Redbubble Tapestry Review

If you’re looking for unique wall tapestries designed by independent artists, then you’re in the right place!

Since Redbubble tapestries are getting increasingly popular, I thought I would write a post summarizing what 64 customers had to say about them (plus I bought 3 for myself).

Tapestry was both bigger than I expected and was not as see-through as expected though I hoped it wasn’t!! – Lee B. on Nov. 23, 2019 [RES]

Good quality, bought 2 for my daughter and her best friend for their college dorms, and we loved them – Antoinette S. on Jun. 26, 2019 [RES]

Quality of Material

Before I got my first tapestry from Redbubble, I thought I was going to get one of those heavy wall hangings that my grandmother used to have when I was growing up.

This is definitely not the case.

These tapestries are made of very light fabric. The edges are neatly finished with some kind of binding which you can only see from the back and it looks professionally hand-sewn.

When I feel Redbubble’s tapestries, right away I can tell that they’re durable and made from high-quality fabric (for the price). They feel like a lightweight tablecloth fabric.

One thing you should know about these tapestries is that you might find them to be too see-through. I would personally want them to be a tad thicker, but it’s definitely OK to use as a wall hanging. I just wouldn’t use them as a curtain because the light will slightly shine through.

The fabric is thick and not thin but when held to a light you can see through it a little. The colouring is basically perfect! Very vibrant – Maria P. on Aug 23, 2019 [RES]

Another thing that bothers me just a little are the wrinkles in the tapestry when you first get them (but I don’t blame Redbubble because they have to fold the tapestries to ship them).

So I visited a friend who had a steamer. It worked perfectly.

I also heard some people put their tapestries in the dryer with a damp washcloth. Just keep an eye on the tapestry and take it out of the dryer as soon as there are no more wrinkles.

Quality of Print

I find the print quality to be amazing! The colors are really vibrant and the image is sharp.

One thing to note is that the back of the tapestry is left white, which is usually not a problem for most people.

There’s just one issue…

If the artist doesn’t upload a high-quality image on Redbubble, or they try to enlarge their artwork/design to fit on the tapestry (they’re HUGE), the print might be blurry or pixelated.

This usually doesn’t happen because most artists on Redbubble are really good at what they do.

But if you have an issue with a blurry or pixelated print, just contact Redbubble’s customer service. They’re REALLY nice and helpful when it comes to this issue!!

LOVE this image and its looks INSANE on my wall. I picked the perfect one!! really nice quality fabric, its not shiny like other tapestries I purchased and wasn’t happy with. The print quality of the photograph is so good it looks real. I’m beyond stoked and bravo to the photographer! – Wendy on Feb 3, 2018 [RES]


As for size, these tapestries are HUGE!!!

Even the small tapestries are larger than what most people expect.

So, I really do recommend that you measure your wall before you order a tapestry! It’s worth the extra effort just to get the perfect size.

Good quality the medium size is huge! I wouldn’t go bigger then that! Graphics look awesome – Stephanie K. on Jan 11, 2018 [RES.]

Where Do Redbubble Tapestries Ship From?

Shipped toFrom
New ZealandUSA

Please visit Redbubble’s “Product Manufacturing Info” page for up-to-date information.

Summary: Redbubble Wall Tapestry Review

So would I recommend Redbubble’s tapestries to family and friends?

YES! Absolutely!

These tapestries are great graduation and tween gifts because they’re a lightweight alternative to hanging up posters on your walls.

Tapestries are especially great if you live in an apartment or dorm where you can’t make any holes in your walls to hang art. If you can’t use clear pushpins (Amazon) on your walls, then these tapestries are light enough to use self-adhesive velcro (Amazon).

In university, I had a tapestry similar to the ones sold on Redbubble. It definitely made my dorm room cozy and feel like home.

The tapestry is great, I was worried it would be too heavy to hang due to the size but it’s holding very well and looks great. I would have preferred an option for a longer tapestry since my wall is particularly long but aside from that I’m 100% satisfied – Bryce on May 18, 2019 [RES]

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