Redbubble Sticker Dimensions: Which Sticker Size Is Best for You?

When selecting a sticker size, consider your intended use. Larger sizes are perfect for showcasing artwork, while smaller ones work well for laptops, water bottles, or phone cases. It’s all about personal preference and where you plan to stick them!

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Understanding Sticker Sizes

Redbubble sticker designs come in a variety of sizes. So, let’s start with the basics first. The maximum dimensions for each Redbubble sticker are as follows:

RB Sticker Size Chart

Max. InchesMax. Millimetres
Small3″ x 4″76mm x 101mm
Medium5.5″ x 5.5″140mm x 140mm
Large8.5″ x 8.5″216mm x 216mm
Extra Large14″ x 14″356mm x 356mm

All sticker designs include 1/8″ (3.2mm) white or transparent borders within the above-mentioned dimensions.

Because the stickers’ designs are usually not perfectly square (the design tends to be longer horizontally or vertically), most stickers won’t measure the exact dimensions described above.

To know the exact sizes of each sticker, click on the sticker you’re interested in (like this top-selling Redbubble sticker), and click on “View size guide” link.

Sticker Pack Sizes

How can one determine the size of their Redbubble stickers when choosing from a vast assortment of 31,815 sticker packs?

The dimensions mentioned earlier for standard stickers apply similarly to sticker packs. These measurements pertain to the complete set of stickers in the package, rather than to each individual sticker.

For example, let’s say a large sticker pack is said to be 8.5″ x 8.5″ and there are 6 stickers in the pack. This means that all 6 stickers will fit within an area that measures 8.5″ x 8.5″.

To discover precise sticker pack dimensions, select the one you fancy, such as this popular Redbubble pack. Then, tap “View size guide” positioned beneath click the pink “Add to cart” button.

How Many Stickers Fit on a Laptop?

Answering this depends on your laptop and your desired style, making it a tricky question without a straightforward solution.

A good rule of thumb is to buy 3 to 4 medium stickers (these stickers should be your ultimate favorites and truly express who you are) and 10 small stickers to start (I ended up putting 18 small stickers on my laptop).

You might have to adjust the number of stickers you need, but this is a good amount to start with. And if you have extra stickers, you can always stick them on something else like a phone case, water bottle, or notebook.

If your goal is to purchase stickers only for your laptop and you want to be absolutely certain about their use, you can follow this paper-based approach:

  1. Verify sticker dimensions before making a choice.
  2. Create paper cutouts matching the stickers’ sizes. Label each cutout with the sticker names.
  3. Attach these cutouts to your laptop with tape. This aids in determining the stickers needed for your desired style.

An alternative to buying small to large stickers for your laptop is to buy one of 95,808 Redbubble’s laptop skins.

How Many Stickers Fit on a Water Bottle?

I have a 32oz hydro flask (Amazon) and I started with 2 medium-sized stickers and bought 10 small stickers.

The amount of stickers you put on your hydro flask is really a matter of personal taste and placement styles, but I found that 2 medium stickers with 10 small stickers were perfect for me.

Again you can use the paper method (explained above) to figure out exactly how many stickers to buy. Everyone’s sticker style is different!

Final Verdict: Which Sticker Size Is Best for You?

In the quest to choose the right sticker size for your needs, let’s weigh our options. Small stickers are compact and versatile, ideal for laptop decorations and subtle personal touches. On the flip side, medium-sized stickers offer that sweet spot, balancing detail and visibility. But if you’re all about making a bold statement, large stickers are the way to go. 

So, ultimately, your sticker choice boils down to the style and statement you want to make.