Can Redbubble Stickers Go on Cars? (Exploring Redbubble’s Water-Resistant Vinyl Stickers: Will They Withstand Harsh Weather Without Harming Your Vehicle?)

Car stickers are my go-to for adding personality to my vehicle, and when it comes to finding the perfect sticker, Redbubble is the ultimate source.

But, the big question is: can you put Redbubble stickers on your car without any damage?

Well, wonder no more because in this post we’re going to delve into everything you need to know!

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Are Redbubble Stickers Car-Safe?

Yes, Redbubble stickers are generally considered car-safe. I’ve used them on my own car without any issues.

Redbubble stickers use top-notch vinyl that can handle the outdoors (to some extent). They’re weather-resistant, which means they can endure some exposure to rain and sunlight.

However, it’s essential to remember that no sticker is entirely immune to wear and tear over time. If you frequently use automated car washes with high-pressure water jets, the force of the water could eventually weaken the adhesive. Likewise, extreme temperature fluctuations might cause some stickers to lose their grip.

Should you decide to part ways with your Redbubble sticker, do it with care. Employ a heat source, like a hairdryer, to gently warm the sticker’s surface. This makes it far easier to peel off without leaving any unsightly residue behind. And if, by chance, you encounter stubborn residue, fret not; a product like Goo Gone (Amazon) can come to your rescue.

So, in essence, Redbubble stickers can undoubtedly add flair to your car, but a little TLC when it comes to installation and removal will ensure that your prized possession stays in tip-top shape.

How to Apply Redbubble Stickers on Your Car

Ready to give your car some personality with Redbubble stickers? The process is simple, and I’m here to guide you step-by-step.

  1. Clean the surface of your car: First things first, clean the surface where you plan to apply the sticker. A little soap and water go a long way in ensuring a smooth and clean surface. Make sure the surface is dry before moving on to the next step.
  2. Peel & Stick: Now, let’s get to the fun part – peeling off that sticker’s backing and sticking it right where you want it on your car. Feel free to take your time, make sure it’s in the perfect spot. And remember, with Redbubble’s stickers, you can easily peel and restick if needed, but it’s best to do it right away.
  3. Smooth out the sticker: Lastly, it’s time to smooth out the sticker. Use a credit card or something similar to press out any bubbles or wrinkles. This will ensure a seamless and polished look for your sticker.
  4. If you want to remove a Redbubble sticker from your car, do so carefully. Use a heat source like a hairdryer to warm the sticker, making it easier to peel off without leaving residue. And if there’s residue left behind, you can use adhesive remover like Goo Gone (Amazon).

There you have it! Applying Redbubble stickers to your car is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a personalized ride in no time.

Tips for Maintaining Redbubble Stickers on Your Car

To ensure that your Redbubble stickers last a long time on your car, here are some maintenance tips:

  • Avoid car washes: While vinyl stickers are durable, they can still be damaged by car washes. Avoid car washes and hand wash instead.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals on or around your stickers as they can cause damage.
  • Protect from direct sunlight: Vinyl stickers are durable, but they can still fade over time due to direct sunlight. To protect your stickers, park your car in a shaded area or use a car cover.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Extreme temperatures can also damage your stickers. Avoid parking your car in direct sunlight during hot weather or leaving it outside in freezing temperatures.
  • Remove any residue promptly: If you need to remove the sticker, do so promptly to avoid leaving behind any residue. You can use an adhesive remover like Goo Gone (Amazon).

Conclusion: Pros & Cons of Placing Redbubble Stickers on Your Car

When it comes to personalizing your car, Redbubble stickers can be a tempting option. I’ve done some research to help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of slapping these stickers on your vehicle.


  • Endless Variety: One of the biggest advantages of using Redbubble stickers is the incredible variety of designs available. Whether you’re into cute animals, inspirational quotes, or intricate artwork, you’re likely to find a sticker that suits your style.
  • Affordable Personalization: Redbubble stickers won’t break the bank. They are an affordable way to give your car a unique look without spending a fortune on custom paint jobs or vinyl wraps. Check out Redbubble’s bundle discounts to save even more money!
  • Easy Application: Applying Redbubble stickers is a breeze. They come with adhesive backing, and all you need is a clean surface and some patience. No need for professional installation.
  • Changeable: Don’t like the design or want a fresh look? Redbubble stickers can be removed without damaging your car’s paint. It’s a flexible choice for those who like to change things up.
  • Supporting Artists: When you buy from Redbubble, you’re supporting independent artists and creators. It’s a feel-good factor knowing your car’s decor helps someone pursue their passion.


  • Durability: While Redbubble stickers are water-resistant and made to withstand most outdoor conditions, they might not be as durable as other options like vinyl wraps. Harsh weather and UV rays can cause them to fade over time.
  • Residue: Removing stickers, especially after a long time, might leave behind sticky residue. You’ll need some elbow grease and adhesive remover, like Goo Gone (Amazon), to clean it up.
  • Limited Size: Redbubble stickers come in various sizes, but if you’re looking for a large-scale design to cover a significant portion of your car, you might face limitations in terms of size.
  • Potential Distraction: Depending on where you place the stickers, they could be a distraction while driving. It’s essential to ensure they don’t obstruct your view or create any safety hazards.

In the end, Redbubble stickers offer an affordable and creative way to personalize your car. They’re versatile and easy to apply, but you should consider their durability and potential drawbacks like residue and distractions.

Ultimately, the decision to use Redbubble stickers on your car should align with your personal style and preferences, as well as your willingness to maintain them over time.

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You can also visit Trustpilot for more up-to-date reviews on Redbubble’s stickers.