My Review on the Print Quality and Design of Redbubble Mugs

Redbubble’s classic and tall mugs are praised for their unique designs and high-quality printing. Customers love the variety of options available, from cute illustrations to witty quotes. The cups are durable and dishwasher/microwave safe, making them a great choice for personalized gifts or everyday use.

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Print Quality and Design

These mugs prioritize practicality, available in sizes of 11 and 12 ounces with comfortable handles. While the handles can become hot if the cup is microwaved, the dishwasher-safe materials make them ideal for daily use.

Crafted from resilient and glossy ceramic, they boast a pleasant weight without being overly heavy. The vibrant colors and intricate details are preserved through the use of top-notch inks.

Great product! Artwork on mug was as good if not better than what was pictured on site. – Brian R. on Feb 11, 2024[Res]

Personally, I’ve been using these cups since 2020 and have consistently experienced the durability and vibrant print quality that they are known for.

Practicality and Usability

Experience the practicality and usability of these mugs in your daily routine:

  • Size Options: Choose between classic or tall sizes, with capacities ranging from 11 and 12 ounces.
  • Ergonomic Design: Enjoy a comfortable grip with the ergonomic handle design.
  • Easy Maintenance: RB cups are dishwasher-safe, resisting stains and odors for easy cleanup.
  • Microwave-Friendly: Heat up your favorite beverages quickly and conveniently as these cups are microwave safe.
  • Long-Lasting Quality: Crafted from premium ceramic material, these cups are built to withstand regular use.

Customer Opinions

Discover what customers have to say about these mugs:

  • Positive Feedback[Res]: Most customers praise the exceptional quality, vibrant designs, and diverse range of designs available on RB mugs.
  • Popular Highlights: Customers love using these cups daily, appreciating their perfect size, dishwasher-safe materials, and comfortable grip. However, a few customers mentioned that the ink on the graphics started streaking after just one wash. I haven’t had this problem (maybe it has to do with the type of dish detergent?), but it’s a good thing to note.
  • Areas of Improvement: Some customers have reported minor issues with print quality inconsistencies, which may vary based on individual designs and artists’ techniques.
  • Overall Satisfaction: Despite some concerns, customers continue choosing Redbubble for its extensive selection of unique artwork from independent artists.

Bought for a friend, this is his 3rd mug – please keep making these as he can’t drink coffee out of anything else! – MISS B. on Jan 23, 2024[Res]

Pricing and Value for Money

Discover what customers are saying about the pricing and value of these mugs:

  • Glowing Testimonials[Res]: Customers appreciate the top-notch quality, wide array of designs, and exceptional print quality.
  • Areas of Improvement: Some users have reported issues with print durability over time and certain designs being smaller than expected.

While RB mugs may have slightly higher prices compared to generic alternatives, the blend of quality craftsmanship, customization options, and support for independent artists makes them a worthwhile investment. The value of owning an exclusive piece of artistry goes beyond its practical use.

Pros and Cons

With a abundance unique designs, buying a cup from is a tempting choice. But before you take that personalized plunge, let’s weigh the perks and pitfalls.


  • Quality materials: The cups are made with a ceramic material that is durable and long-lasting.
  • Unique designs: You can find unique and creative designs on RB that may not be available elsewhere.
  • Great gift idea: A customized cup from RB can make a thoughtful and personalized gift for friends or family.


  • Price: The cost of a custom mug from RB may be higher than purchasing a generic cup from other retailers.
  • Shipping time: Since each mug is made to order, it may take longer for your item to arrive compared to buying an in-stock product at a store.
  • Durability concerns: Some customers have reported issues with the print quality fading or chipping over time with regular use and washing.

Overall, if you value unique design options and are willing to pay a bit more for a personalized product, then purchasing a custom mug from Redbubble could be worth considering. Just keep in mind potential durability concerns and shipping times when making your decision.

Conclusion: Are RB Mugs Worth It?

When considering mugs sold on, it’s important to evaluate their value for money:

  • Customization Variety: The ability to choose from a wide array of designs and customize your mug adds value to your purchase.
  • Quality vs Price Debate: While some may argue about the price, supporting independent artists and owning an exclusive piece of artistry adds intrinsic worth.
  • Customer Satisfaction Feedback: Numerous customers express contentment with their RB classic and tall mug purchases, highlighting the brand’s quality and diverse design offerings.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase a mug from depends on your personal budget, preferences, and inclination towards supporting independent artists.

Note: This article has been peer reviewed and held to the highest editorial standards.

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