Is the Quality of RB Prints Good? : Discover if Buying a Redbubble Print Is Worth It

Redbubble (RB) prints are known for their high-quality and vibrant colors. Customers often praise the sharpness and durability of the prints, making them a popular choice for art enthusiasts looking to decorate their space with unique designs.

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Sharp Details, Vibrant Colors, and Exceptional Customer Service

As Redbubble’s prints soar in popularity each year, I decided to share the feedback of 427 customers and my own experience with 57 purchased prints since 2008.

Overall, every RB print I’ve purchased has mesmerized me with its razor-sharp details and vivid colors. And after reading over 5,871 customer reviews[RES] on RB’s products, I found that the quality of the prints received minimal complaints.

However, at times customers may express concerns about the clarity or resolution of the print. This issue typically arises when the artist has uploaded an image of lower quality.

If you receive an item that doesn’t meet your expectations, no worries! Simply inform RB’s customer service. I’ve interacted with their team in the past, and I can assure you they go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

Prints vs Size

Keep in mind that RB offers custom-sized prints. For example, when purchasing a size small of image A and B, the sizes may vary. Be sure to carefully check the product page for each print before making your selection.

Art Board Prints

Customers and I rave about RB’s art board prints, crafted from a premium, sturdy material. This isn’t your average 4-ply board – it boasts a beautifully textured, watercolor surface that exudes gallery-quality vibes.

Plus, each art board print is meticulously packaged in its own cellophane sleeve, making it ideal for storage, collecting, or selling your precious artwork.

The best part is that art board prints offer endless display options. Hang them on your wall with the included Velcro dots, frame them for a polished look, or simply lean them on a shelf for a modern touch. The possibilities are as versatile as your imagination.

Another thing I appreciate about RB’s art board prints is that they come in standard sizes, unlike other RB prints that only offer “custom sizes”. It makes choosing a frame so much easier!

Art Prints

RB’s art prints come alive in person, surpassing their online presence. Vibrant colors pop on textured, thick paper.

These art prints feature 1 to 2-inch white borders that vary based on the artwork’s dimensions. This border makes it easier to frame.

These prints are actually high-quality giclée prints, crafted with archival paper and inks. These gallery-worthy prints promise longevity, resisting yellowing and fading to ensure years of enjoyment.

I absolutely love these art prints. They are truly worth every penny.

Canvas Prints

These ready-to-hang canvas prints are amazing and one of my favorite things to buy as gifts.

Just like the other prints sold on Redbubble, the colors are vibrant and the printing is beautiful. But the best part is that these canvases are sturdy and thick (the sides of the canvas prints are roughly 1.5 to 1.6 inches ).

I find that the stretching, framing, and back of the canvas are professionally done.

Some may find fault with these canvas prints for leaving the sides white. Personally, I believe a design continuing on the sides or black edges would be more appealing. Nevertheless, I simply painted the sides of my canvas prints black with acrylic paint purchased from Amazon.

Framed Prints

Redbubble uses top-quality paper and inks for their framed prints, creating stunning results. Seeing them in person truly enhances the beauty of the artwork compared to online viewing. The frames exude luxury, while the meticulous matting adds a touch of sophistication.

I have to admit that when I bought my first framed print, I was anxious about the perspex (the glass-looking part of the frame) arriving damaged. But now with my shopping experience on RB, I trust their excellent packaging to keep it safe.

I love the sleek and modern look of the box frame, my favorite style. But I wish there was an option for non-reflective glass to prevent glare from bright lights or sunlight obscuring the artwork.

When shopping for framed prints on RB, keep in mind that the measurements provided are for the art print only, not including the frame. This can make it tricky to determine the final size of your purchase.

Metal Prints

I love metal prints in my bathroom. They’re modern, easy to hang, light, tough, washable, and waterproof!

Experience the incredible print quality of these metal prints, where even the tiniest details come to life. Perfect for art enthusiasts seeking intricate designs with unparalleled sharpness and clarity that will leave you in awe.

When choosing between glossy and matte finishes, I always go for matte. The reflective nature of the glossy finish doesn’t appeal to me. Your choice depends on the look you want to achieve.

Mounted Prints

Mounted prints come in canvas or wood material, with canvas being the most popular.

The colors on these prints are truly stunning, making them a fantastic addition to any space. Not only is the product itself great, but the price point makes it even more appealing.

Hanging these prints is a breeze thanks to their clever design and sturdy construction.

While I was impressed with the overall excellence of my mounted prints, I do wish there were more size options available. Despite this minor drawback, both my canvas and wood mounted prints exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and beauty.

These prints look even better than I had imagined they would, making them perfect for gifting to loved ones who appreciate artwork.

Photographic Prints

Experience the stunning beauty of RB’s high-quality, durable photographic prints in person.

When it comes to selecting the best quality prints that truly showcase every intricate detail, these are my top picks. The vibrant and stunning colors make these prints stand out, especially when I’m looking for artwork featuring people or animals.

You can choose from a luster or metallic finish for your photos. I personally prefer the metallic finish to make every detail in my photos stand out beautifully.


Redbubble posters boast exceptional quality. Their vibrant prints showcase sharp lines on durable, glossy material that resists tearing. The white border serves a dual purpose: framing and enhancing the artwork.

Different sizes are available within the same category, so be sure to check measurements before buying. While some may find RB’s posters pricey, I see them as a reflection of their one-of-a-kind artistic value. Plus, shipping is fast and secure, with posters arriving in sturdy reusable tubes for protection.

While RB posters are perfect for temporary decor, framed prints or photographic prints are recommended for long-term display.

Note: This article has been peer reviewed and held to the highest editorial standards.

All customer reviews featured on this page were taken from Redbubble’s customer review section. To view more of these reviews, click on any print on and then click on the “Read all reviews” button on the product page.