What Is Foam Core Mounting? (Foam Board Mounting? Foamcore Mounted? Foamboard Mount???… What Does It All Mean?)

What Does Mounted to Foam Core Mean?

A foam core mounted print simply means that a print (e.g. art prints, posters, photographs, graphics) is glued to a semi-rigid material called foam core board. You can see images of foam core board on Amazon.

Foam core is a sturdy, lightweight material that is easy to cut, which makes it an exceptional choice for mounting and displaying prints. (Mounting a print just means that you’re sticking a print to semi-rigid material.)

The foam core itself has a black or white foam center with a layer of matte paper on both sides.

Mounted foam core prints are usually thin, semi-rigid pieces of artwork (typically around 1/8 inches, 3/16 inches, or 1/2 inches thick).

Lately, I find a lot of mounted prints come with a wooden rear spacer attached to the back of the print. This makes the print stand away from the wall and gives it a “floating off the wall” look. You can see an example of this mounted print trend at one of my favorite art sites, Redbubble.

Foam core mounting is also sometimes called foam board mounting (they mean the same exact thing). Other terms you might see for foam boards are paper-face foam, foamcore, or kappa. They’re all typically made of dense, acid-free polystyrene. (One of the most commonly used plastics in the world is polystyrene, which is an essential component in the formation of styrofoam.)
Advantages of Foam Core Mounting

There are a number of benefits to foam core mounting prints.

  1. First, it is a very low-cost way to mount prints.
  2. Another great feature of a mounted print is that they’re lightweight, so you can hang it on the wall without nails, screws, or holes in the wall. Usually, you can hang a mounted print with something like Command picture hanging strips (Amazon).
  3. Mounting a print is also great at flattening any tiny wrinkles or bulges that a print might have.
  4. Finally, this type of mounting is relatively durable and can last for many years without any issues.
Disadvantages of Foam Core Mounting

There are several disadvantages of using foam core to mount prints.

  1. First, the adhesive used to attach the print to the foam core can be quite strong and difficult to remove without damaging the print.
  2. Second, because the print has adhered to a smooth, rigid surface, it is not as pliable as a print mounted on a flexible material such as canvas or paper. This can cause damage to the print if it is handled or stored incorrectly.
  3. Third, foam core is not very moisture resistant and can warp or mildew if exposed to moisture for an extended period of time.
  4. Finally, because foam core is a lightweight material, it can easily be damaged if mishandled.
What Is Foam Core Mounting With Lamination?

When shopping for mounted foam core prints, you may also notice that they come with the option of being laminated.

Laminating the print means that the print will be protected from stains and moisture by a clear plastic film, making it more durable. Some laminates may also make your mounted print UV resistant.

Laminating a mounted foam core print typically makes the colors of the print more vibrant, enhances highlights and shadows, and can give it a nice matte or glossy finish (depending on the type of laminate used).

Can You Frame a Foam Core Mounted Print?

You can absolutely frame a mounted print.

A great thing about matting and framing mounted prints is that they will be easier to handle and there will also be less risk of damaging the artwork or photo in the process.

One trending and easy way of framing a mounted print is by placing it inside a shadow box frame (Amazon).

To frame a mounted print with a shadow box frame, check the interior depth to make sure your print will fit in there. Then, all you have to do is stick the mounted print against the frame’s backing using something like Command picture hanging strips (Amazon).

Another way you might want to frame a mounted print is by using a floating frame (Amazon). This type of frame also adds a nice finished look and might be more suitable for thicker mounted prints.

Conclusion: Is Foam Core Mounting Right for You?

In conclusion, foam core mounting is a great option for many projects. It is affordable, easy to use, and can be customized to fit your needs.

If you are considering using foam core mounting for your next project, be sure to weigh the pros and cons and decide if it is the right choice for you.