How to Moisture-Proof Picture Frames for Bathrooms

Moisture Proof Picture Frames Bathroom
Click the image to see the “Hippo in Bath” framed art print by BLANSHIE on Society6.

Today, I’m going to show you how I moisture proofed picture frames for my bathroom with stuff I bought on Amazon!

This process is:

  1. Inexpensive,
  2. Super easy,
  3. And it actually works!

I’ve had the same 4 framed art prints in my bathroom for 6 years and my prints look as good as the day I bought them!

Update: I wrote this article almost two years ago the framed artwork in my bathroom still looks amazing.

Steps to Moisture Proof Picture Frames for Bathrooms

1. Pick The Right Artwork

Click the image to see the “Blush & Blue Leaves” metal print by PrintsProject on Society6.

Option #1: Metal Prints (Easiest Option)

If you just want to skip everything I write in this article, but you still want artwork in your bathroom, there’s another EASY option…

Metal prints (made of aluminum).

Not only do metal prints look contemporary, but they stand up to high humidity. They’re completely waterproof!

Buy a metal print, like the ones on Society6 and Redbubble, and you’re DONE! You can skip the rest of the steps below.

If you prefer to frame art prints or photographs, keep reading.

Metal Prints from Society6 – Product Demo

Option #2: Art Prints

Water resistant paper for your bathroom.
Art Prints

If possible, choose art that’s printed on acid-free, archival materials because it’s more likely to withstand humidity.

My favorite places to buy art prints are Redbubble and Society6 because they’re affordable but are very high-quality.

I also recommend choosing inexpensive art for your bathroom. This way, if anything goes wrong, you’ll easily be able to afford a replacement.

Any artwork with monetary or sentimental value shouldn’t be displayed in a bathroom!

Option #3: Photographs


Similar to art prints, any photograph with sentimental value should not be displayed in your bathroom.

My suggestion for photographs is this:

Do not hang photos in your bathroom unless you have a digital copy or negatives of the photograph. This way, if there’s any damage you can have it replaced.

You can also use your printer to print your photographs. I recommend using water and smudge resistant photo paper like HP’s Photo Paper Premium Plus (Amazon).

2. Picture Frame and Matting

Want to skip step #2? Here’s how you can!

You can buy already framed and matted prints from both Society6 and Redbubble!

Framed Art Prints from Society6 – Product Video

But make sure to go to step #3. You’re almost done!

Frames, glass, and plexiglass all help protect your pictures and prints from moisture. Not only will these things protect your pictures or prints, but they will also make your prints look like an expensive piece of fine art!

For frames, stick to painted wood, metal, or plastic because these are water-resistant.

Click here to see an example of a moisture-resistant frame with glass and matting (Amazon).

Why do you need matting? It prevents the photo or print to stick to the glass/plexiglass by creating a space between them.

3. Change the Back of the Frame

Picture of the back of a frame. The black, removable backing of the frame is called “fibreboard”

In the back of most frames, there’s a removable part that you take out in order to place a photo or print inside the frame. This removable “frame backing” is usually made of something called “fibreboard” (it’s like thick cardboard).

Fibreboard is OK for frames hung in most rooms. But it’s not OK for high-humidity bathrooms.

You need to replace this fibreboard backing with a piece of foam board.

My absolute favorite foam board the ones by Mat Board Center on Amazon because they come pre-cut in many different sizes, ready for your frame.

Foam boards will help with any moisture from getting all the way to your picture/print.

4. Frame Tape

Now you want to put some frame tape (Amazon) to seal the gaps behind the frame to make it airtight.

Just watch the video below to see how EASY this step is. You can even watch the video with no volume on because there’s no need for instructions.

Picture Frame Backing Tape

5. Bumper Pads

A picture of 12 clear bumper pads.

On the back of the picture frame, place a bumper pad (Amazon) at each corner before you hang it on the wall.

The bumper pads will create a space between the picture frame and the wall.

This step is important because you need air to flow behind the picture frame. Without bumper pads, mold can start to grow and ruin the back of your frame.

6. Exhaust Fan or Dehumidifier

Help keep your bathroom ventilated by turning on your exhaust fan when you’re bathing or showering.

If you don’t have an exhaust fan, you might want to buy a dehumidifier (my absolute favorite one is the ProBreeze Mini Dehumidifier from Amazon.

Products Mentioned in This Article

That’s it! I hope this post about how to moisture-proof picture frames for your bathroom helped you out!