society6’s wood wall art had beautiful colors that are deep, impactful, and not too bright. The wood grain and knots show through the paint for a perfectly natural, rustic look.

Overall, the quality of the woodwork is excellent, and the pieces are very well made but there was a strong paint smell when I unpacked the 2 prints I just bought. It only took a few days for most of the smell to go away, but if you’re going to give this wall art as a gift you might want to consider taking the wood panels out of the packaging and airing it out for a week.

Also, unfortunately, sometimes reviewers will complain that the artwork they received was blurry or pixelated. This is usually due to the artists uploading low-quality images to

So, if you do get an item that is not to your liking, no problem! Just let Society6’s customer service know about your issue (it can sometimes take up to 3 days to get a reply, especially around the holidays).

I’ve dealt with Society6’s customer service before, and my experience is that they’ll do anything to make their customers happy.

Benefits of Society6’s Wood Wall Art

Hanging Society6’s wood wall art on your walls can be a great way to express your personality and make your space more enjoyable.

Here are some benefits of hanging this type of art on your walls:

Wooden Wall Art is one of a kind: Wooden artwork is unique and each piece is different from any other. No two pieces of wooden art are exactly alike because no two trees is alike, which makes them special and one-of-a-kind.

Perfect for rustic home or office decor: Natural, rustic decor is often described as having a cozy and relaxing effect, helping people to feel more at peace. When you surround yourself with nature, it can have a calming effect on your mind and body.

They can be used to express your interests: Whether you’re into art, music, movies, or something else entirely, hanging wood wall art related to your interests is a great way to personalize your space. Your guests will also appreciate seeing what you’re into.

Drawbacks of Society6’s Wood Wall Art

I read a review on Trustpilot that explains the only drawback I can find with this type of art print:

I just received my 3’x3′ wood wall art and was shocked that I had basically purchased a do it yourself puzzle. No mention of that little tidbit anywhere on the description… I used carpet tape to bind the 9 individual tiles together. They wanted me to hammer 9 nails in the wall to hang them! A honest description would help on their site. – Mgcmanmike, Trustpilot, Sept. 29, 2020

It’s true. Wood wall art, which comes in 9 separate pieces, is more difficult to hang compared to other print types which only require one nail.

But just to clarify the hanging process, Society6’s wood wall art comes with a large piece of paper with a diagram on it, with marks that show you where to place the nails on the wall for an easy (or easy-enough) installation.

You can see Arielle hanging Society6’s wood wall art in the video below:

Society6 Wood Wall Art | 4 Creative Ways to Decorate the Same Wall w/ Arielle Vey

Conclusion: Is Society6’s Wood Wall Art Worth the Price?

If you’re into the rustic look, then this wood wall art is definitely worth the price.

For starters, the materials are high-quality, and the wood and the matte finish look great. The 2 designs I bought were printed beautifully and I love the way they look in my cabin.

But what I like the most about my prints is that they’re designed by independent artists. This means that each piece has its own unique style. And because they’re produced in limited quantities, you’re unlikely to meet someone else with the same artwork as you.

So if you’re looking for artwork with personality, then Society6 wood wall art is definitely worth the price.

All customer reviews were taken from Society6’s customer review section. To view these reviews, click on any wood wall art and then click on the “This Product” button on the product page.

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