What Is a Mounted Poster? (A Look at Poster Mounting & Its Benefits)

A mounted poster, sometimes called a block-mounted poster, is a poster that is affixed to a thin sheet of foam board or other semi-rigid or rigid backing board. No matter the material used, the backing board is typically around 1/4 inch thick and usually comes in white or black.

Mounted posters are a popular way to display information (e.g. advertisements, announcements) or artwork because they are lightweight and easy to hang.

How Are Posters Mounted?

First, the poster has to not curl up on its own at all. Because some posters come shipped in a tube, posters tend to curl.

To flatten a poster, the poster is often laid upside down on a flat surface, like a table, with something like a sheet of cardboard on top to protect it, and then weights are laid at each corner of the poster. This process can take a few days until the poster stops curling on its own.

Then, the poster is measured and the backing is cut to the same size. The backing can be anything like a semi-rigid or rigid material, like foam core (Amazon), matboard (Amazon), styrene (Amazon), PVC foam, or plywood.

Then, an adhesive spray or something like a Mod Podge (Amazon) is applied to one side of the backing.

Then, carefully but quickly, the poster is laid on top of the sticky backing. Once applied, gentle pressure is added to the poster to remove any bubbles.

Optional: Once the adhesive is completely dry, a thin coat of Mod Podge (or something similar) can be applied to the top of the poster with a foam roller (Amazon). This will make the poster more water-resistant.

What Does It Mean To Mount & Laminate a Poster?

A mounted poster can also be laminated.

Laminating the poster means that the poster will be protected from stains and moisture by a clear plastic film, making it more durable. Some laminates may also make your poster UV-resistant.

Laminating a poster typically makes the colors of the poster more vibrant, enhances highlights and shadows, and can give it a nice matte to glossy finish (depending on the type of laminate used).

Should a Poster Have a Mount?

The answer to this question is, it depends.

One possible disadvantage of mounting a poster is that it’s irreversible.

But there are some advantages to using this technique, such as the following:

A Mounted Poster Is Easier To Hang

One benefit of a mounted poster is that you might be able to hang it on the wall without nails, screws, or hooks. Because a mounted poster can be very lightweight, you might be able to hang it with Command picture hanging strips (Amazon).

A Mount Will Preserve Your Poster

Attaching the poster to a backing board provides stability and support, helping to prevent creasing or other damage.

And if you laminate a mounted poster, you not only protect your poster from wear and tear but can also make it more durable and resistant to fading.

A Mounted Poster Is Easier To Frame

Another great benefit of getting a mounted poster is it’ll be easier to handle when framing it.

One trending and easy way of framing a mounted poster is by placing it inside a shadow box frame (Amazon).

To frame a mounted poster with a shadow box frame, check the interior depth to make sure your poster will fit in there. Then, all you have to do is stick the mounted poster against the frame’s backing using something like Command picture hanging strips (Amazon).

Conclusion: Are Mounted Posters for You?

Mounted posters are a great way to display your favorite images. But before you head to the nearest framing shop, there are a few things you should know about mounted posters.

First, mounted posters might be more expensive than getting DIY poster frames on Amazon. So, you might want to check prices before you commit to having your poster professionally mounted.

Second, unlaminated mounted posters require more care than framed posters. The mount should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth to prevent dirt and dust buildup. And if the poster gets wet, it’s important to dry it off immediately to prevent warping or mold growth.

And finally, think about your decorating style. Mounted posters tend to lean more towards a fun and funky style, so make sure they fit with the overall look and feel of your home or office.