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Review of Rugs from Society6

Society6 rugs have improved significantly since 2017. They now feature vibrant prints, better thickness, and straight edges, though they lack plushness and non-slip pads. Suitable for various rooms, they offer unique designs and good durability for the price.

Are Society6 Rugs Worth the Hype?

Society6 is an online marketplace that allows users to upload their own designs and artwork onto a variety of products. One of the most popular home decor accessories on the site is Society6’s rugs.

But are they any good?

Since I just bought a Society6 rug as a Christmas gift, I thought I would share with you my thoughts. Plus, I’ll also include what 100+ customers [RES] had to say about the quality to see if they’re worth your money.

Are Society6 Rugs High-Quality?

I’ll admit that, at first, I wasn’t a fan of Society6’s rugs. Back in 2017, I actually wrote a Society6 review where I didn’t recommend them to most people. They were kind of cheap looking and I was just not a fan of them. And most customers agreed with me.

Here’s one of the reviewers describing Society6’s rugs in 2016. (Keep in mind that the Society6 rug this person is describing below is now discontinued.)

Rug artwork is cute, but the quality and material is terrible. The borders are so not straight or even. The material used in the rugs is so thin that it does not feel like a rug under your feet. I will not be ordering again. If I had seen them in a store or art show I would never have purchased them. Very poor quality and very over priced. Sad. – Laura F. June 16th, 2016 [2]

However, in June 2019 I noticed that Society6 introduced its new rugs. So I immediately bought 2 to test them out and I have to say that I like them so much more than the rugs I bought a few years ago.

And now, they even have new area rugs available for sale, which are bigger than their original rugs but still made with the same fabrics.

I’ve already bought 7 of their new rugs in total and there are definitely things I love about them and things that I think you should know before you buy one…

Quality of Print

First, the colors are vibrant and the artwork is sharper than I would have expected for a rug. However, just the nature of printing on fabric will make the details of the artwork or photo a little unclear so it’s usually best to not buy a rug with small text or little, intricate details.

Also, if an artist submits an image that’s too small or low-quality, you might find the print to be blurry or pixelated. I haven’t had that experience with a rug yet, and I find that (compared to other similar sites) the vast majority of the artists are very professional when it comes to the quality of their work.

But, if you do get an item that is not to your liking, no problem! Just let Society6’s customer service know about your issue (it can sometimes take up to 3 days to get a reply, especially around the holidays).

I’ve dealt with Society6’s customer service before, and my experience is that they’ll do anything to make their customers happy.

Quality of Material

I find these rugs have a nice soft and textured look. I definitely find that the price is fair for the quality and durability of the rug.

The print is only on the top of the rug. The backing of the rug is made of a really nice gray and white canvas-type material, and the edges look to be professionally sewn and well-finished. (The edges of the rugs I bought prior to 2019 used to be a bit crooked, but Society6 fixed this with their improved rugs. Now the edges are straight.)

The older version of Society6’s rugs was also much thinner. They were actually way too thin for my liking. But now, the newer rugs have a better thickness to them and I love this style so much more!

Non-Slip Rug Pads

Society6 rugs don’t include non-slip rug pads (Amazon) and you might find these rugs slip around a bit. This is specially true on smooth surfaces like hardwood floors. So you might want to buy one to keep your rug in place.

Are Society6 Rugs Soft?

Society6 rugs are made of 100% woven polyester, making them extremely soft to the touch.

That being said… I still really like a super thick, plush rug like the ones from the Safavieh California Premium Shag Collection (Amazon). This is especially true for my bedroom and living room, where I want a cozy feeling. Although Society6 rugs have a nice little squishy/cushiony feeling when you walk on them, they’re not what I would call “plush”.

So, even though I wouldn’t want these rugs for my bedroom or living room, I have been using them in my kitchen, my front entrance, my bathroom, underneath my desk in my home office, and my laundry room.

These rugs are the perfect thickness so that you can open doors and the rugs won’t get bunched up or stop the door from opening and closing.

Another reason I love these rugs for these rooms is that they’re so easy to clean compared to regular, thick rugs.

Easy to clean. Simply vacuum and wipe with soap, water and non-abrasive cloth. – Society6 describing their rugs and area rugs

How Long Do Society6’s Rugs Last?

When it comes to rugs, durability is an important factor to consider. A durable rug can last for years, even with heavy use.

So, are Society6 rugs durable?

Yes, these rugs are made from 100% woven polyester and are quite durable. Woven polyester rugs are made with strong fibers that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Of course, no rug is indestructible. Over time, all rugs will show some signs of wear and tear. But if you take care of your rug and don’t abuse it, a 100% woven polyester rug should last for many years.

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Final Thoughts: Are Society6 Rugs Worth the Price?

The answer to this question is, it depends.

For starters, Society6 rugs are made with high-quality materials. The print quality is very good, with rich and vibrant colors. And even though these rugs are not known to be thick and plush, the newer version of Society6’s rugs does have a better thickness to it than what they once were prior to 2019.

But unlike many other rugs on the market, Society6 rugs are designed by independent artists. This means that each rug has its own unique style. And because they’re produced in limited quantities, you’re unlikely to meet someone else with the same rug in their home.

So if you’re looking for a rug with personality, then Society6 rugs are definitely worth the price.

All customer reviews were taken from Society6’s customer review section. To view these reviews, click on any rug and then click on the “This Product” button on the product page.