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Redbubble Backpack Review (Exploring Durable & Stylish Backpacks with Exceptional Fabric Quality & Rave Reviews!)

Redbubble backpacks are made from high-quality polyester, feature adjustable straps, durable zippers, and spacious compartments. Independent artist designs add uniqueness. If seeking a distinctive backpack, Redbubble’s backpacks are worth the price.

Are Redbubble Backpacks Good?

Redbubble is an online marketplace that allows users to upload their own designs and artwork onto a variety of products. One of the most popular accessories on the site is their backpack.

But are they any good?

Since I just bought 2 of Redbubble’s backpacks as Christmas gifts, I thought I would share with you my thoughts. Plus, I’ll also include what 78 customers [RES] had to say about the materials, construction, and design of Redbubble’s backpacks to see if they’re worth your money.

Redbubble Backpack Design

Overall Design

I find that Redbubble backpacks pretty much look like the typical backpack that kids use to bring their binders and other textbooks to school.

  • It has a nice interior panel where you can fit your laptop or a notebook, and a mesh pocket on one side so you can put your favorite standard mouth Hydro Flask (Amazon) or any regular water bottle.
  • It also has a nice pocket in the front for putting pencils or markers or whatever you need for easy access.
  • Redbubble’s backpacks are also designed to be comfortable to wear. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable so that they can be customized to fit each individual wearer. The backpack is also padded on the back so it’ll be more comfortable wearing it while carrying stuff like books.
  • If you’re looking for another type of design, check out Redbubble’s drawstring bag or duffle bag.

Everything about Redbubble’s backpack is pretty ordinary, except for the artwork…

Print Quality

Redbubble has made improvements to its print quality in recent years, and its prints now rival those of other quality printing companies.

Redbubble’s backpack showcases the artists’ work beautifully, with vibrant colors, and lines that are well-defined. Their backpack is sure to turn heads and get noticed.

It was excellent! Exact colour, strong built and big enough! I’m buying another one soon!! – Marina on Feb 7, 2021 [RES]

Usually, with any of Redbubble’s items, what you see is what you get. However, I have to admit that one of the backpacks I received wasn’t 100% as vibrant as its picture on Redbubble’s website* but still looked good enough to give as a Christmas gift.

I know, from past experience, that Redbubble would have totally replaced the backpack without a hassle, but I didn’t bother as it was still very beautiful and super perfect for my niece. (The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of its products, so customers can be sure they’re getting a high-quality product.) But situations like these are why I always shop for gifts super early, just in case I need a replacement item.

I order my grandson’s backpack from them every year. BECAUSE they are specialty and my Grandson always loves them. – Peggy D. on Sep 13, 2022 [RES]

*Without being too technical, sometimes new artists will upload their artwork/designs to using an RGB colorspace instead of CYMK, which can make bright colors look a little muted once printed. I was able to contact the artist and politely let her know about the issue. She’s fixing the issue as we speak.)

Redbubble Backpack Durability

Redbubble’s backpacks are made from high-quality polyester, which is a soft but sturdy fabric that’s used for most high-grade backpacks on the market. This ensures that the backpacks will not rip or tear easily. In addition, the stitching on these backpacks is strong and won’t come undone effortlessly.

Durable, perfect for school books! – teri on Feb 2, 2022 [RES]

Since I’m giving these backpacks to kids for Christmas, I was a little concerned about how the zippers would work. So, I put them to the test.

I first tried unzipping and zipping the backpack quickly. The zipper was very smooth and easy to use. I then tried opening and closing the backpack slowly and carefully. Again, the zipper worked well with no snags or catches.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality of the zippers. They seem durable, well-made, and should stand up to regular use without any problems.

It is very beautiful and resistant. My daughter takes the bag to school every day and she is very happy – Guillermo A. on Oct 18, 2021 [RES]

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Redbubble Backpack Size

Redbubble’s backpacks measure about 17 inches in height, 12.5 inches in width, and 5 inches in thickness. This, again, is pretty normal for backpacks that kids wear to school. (It might look a little long for a 5 or 6-year-old, depending on their height).

Inside the backpack, I was able to fit my Chromebook in the laptop pocket with no problem. The pocket is about 13.5 inches in height and 10.5 inches in width (so it’ll most likely fit any typical laptop).

The backpack is roomy enough for school books, notebooks, a laptop, and school supplies. No complaints there!

It is great quality, perfect size, quality material and the picture was as shown. We love these backpacks, it lasts longer then a school year. – Ash on Feb 25, 2021 [RES]

Love it – great size and quality. Looks fab with the design. – Julia W. on Aug 2, 2022 [RES]

My son loves his backpack, since it was the only one he could find with the specific character pattern he wanted. It appears to be holding up well and we are hoping it will make it through the end of the school year. I personally wish it were a bit bigger to hold everything he carries every day, but he’s making it work with no complaints. We appreciate how quickly it shipped after we ordered it and would certainly consider ordering again in the future! – Mariah L. on May 4, 2023 [RES]

If you’re looking for a cool new bag with extra space, you might want to check out Redbubble’s duffle bags.

Final Thoughts: Are Redbubble Backpacks Worth the Price?

The answer to this question is, it depends.

For starters, Redbubble backpacks are made with high-quality materials. The straps are adjustable and the zippers are durable. Plus, there’s a lot of room inside for all your belongings.

Exactly what was expected: typical backpack size and durable. – Dawn on Feb 1, 2021 [RES]

But unlike other backpacks on the market, Redbubble backpacks are designed by independent artists. This means that each backpack has its own unique style. And because they’re produced in limited quantities, you’re unlikely to find someone else with the same backpack as you.

Very cool printed backpack. Great quality and craftmanship. – Jessie E. on Sep 16, 2021 [RES]

So if you’re looking for a backpack with personality, then Redbubble’s backpacks are definitely worth the price.

All customer reviews were taken from Redbubble’s customer review section. To view these reviews, click on any backpack and then click on the “Read all reviews” button on the product page.