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Looking for a smartphone case that combines style, protection, and quality? Look no further than Redbubble’s incredible range of cases! With insights from over 450 cases that were put to the test and reviewed[RES] by customers, rest assured you’ll find exactly what you’re seeking. From vibrant prints to a secure fit and protection, these cases have it all!

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Snap Cases


This company’s snap cases boasts exceptional print quality that shoppers can’t stop raving about. The colors burst with vibrancy, and the prints are razor-sharp. Should an artist accidentally upload a subpar image, fear not! Just contact customer service and they’ll swiftly replace your case. They’ve got you covered!

One delightful feature is how the artwork gracefully wraps around the sides of the protective cover, enhanced by a sleek and glossy material that exudes elegance. And the colors stay vivid without fading over time.

While there have been occasional complaints about easy scratching, personally I’ve only noticed minuscule scratches under specific lighting conditions when actively searching for them on my cases. But don’t take my word for it – experience firsthand why consumers adore these top-notch print quality and durable mobile cases!


Almost all of the testimonials I came across raved about how perfectly the snap case fits on their smartphone. Once it’s snapped on, it stays put without any worry of falling off.

Many people also loved how the cover doesn’t wrap around the bottom of their devices, giving them full access to all ports, as mentioned by a reviewer. Plus, navigating through all the buttons on the sides effortless.


Shoppers absolutely love the sleek and lightweight design of the snap case. It’s durable and sturdy, ensuring it won’t warp. And there are countless testomonials from people who have dropped their smartphones on hard floors like cement without any damage – now that’s impressive!

One consumer mentioned their case cracked after dropping it on tile, rendering the mobile cover unusable. Still, better a broken case than a broken phone!

Tough Cases


Shoppers rave about the extraordinary print quality of the artwork on this case. The colors burst with vibrancy, the design is razor-sharp, and the artwork seamlessly wraps around every edge.

Made from a sleek, glossy material using an innovative printing process, this iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cover ensures that the design remains vivid without ever fading.

While a few shoppers have mentioned concerns about scratching, I personally found that any tiny scratches on my tough case are only visible when looked at under specific lighting conditions.


Reviewers unanimously praised the slimness and perfect fit of the tough cases, surpassing those of competitors. However, once snapped onto your smartphone, they become notoriously difficult to remove. But this is actually a good thing – it means that the case will never slip off when you accidentally drop your phone. On the flip side, if you enjoy switching mobile covers frequently, be prepared for a battle.

This case provides ultimate protection by enveloping every edge of your device. It’s worth noting that while full access to ports is guaranteed, some users have found the headphone jack and charger port cut-outs to be on the smaller side. This may pose challenges for larger headphones or chargers that don’t fit snugly into these openings.


The tough case is the most popular style and offers maximum protection. I’ve read over 150 user opinions, and it’s incredible how many times people have dropped their phones multiple times without any damage!

This case has a soft inner skin that wraps around your device and a durable, hard outer shell. The hard shell protects against falls, while the soft shell absorbs shock. Even if you drop your smartphone face down, the inner skin keeps the screen from touching the ground. It’s a sturdy yet non-bulky phone cover that truly protects my device.

Soft Cases


Redbubble’s soft cases are designed with a unique blend of flexibility, frosty texture, and an anti-fingerprint finish. Users consistently express satisfaction with the design quality, noting the case’s appealing look and feel.

Some users appreciate the soft case’s ability to maintain a clear and vibrant print even after extended use, providing a stylish yet durable option for device protection.


Crafted from a thin and flexible material, the soft case ensures a snug fit around the edges of the phone. Covered buttons do not compromise accessibility to ports, offering a balance between a tailored fit and functional design.

Users find the soft case easy to slip on and off, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer to change their phone case style regularly. The case adapts well to different preferences, providing a comfortable and secure grip.


Reviewers highlighted the soft case’s durability, emphasizing its ability to absorb the impact of falls and drops. The design, while tasteful and subtle, offers effective protection by extending slightly above the display, shielding the phone from potential damage.

Despite its impact-absorbing capabilities, some users acknowledge that the tough case may still be perceived as the top choice for users seeking maximum protection. However, the soft case stands out as a reliable option for those looking for a balance between style and protection.

Which Case Should You Choose?

Now that you’re in the loop on these cases, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty and uncover the key factors for choosing your perfect case. With countless options at your disposal, it’s crucial to find the one that satisfies all your cravings.

  • Fit & Accessibility: The snap cases are the ultimate fit for your iPhone or Sm=amsung Galaxy. They hug it perfectly, leaving no room for compromise. No more wrapping around the bottom or fumbling with ports and buttons – everything is easily accessible. But beware, if you’re a case switcher, prepare yourself for a battle with the mighty tough case.
  • Protection: The tough case reigns supreme in protection. It’s a robust and slim choice that can endure drops and falls. If you’re accident-prone with your devices, this is your top pick. The snap case provides decent defense, but it may not match the resilience of the tough case.
  • Style & Flexibility: Choose the soft case for a one-of-a-kind experience. Its flexible, frosty texture and anti-fingerprint finish make it stand out. Perfect if you crave style and rarely drop your devices. Plus, it’s effortless to slip on and off, giving you the freedom to switch things up as you please.

In the end, your decision should be guided by your personal preferences and lifestyle. No matter which case you choose, rest assured that it will provide exceptional quality, keeping your device stylishly protected.

All testimonials were taken from Redbubble’s buyer review section. To view these, click on any phone cover and then click on the “Read all reviews” button on the product page.