Redbubble Tough Case Review (A Look at Durability, Fit, Protection, & Print Quality From Redbubble’s Unique, Heavy-Duty Tough Cases for iPhones & Samsung Galaxy Phones)

Redbubble Tough Case Review: I Examined 150 Customer Reviews & Ratings!

If you’re looking for unique, heavy-duty tough cases designed by independent artists, then your hunt is over!

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Most of us want to protect our phones while being stylish. There’s nothing worse than dropping your phone and cracking the screen!!!

Been there, done that (twice)!

So that’s why I wrote this post. After reading 150 customer reviews[RES] about Redbubble’s tough case, I summarized what they thought about the quality of the printed designs, fit, and protection.

Quick Tip: Even though a phone can still break while in a tough case, it’s less likely than if it didn’t have any protection at all. Adding a screen protector (Amazon) can really help reduce the risk of breaking or scratching your phone even more!

Great cover Durable, sturdy and looks great

Clement P. on Aug 24, 2021 [RES]

Redbubble’s Tough Cases: Print Quality

Reviewers said that the print quality of the design on the tough cases were excellent, and I totally agree. The colors are vibrant, the designs are sharp, and the artwork wraps around the edges of the case.

Love love love this case! The design is amazing and the print came out beautifully. I love shopping for cases at Redbubble because I can always find what I’m looking for while also supporting artists! This case is tough, durable, and protects my phone perfectly!

Lacy B. on Sep 16, 2020 [RES]

I’m super happy with this case! The art on it was printed perfectly, and the case is nice and sturdy for my phone! I’ve been using redbubble tough cases for a couple years, and I’ve never had a problem.

Ashley J. on Aug 3, 2020 [RES]

The hard case is great and the image on it looks perfect! Exactly like the image displayed on the website. The case fits perfectly and I have no had issues so far. Would buy again or recommend to others :)

Anthony M. on Apr 7, 2021 [RES]

The tough cases appears to be made of the same smooth, glossy material and the same printing process as Redbubble’s snap case. The design is embedded directly into the case so the design won’t fade.

Excellent case. Was worried the design may wear off/fade, have used for over one month now, and still looks brand new.

Hallie G. on Feb 15, 2021 [RES]

Similar to the snap case, a few customers complained about the case scratching easily. I personally find that the tiny scratches on my Redbubble tough case are only visible if I shine the light at a certain angle and I really look for it.

Redbubble’s Tough Cases: Fit

All of the reviewers said that their tough cases were still very slim compared to competitors’ tough cases and fit perfectly on their phones. But once you snap it on your phone, it’s really hard to get it off.

Great design, not bulky for a hard case and fits perfectly.

Elaine on Feb 18, 2021 [RES]

The case, while surprisingly large, keeps the general shape of the phone quite well, while keeping it protected. Whatever the material is exactly, it’s very stiff and never [comes] off ‘accidentally’. Can definitely recommend!

Deniz K. on Mar 21, 2021 [RES]

In a way, not being able to get the case off your phone is a good thing. It means that the case won’t fall off your phone when you drop it. On the other hand, if you like to change your case regularly, you’ll have a good fight on your hands.

The case also wraps around all the edges of your phone, so you have maximum protection.

This product is great. It’s durable, looks sleek, fits nicely on my phone, and is very personal and unique. I had the same kind of case for my iPhone 7 and it lasted 2 and a half years and I dropped it multiple times and the case held strong and protected my phone.

Jayden on Jun 1, 2019 [RES]

One thing to note is that, even though you have full access to ports, the headphone jack and charger port cut-outs are a bit small. It can make it difficult for headphones or chargers that aren’t small enough to fit the cutouts. For this reason, I couldn’t use a selfie stick with my tough case on my phone.

Depending on the type of phone you have, the case might also cover your phone’s speaker…

Very good protection, better than I expected! The area of the sound holes are also covered, I can still hear through but it disturbs me. The printing looks exactly the same as in the pictures. I’m really satisfied with it!

Solange M. on Mar 2, 2021 [RES]

You might also find that the tough case makes the power and volume buttons a bit stiff to press (but only 1 reviewer out of 150 complained about this).

Even though there was a slight issue with the headphone port, the case didn’t affect the camera at all. So you don’t have to worry about taking blurry pictures.

Love the iPhone case so much. Fits my phone perfectly and I’ve gotten so many compliments

Nicole J. on Jun 23, 2021 [RES]

Redbubble’s Tough Cases: Durability/Protection

Out of Redbubble’s three styles of cases (snap, soft, and tough cases), the sturdy tough case is the most popular and offers the most amount of protection.

From the 150 customer reviews I’ve read about the tough case, it’s amazing how many times I’ve read about people dropping their phones multiple times and their phones were still OK!

My phone fell from my pocket (no screen protector) and hit my shoe when I was walking. I kicked it about 10 feet onto cement and there was no damage to my phone! Only mild scratches on the case but it was a very hard fall. Super easy to take off when necessary but does not come off when dropped.

Shannon V. on Jan 3, 2020 [RES]

It fits perfectly like a glove! Very tough case too. I’ve dropped my iPhone a couple times and it hasn’t caused any damage thanks to this case – definitely worth the buy!

Tahmina S. on Jan 17, 2021 [RES]

It is a really nice phone case! I fell of my skate board the other day. Phone went flying. Not a scratch on it !! 10/10

Malory T. on May 7, 2020 [RES]

This style of case has a soft inner skin that wraps around your phone, and also has a durable, hard outer shell. The hard shell is supposed to protect the phone against the impact of a fall, while the soft shell is supposed to absorb the shock.

The soft inner skin is big enough that if you drop your phone with the screen facing down, it will keep the screen from touching the ground.

This is definitely a sturdy, non-bulky case and I love it! I really feel like my phone is protected and, with MANY falls, my iPhone is still intact! I personally think it was worth the price.

Although, I did read one testimonial where the person dropped their phone and the case cracked. However, their phone was left unharmed. Replacing a case is cheaper and less traumatic than replacing a phone!

I couldn’t be without my iPhone Tough cases from RedBubble – I’ve used them for the last 4 years and I LOVE them. They’re just excellent; the heights my phone has fallen from and I’m yet to break a phone. Or screen. My toddler constantly chucks my phone around and it protects it even then. The soft silicone inner gives great shock absorbency and I love having my favourite artwork on my phone (as well as on my wall). The artwork on the case doesn’t fade and is represented as accurately as in actual print. Couldn’t be happier. Please always make these cases!

Eleanor on Jun 12, 2019 [RES]

Overview: My Opinion of Redbubble’s Tough Cases + Star Ratings

So, are Redbubble’s tough cases as good as online reviewers claim they are?

Yes! They’re not only good. They’re GREAT!

My friends and I have ordered so many items from Redbubble for 14 years, including their tough cases.

My personal rating of Redbubble’s tough cases is 4.5 out of 5 stars. I only took out the 0.5 stars because I find the headphone jack and charger port cut-outs are a bit small.

It’s worth noting that, while reading all of the customer reviews[RES], I noticed that a lot of people said they had the same Redbubble tough case for years, and when they got a new phone, they bought another tough case from Redbubble. To me, that’s proof enough that people love and trust these cases.

I have used Red Bubble iPhone cases on my last 3 phones. Not only are they beautiful, but they are amazing at keeping your phone safe. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my phones, and they’ve never had any damage. I recommend them to everyone.

Jennifer H. on Dec 23, 2020 [RES]

In my opinion, Redbubble’s tough cases are heavy-duty and high-quality enough for me. And I recommend these tough cases to all of my family and friends.

I love RedBubble cases so much. They’re the only ones I’ve been buying for the last ten years or so. As a creative person, I absolutely love that they celebrate artists and their work. I get the toughest case. I love how sturdy it is because I’m rough on my phone. Ever since I started getting the tough case, I’ve never broken or shattered my phone. The only downside for some people might be how thick the tough case is but I don’t mind that. It just makes it feel more sturdy.

Meghan C. on Jan 24, 2021 [RES]

And, worse comes to worst, if your tough case doesn’t fit right or you’re just not impressed with the quality or design, it’s easy (and free) to return a Redbubble tough case.

I ordered my first case and it arrived but did not fit my phone, original description was not correct. Reached out to customer service and was very happy with how they took care of me. New phone case fits perfect and will buy again from Redbubble. The artist work and how they do business is top notch.

Melissa on May 19, 2020 [RES]

Great quality and nice design. [Unfortunately,] I ordered the wrong size but Redbubble was quick to offer me an exchange. Very happy!

Yolanda on Dec 27, 2019 [RES]

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