Society6 Stickers: Are They Good Quality & Worth the Price? (Includes a Review of the Print Quality & Vinyl Quality of Matte, Glossy, & Transparent Stickers)

If you’re looking for unique, good-quality stickers designed by independent artists, then you’re in the right place!

Since Society6 stickers are getting increasingly popular every year, I thought I would write a post summarizing 449 customer reviews[RES] regarding Society6’s stickers.

Plus, I’ve bought 22 Society6 stickers in the past, so I’ll be chiming in with my own personal experience with them.

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From the quality of the printed designs to the quality of the vinyl they’re made from, everything you need to know about Society6’s stickers is right here!

Please Note: This review goes for both types of Society6 stickers (white and transparent).

Absolutely awesome stickers, they came just as pictured and within good time as well! Ive already gotten compliments on them from people at work! Marissa B., Jan 31, 2021 [RES]

Amazing as always, I am never disappointed by society 6! Kaitlin W., Aug 27, 2020 [RES]

Society6 Stickers vs Print Quality of Art/Designs

Overall, from the customer reviews I read, people raved about how Society6’s stickers had sharp, colorful printed designs.

The colors are super vibrant and the stickers display the artwork very well with minimal fading. I actually found that the stickers I bought looked as good or better than the product images on the website.

Print quality is great and the design is beautiful. Highly recommend. Stacey W., Feb 21, 2021 [RES]

These stickers are very well done. The printing is crisp and clear, and they’re easy to peel and stick. The wide variety made it easy to find something appropriate for everyone. A very creative stocking stuffer! Jo A., Dec 16, 2021 [RES]

There’s only one thing about the transparent stickers that I don’t like.

If you’re wanting to put a sticker on your car windows or a dark surface, I really recommend getting stickers with white borders. I find the transparent stickers blend in way too much with windows and dark surfaces, and you can hardly see the design. This is especially true with black text!

The sticker is perfect. I wish I would have gotten the white backed one to better match my notebook (it’s black, so the back kind of overwhelms the sticker). If you’re putting the sticker on a dark surface, I recommend the white backing. Super cute and great quality though! Rebekah R., Jan 17, 2021 [RES]

Society6 Stickers vs Independent Artists & Blurry Designs

Although super rare, there are some instances where you might get a sticker with an image that isn’t as sharp as it should be. This is probably because an artist uploaded a low-quality image to This can make the sticker’s design look a bit blurry or pixelated.

I ordered four stickers from the site, and three of them are amazing. I love the quality and prints. Those three are brilliant and exactly what I anticipated, better even. One of the stickers is underwhelming. The quality is there, but the print was deceiving online. Hope R., Dec 22, 2017 [RES]

If this problem happens to you, don’t panic!

Society6 is well known for making sure its customers are 100% happy with their shopping experience. Just let them know about any issue you have and I know, from experience, that they’ll make it right (hassle-free).

Society6 Stickers vs Quality of Vinyl Material

Society6 stickers are made from high-quality, extremely durable vinyl.

I’ve had 6 of them on my laptop for almost 2 years and they still haven’t faded or peeled off at all (and I use my laptop constantly).

quality sticker

thickness made it easy to apply without messing up Shawn W., May 06, 2021 [RES]

Love it. So glad it’s printed on plastic and not paper like most stickers. It will definitely hold up better Rachel M., Jun 05, 2021 [RES]

I am really impressed with the quality of the sticker and bright colors. It is the perfect size, and the artwork is very cute. I highly recommend the stickers from Society6. Briana B., Dec 11, 2017 [RES]

Society6 Stickers vs Water Bottles

But whether or not all Society6 stickers are 100% waterproof is debatable. But can they get wet? Definitely! They’re positively water-resistant.

The Society6 stickers on my water bottle look just like the first day I’ve got them. They stick extremely well on surfaces with condensation and you can hand-wash them without ruining your stickers.

Once, I put a sticker completely underwater for 30 minutes and it still didn’t destroy it at all!

I love the stickers I have ordered from Society6. I prefer transparent stickers, and that is an option they provide. They are water-proof and stick very nicely. The colors and designs are sharp and clear. Abigail H., Oct 23, 2017 [RES]

They’re more beautiful than I could have imagined, I can’t wait to stick them on my water bottle! Jillian W., Jan 01, 2018 [RES]

Do Society6 Stickers Stick Very Well?

Society6 stickers are known to stick very well.

So great!

This sticker is really high quality and adhered really nicely to my desk at work. Hannah B., Aug 22, 2020 [RES]

This sticker stuck so good and so swell that my wife ended up ordering more stickies. Jeffrey C., Jan 01, 2022 [RES]

I’ve also read online that some people put them on their cars and they claim they still look great months and years later, with minimal fading and no peeling.

Plus, you might have heard that Society6 stickers are reusable. And, from personal experience, this is totally true!..

… most of the time.

Some people reported that they couldn’t take the stickers off to re-stick them on another surface. This greatly depended on the type of surface they put them on.

For example, if you stick them on a rubberized laptop case or a hydro flask (Amazon), they’ll easily peel off and you’ll be able to re-stick them to another surface. But if you stick them on something like paper or an unpainted wood surface, they will really be stuck on there and harder to peel off.

Are Society6 Laptop Stickers/Skins Good Quality?

Society6 also sells vinyl Laptop Skins, which have the same material and print quality as their other regular stickers.

These stickers are glossy, form-fitting decals that make your laptop or iPad truly unique and help protect them against scratches (which is super nice).

They’re easy to peel off on one piece and won’t leave any sticky residue behind.

The laptop skin I bought is just as pictured. Beautiful design and colors and good quality. Application went smoothly and you can even peel back and readjust without tearing the skin… Carmen M., Dec 04, 2017 [RES]

Society6 Stickers vs Price (Why Are They So Expensive?)

Honestly, Society6 stickers are super well made, very nice looking, and stick very well for the price.

I know these stickers might seem expensive, but you’re paying for durability and amazing print quality. Plus, you’re also supporting independent artists while getting unique stickers that express who you are.

In my opinion, and the opinion of many Society6 customers, the stickers are worth every penny.

It is the perfect size and I smile every time I look at it. I have to say, for a sticker, it is good quality. Not something you usually get with something as simple as a sticker. Definitely worth the price. Jennifer S., Mar 22, 2021 [RES]

Overview: Are Society6 Stickers Good Quality?

So, is Society6 a great online marketplace to buy stickers from? Definitely!

My friends and I have ordered so many stickers from Society6 for 14 years!

Society6 stickers = High-quality, durable, reusable, water-resistant, and super unique!

What’s not to love?

And, what’s my overall impression of Society6’s customer service?

After reading 438 customer reviews about Society6 stickers, I believe that Society6 makes EVERY effort to make customers really happy.

This is especially evident when customers leave complaints online on sites such as Trustpilot. Society6 politely reaches out to these customers and offers to fix the problem ASAP.

Better than what I expected! Love the details, I’ll definitely order more items! Will recommend to family and friends! Ebony S., Feb 12, 2022 [RES]

The [stickers] are amazing! Came in super fast and in a safe packaging. Nothing was bent or folded. Angelica R., Nov 23, 2020 [RES]

I ordered the stickers from my own shop to test the quality, and they exceeded my expectations. Great printing quality and the kiss cut was perfectly fit around my design. The size was smaller than I thought- I ordered the 2″ size, but that measurement refers to the square the sticker is printed on, not the sticker design itself. But I liked it even more this way! This made me super inspired to make and order more stickers from Society6 :) Sarah M., Jun 14, 2018 [RES]