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Check out our carefully curated guides. They’re packed with expert advice and valuable insights to help you navigate the diverse world of art buying.

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Check out our in-depth reviews of online art platforms, exhibitions, and individual artworks. We’ll help you make smart choices before you buy.

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Keep up with the latest in the art world with our trend analysis. Stay informed about new movements and styles.

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Check out our resources on investing in art. We’ve got strategies, tips, and market analysis to help you build a successful art portfolio.

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Dive into art topics like AI art, different art types, art for various spaces, the basics, mediums and materials, movements, styles, famous works and artists, and so much more!

Meet Our Art Leadership Team

Our team of experienced pros brings a wealth of knowledge in various art forms. With careful selection and smart advice, we’re here to make your online art exploration and buying experience better.

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Melissa Dawn Pisnak
Founder and CEO
Online Art Advisor, 20 Years Experience

Hey there! I’m Melissa, and as a former independent artist turned passionate art enthusiast, I’m excited to share my expertise with you. Whether you’re looking to adorn your walls with creativity or considering art as an investment, I’ve got you covered!

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Elena Rivera
Chief Curator

With a background in art history and a knack for spotting new talent, Elena carefully picks and curates the artworks on Her passion for finding new artists means the platform always has a diverse and captivating collection for art enthusiasts.

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David Chen
Art Investment Analyst

David combines his experience as a financial analyst with his passion for the arts. He offers insights and analysis on the art market, helping users make smart investment choices. With his guidance, you can build a successful art portfolio.

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Sophie Thompson
Art Education Specialist

Sophie brings her art education expertise to, creating resources that help users better understand and enjoy art. She’s passionate about making art accessible and fun for everyone, no matter their skill level.

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Check out our top-notch articles, crafted with care and expertise. Every piece goes through strict peer review, meeting the highest editorial standards. Our content is written by industry experts, with no help from AI tools. You can trust our articles for reliable and unique insights.

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