Society6 Comforter Review (A Look at Art Printed on Warm & Lightweight Bedding, Designed by a Community of Independent Artists)

Society6 Comforter Review: I Read & Examined 529 Customer Reviews & Ratings!

If you’re looking for unique, quality comforters designed by independent artists, then your hunt is over!

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Since Society6’s comforter is getting increasingly popular every year, I thought I would write a post summarizing what 529 customers had to say [RES] about them (plus I have 4 of these comforters of my own).

From how they fit, to the feel and look of the fabric, everything you need to know about Society6’s comforter is right here!

Looking for something non box store-ish? Society 6 wins! And artists rule.

Amanda G. on Oct. 16, 2021 [RES]

Society6 Comforter vs Fabric Quality

The microfiber polyester comforters at Society6 are definitely as advertised.

Love the design and pleasantly surprised in quality… wasn’t sure what to expect since this is my first purchase.

Michele W. on Dec 29, 2017 [RES]

These high-quality comforters are soft, fluffy, lightweight, warm, and extremely cozy. It’s everything you want from a comforter!

It comes exactly as shown, is nice and plush, and super comfortable.

Nichole F. on Oct 18, 2021 [RES]

So soft. Lightweight yet keeps you warm. Beautifully designed. …the colors are great…

Jessica H. on May 06, 2018 [RES]

The comforter is absolutely gorgeous and the design is true to the image shown on site which pleasantly surprised me! …The comforter itself is also quite lightweight so don’t expect a thick luscious comforter unless it’s described as such but overall very pleased with the purchase!! Consider me a life long customer

Jonathan H. on May 03, 2020 [RES]

They also come in a protective plastic bag. So, when you’re not using a particular comforter, you can store it neatly in your closet.

Although this was only a one-time thing, one of my comforters had loose threads around the edges when I received it. I just cut the thread and was happy with the comforter.

Love, love, LOVE Society6! We were skeptical at first, and ordered small. We were not disappointed, so we placed a larger order. Everything arrived quickly, and we only had a minor issue with a comforter we purchased, which hadn’t been sewn correctly. Society6 made it so easy to report this, and they sent a replacement (which is perfect!) immediately, at no cost. They also encouraged us to donate the slightly-defective comforter (which we did), which I appreciated. All in all, we will be continuing to shop with Society6 because they have incredible products by talented artists at great prices, and they make it real easy to to do business with them!

Stephen M. on Apr 26, 2018 [RES]

Also, the sizes were a little bit smaller than I expected so you might want to go a size up. (It’s worth taking the time to measure how big you want your comforter to be!)

Here are the measurements for the comforters:

  • Twin: 68″ X 88″ (173cm X 224cm)
  • Twin XL: 68″ X 92″ (173cm X 234cm)
  • Full: 79″ X 79″ (178cm X 178cm)
  • Queen: 88″ X 88″ (224cm X 224cm)
  • King: 104″ X 88″ (264cm X 224cm)

Too small

I love the print and the material . The colors are vivid and bold. If I were to order from [Society6] again I would need a king for my queen bed. It doesn’t drape or laying very flattering .

Jakiya T. on Jul 04, 2020 [RES]

The quality, print, and fill on this comforter is great. My issue is with the sizing. I originally ordered the Queen size and it was way too small. I ended up ordering the king size which was long enough to cover the sides of my Queen bed but was still about 5or 6 inches too short. I love the comforter and will make it work but wish it was more generous

Carla K. on May 01, 2018 [RES]

The comforter is gorgeous – great fit and design! Would order from this company again. Pillows were just as nice.

Barbara G. on Nov 10, 2020 [RES]

Society6 Comforter vs Quality of Printed Art/Designs

The print quality of the comforters I bought was excellent and what I expected. And the colors were very vibrant and matched what I saw on the website.

This comforter is gorgeous! The colors are as bright as shown on the website and it is really an eye-catching addition to my decor! Love it!

Chinyere D. Jun 03, 2019 [RES]

Had been looking for a cool comforter for my dorm for a while, nothing was meeting my vision unless it was hundreds of dollars so I jumped on s6 and now I have the prettiest comforter in the world!!!

ShayAlic A. on Jul 14, 2018 [RES]

The artwork is gorgeous!!! We have a “baseball room” and this set absolutely completed the look we wanted. The craftsmanship is excellent!!! What an amazing artist!! Thank you!!

Linda H on May 26, 2018 [RES]

However, please keep in mind that if terms like “gold” or “iridescent” are used in the description of the comforter, the colors will not actually be shiny. All of the colors used on Society6’s comforters are matte.

I have to admit that I wasn’t 100% satisfied with one of the print quality of one of the comforters I bought (it’s been taken off the website since I bought it). This wasn’t due to Society6’s printing process but because the artist had increased the image size of their design a bit too much, which made it just a tiny bit pixelated.

The image looks really…. digitized? Not quite pixilated, but it’s definitely at its limit as far as how large it should’ve been printed.

Lesley B. on Apr 09, 2019 [RES]

I knew if I Society6’s customer service about this issue, they would have fixed the issue. They’re known for their excellent service and keeping customers happy. But, I decided to keep the comforter because I still loved it and didn’t want to part with it.

Now, you might be on the fence when deciding to buy a comforter because you don’t know if there will be a blurry or pixelated image print on it. But, since Society6 has a lot of experienced artists, chances are the images haven’t been enlarged at all and the print will be sharp.

Print image is sharp, colors are vibrant. Very lightweight comforter but still warm.

Marina J. on Jan 10, 2021 [RES]

The comforter is comfortable, quality, and the design is clear and SO awesome. Very satisfied!

Sarah J. on Oct 19, 2020 [RES]

Even nicer than the photos. I am extremely satisfied!!

Penny O. on Aug 27, 2020 [RES]

Plus, now Society6 is letting customers review products with specific designs after they’ve purchased it! So you can know what other customers thought of the design BEFORE you buy!

To find these specific reviews, go to a comforter’s specific product page (like this one, which is one of my absolute favorites), then scroll down until you see “Reviews” with two options, “This Comforter” or “All Comforters”.

Very pleased with everything about this comforter. The delivery was excellent, good price and the product looks as beautiful as it did in the picture I’m very happy that I found society6, I will be ordering more

LYNN L. on Aug 06, 2020 [RES]

Beautiful artwork, beautiful printing and great quality! I will order from this site again!

Karmen C on December 26, 2017 [RES]
Comforters from Society6 – Product Demo

Society6 Comforter & Bedding: Washing Instructions

Washing a Society6 comforter is really easy!

All you need to do is drop one in your laundry machine, make sure the water’s cold, and wash it on a gentle cycle.

I also use a mild detergent (Amazon) to prevent fading, shrinking, or stretching.

Then, I like to hang dry my comforters. Not only do you prevent shrinking, but it makes them smell so good!

The colors are vibrant and really make the whole room “pop”. I washed the comforter — per the instructions — and it came out beautiful. The comforter is very warm, soft and well constructed. No loose threads and no bunching up of the filling after laundering. …Highly recommended for beauty, unique designs, solid construction and fast delivery. I also enjoyed knowing that I’m directly supporting these artists. So happy I found Society6

Marilyn K. on Feb 09, 2021 [RES]

Overview: My Opinion of Society6’s Comforter + Star Ratings

So, is Society6’s comforter as good as online reviewers claim it is?

Yes! These comforters are not only good. They’re GREAT!

This is the third comforter I’ve purchased from S6 and I love it. Light weight, comfy and a visually appealing sum it all up! I recommend this!

Scott P. on May 23, 2021 [RES]

My friends and I have ordered so many items from Society6 for 4 years, including their comforters.

My personal rating of Society6’s comforter is 4.5 out of 5 stars. I only took out the 0.5 stars because I find the comforters tend to run a little small.

The best part?

But, worse comes to worst, if you’re just not impressed with the size, fabric, or the print of your comforter, it’s easy (and free) to return a comforter to Society6 within 60 days.

I looked at many sites for comforters before I discovered S6–I am not that picky, but most of the comforters were downright frumpy. When I found S6, I was thrilled with the selections ranging from playful to edgy to downright beautiful. I ordered comforters for both me and my daughter. What a difference! They are beautiful and high quality. I have told many people about S6 so they too can support the arts!

Celia B. on Sep 24, 2020 [RES]

… Soooo pretty! I ordered the wrong size the first time, and I was helped in an expedited manner to get the right size. Great customer service! I would highly recommend this company and this beautiful bed cover.

Michele P on Apr 11, 2018 [RES]

Great quality, perfect size and really beautiful print of colors and very soft to the touch. I’m an avid society6 customer and have yet to get a product I didn’t like!

Savannah Y. on Dec 25, 2017 [RES]

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