Are Redbubble Prints Good? (A Look at All Types of Prints and Their Quality)

Since Redbubble’s prints are getting increasingly popular every year, I thought I would write a post summarizing what 427 customers had to say about them (plus I bought 7 prints for myself).

With all the Redbubble prints I’ve ever bought throughout the years, I always found that the details were sharp, and the colors were vibrant.

And with all the customer reviews I’ve ever read about all of Redbubble’s products (I’ve read over 5,871 reviews in total [RES]), I didn’t read many complaints about the quality of the prints.

But, sometimes customers will complain that the print is blurry or pixelated. This is usually due to the artist uploading a low-quality image.

However, if you do get an item that is not to your liking, no problem! Just let Redbubble’s customer service know about your issue.

I’ve dealt with Redbubble’s customer service before, and I can tell you (from my experience) that they’ll do anything to make their customers happy.

Redbubble’s Prints vs Size

One thing to note is that some of Redbubble’s prints are “custom sized”. For example, even though the paper is the for these two small prints (The New Year in Hisseii art print and We Used to Live Here art print), the images are different sizes. (FYI: Both of those art prints are trending right now.)

This means that you really have to pay attention to the sizes on the product page of each print you’re thinking of getting.

Art Board Prints

Customers (and I) agree that Redbubble’s art board prints are made with a really high-quality, firm art board.

But this isn’t just your ordinary 4-ply art board. I’m really impressed with the beautifully textured, watercolor material that the design is printed on.

The material is similar to the art boards that you would find in art galleries.

A really good extra detail is that these art board prints come in individually wrapped cellophane sleeves! It’s perfect for if you’re planning on storing, collecting, or selling the artwork.

Since Redbubble’s art board prints are small, blurry or pixelated prints are less likely to happen than all the other prints mentioned below.

The best part about art board prints is that you can really display them anywhere.

You can put them on your wall or pin board (they come with 4 Velcro dots), frame them, or just lean them on a shelf or mantle.

Another thing I really enjoy about these prints is that they come in standard sizes (other Redbubble prints come in “custom sizes”).

By having art board prints come in standard sizes, it’s MUCH EASIER to find affordable frames (Amazon) that will fit them.

Art Prints

These art prints look even better in person than online. The colors are vibrant, and the paper is textured and thick.

The art prints come with 1 to 2-inch borders (2.5 to 5 cm) around the designs (varies according to the artwork’s dimension) and are sized to be personalized for most standard-sized frames (Amazon).

These prints are actually high-quality giclees made with archival paper and inks. This means these gallery-quality prints will have a higher lifespan and will be resistant to yellowing and fading. So you get to enjoy your art prints for many years.

Overall, I don’t have any complaints about these art prints. I think they’re worth every penny.

Canvas Prints

These ready-to-hang canvas prints are amazing and one of my favorite things to buy as gifts.

Just like the other prints sold on Redbubble, the colors are vibrant and the printing is beautiful.

But the best part is that these canvases are sturdy and thick (the sides of the canvas prints are between 38mm x 40mm thick, which is roughly 1.5 to 1.6 inches ).

I find that the stretching, framing, and back of the canvas are professionally done.

The only complaint I have about these is that the sides are left white.

It’s a matter of personal taste, but I prefer canvas prints to either have the design continue on the sides or to have the sides black.

I’ve bought several canvas prints, and all I did was paint the sides black using acrylic paint (Amazon).

Framed Prints

In my opinion, the framed prints look better in person than online. The frames are really high-quality and the matting is very well done.

Redbubble uses the same kind of paper and inks for the framed prints as the art prints described above.

I have to admit the first time I bought a framed print, I was extremely worried that the perspex (the glass-looking part of the frame) would arrive damaged. But now I don’t worry because Redbubble packages their prints VERY well.

I really like the box frame (my favorite frame style) because it looks very contemporary.

I would like the option to get non-reflective glass for the frames since bright lights or sunlight can make it difficult to see the artwork clearly.

One thing to note when shopping for framed prints on Redbubble is that the measurement they give you on the product page is for the art print itself (without the added size of the frame). So it can be a little difficult to know the exact size of the final product.

Metal Prints

Metal prints are my ultimate favorite prints to put in my bathroom because they’re contemporary, ready-to-hang, lightweight, durable, cleanable, and they’re waterproof!

The print quality is also amazing because you can really see the tiniest details on the designs. So these prints are perfect for anyone looking to buy artwork that has a lot of intricate details.

The sharpness and clarity of the metal prints is like nothing I’ve seen before.

If I have to pick between the glossy and matte finish, I prefer the matte. I find that the glossy finish is a bit too reflective. But I guess it all depends on what kind of look you’re going for.

Photographic Prints

The high-quality, durable photographic prints are even more beautiful in person.

These are my favorite prints to get when I want a framed photo that shows off every little detail. The colors are also vibrant and stunning.

I especially love to buy these types of prints when I want to buy a photo of beautiful places around the world, like this photo called “Tokyo – A Neon Wonderland” by HimanshiShah.

I also tend to pick this type of print if I’m buying a photograph of people or animals, like this best-selling photograph of “New York Llama” by ToastCrumbs.

These photos also come in a luster or metallic finish. I personally like the metallic finish better because it really does make all the little details in the photo pop.

Mounted Prints

I haven’t bought any of the canvas or wood-mounted prints yet, so I really can’t comment on this type of print at the moment. But I’m saving my pennies to buy some!

I’ll be updating this section of the review very soon!

Overview: Review of Redbubble’s Prints

So, are Redbubble’s prints as good as online reviewers claim they are?

Yes! Redbubble prints are not only good. They’re GREAT!

My friends and I have ordered so many items from Redbubble for 14 years, including their prints.

All of the prints are high-quality and suitable to showcase in a gallery, home, or office.

My personal rating of Redbubble’s prints is 4.5 out of 5 stars. I only took out the 0.5 stars because the sizing of some of the prints can be a little tricky.

But, worse comes to worst, if you’re just not impressed with your print, it’s easy (and free) to return a Redbubble a print within 90 days.

All customer reviews featured on this page were taken from Redbubble’s customer review section. To view more of these reviews, click on any print on and then click on the “Read all reviews” button on the product page.