Why Are Canvas Prints So Expensive?

Why Are Canvas Prints So Expensive?

It’s a myth that getting top-quality canvas prints will be expensive. And I’ll admit that some companies do charge quite a bit (maybe too much) for their canvas prints.

But, high-quality canvas prints don’t actually have to be that expensive, as you’ll see below in the section: Where Is the Cheapest Place To Buy Canvas Prints?

Here are some factors that will increase the price (and value) of canvas prints:

  • Limited editions: If the canvas print is a limited edition (like they sell on Minted or Saatchi Art), this means there are only so many prints of the original artwork that will be made. This increases the value of the canvas print.
  • Well-Known Artist: If you’re buying a canvas print of artwork created by a well-known artist, you’ll be paying more than a canvas print made from the work of an emerging artist.
  • Premium Materials: Uses high-quality printers and materials (inks, canvases, and stretcher bars) that will make your canvas print look amazing and last for decades.
  • Popularity: If the artwork is featured in the news, books, museums, catalogs, websites, or other media, the price will go up.
  • The Story: If there’s a really cool story behind the artwork (like a famous person used to own it or was featured in a TV show or play), then a canvas print will probably go up in price.

How Much Should a Canvas Print Cost?

There really isn’t a clear-cut answer to this question because there are so many factors that will increase or decrease the price of a canvas print.

But, I find that if I’m buying directly from emerging artists, I’ll usually pay something between $20 to $150 USD for normal-sized canvas prints. Check out the section (below) on the cheapest places to buy high-quality canvas prints.

If I’m buying art as an investment, from higher-end places such as Saatchi Art, I usually pay around $350 to $2500 USD for limited edition canvas prints.

Are Canvas Prints Worth It?

Canvas prints can be a bit more expensive than other kinds of prints, but they will probably last longer. And, you can even hang high-quality canvas prints in your bathroom!

What I really enjoy about buying canvas prints is the texture of the canvases make a reproduction of handpainted art look even more artistic. I think this is the main reason canvas prints are trending today.

Canvas prints also weigh much less than framed prints, so they’re more suitable for rooms such as nurseries and kids’ rooms.

Another great thing about canvas prints is that there’s no glare/reflection bouncing off the artwork.

But, overall, if you love the look or a certain canvas print, then it’s definitely worth it (if you can afford it, of course).

Do Canvas Prints Look Cheap?

Whether or not your canvas art will look cheap is all in the materials used and, of course, the skills of the artist or photographer who produced the artwork or image on the canvas.

For detailed information on this topic, make sure to read my article: Do Canvas Prints Look Cheap?

Cheapest Places To Buy Top-Quality Canvas Prints?

Here are my favorited places to get the cheapest, high-quality canvas prints.

If I’m looking for more super inexpensive canvas prints, I’ll usually browse through Etsy and Amazon and read the reviews until I find something I like with a 4 or 5-star rating.

Other of my favorite places to look for canvas prints are iCanvas, Society6, Redbubble, and Inktuitive. These companies are all known to be high-quality producers of canvas prints that do not look cheap at all.

iCanvas and Inktuitive have high-quality prints at discounted prices. Plus, iCanvas has free shipping in the contiguous United States, and Inktuitive has free shipping to most locations around the world!

The only complaint I have about the canvas prints on Society6 and Redbubble is that the sides are left white, and I prefer the sides to be black (so I just paint the sides with black acrylic paint I bought on Amazon.

Another place I like the buy canvas prints is Minted (you can also get custom canvas art made from a Minted artist). You’ll end up paying slightly more for these canvas prints, but they’re of premium quality and are limited editions, so they’re more valuable than most canvas prints.

And, last but not least, if I’m looking to buy canvas prints as an investment, Saatchi Art is where I go! Just like minted, these canvas prints are usually limited editions, they’re curated by a team of professionals, and are usually more valuable (but a little more expensive) than the canvas prints from the sites mentioned above.

So, go ahead and buy canvas prints, support independent artists, and HAVE FUN shopping!