Charles Burton Barber Paintings: Are They Valuable?

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Let me introduce you to the legendary British painter, Charles Burton Barber. His brushstrokes captured the essence of beloved dogs and playful children, evoking strong emotions in all who beheld his masterpieces.

His work is adored for its ability to tug at our heartstrings, and in this post, we’ll delve into what makes his paintings so treasured and sought after.

Who was Charles Burton Barber?

Born in 1845 in Great Yarmouth, England, Charles Burton Barber began his career as an artist in his early twenties. He became famous for his portraits of dogs and children, which were often commissioned by wealthy patrons. Barber’s style was characterized by his attention to detail, his use of warm colors, and his ability to capture the personalities of his subjects. Some of his most notable works include “His Master’s Voice” and “The Day’s Catch.”

What Makes Charles Burton Barber Paintings Valuable?

As an art collector, I have often wondered what makes a painting valuable. When it comes to Charles Burton Barber’s work, several factors come into play. One of the key determinants is the rarity of the painting. Those that are unique or part of a limited series are more valuable than mass-produced pieces. Barber’s paintings were often commissioned by wealthy patrons, making them highly sought after and rare.

Another important factor is the painting’s condition. Well-preserved paintings that are in good condition are more valuable than damaged ones. The state of a painting can affect its appearance and longevity. Collectors highly value Barber’s paintings that have been kept in good condition.

Historical significance is also crucial in determining a painting’s value. Charles Burton Barber’s paintings are highly valued for their emotional and sentimental appeal. His depictions of children and their pets capture the playful innocence that resonates with many viewers. Additionally, Barber’s paintings offer a glimpse into the social and cultural history of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, making them historically significant.

Lastly, a painting’s provenance can affect its worth. Knowing the ownership history of a painting can help authenticate its authenticity. Charles Burton Barber’s paintings that can be traced back to the artist himself or his known patrons are highly valued.

According to, Charles Burton Barber’s paintings have been sold at various auctions, with final prices ranging from $15 to a whopping $638,213 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. The most significant sale of his artwork in an auction since 1999 was “In Disgrace,” which sold for $638,213 USD at Christie’s London in 2007.

How To Identify a Charles Burton Barber Painting

Looking for an easy way to spot a Charles Burton Barber painting? Look no further! Once you’re familiar with Barber’s style, his works become instantly recognizable. His paintings transport us to a world of wonder, where children and their pets roam freely in peaceful, pastoral settings.

To tell if a painting is truly a Barber original, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Firstly, check the canvas for a signature. You’ll often find Barber’s signature in the lower-left corner of the painting, written in beautiful cursive script and bearing the initials “C. Burton Barber”.

Next, examine the painting’s style and subject matter. As mentioned, Barber’s paintings typically feature Victorian children and their pets in cozy, domestic settings. Look for attention to detail, such as the texture of fur and hair, as well as his use of light and shadow, which add depth and realism to his works.

If you’re considering buying a Charles Burton Barber painting, beware of forgeries. Unfortunately, some people try to sell fake paintings as the real deal. To avoid being taken in, do your homework and only buy from reputable dealers or auction houses.

If you want to be absolutely certain that a painting is authentic, consider having it professionally authenticated. There are experts who specialize in identifying the authenticity of paintings, and they can help confirm whether a painting is genuine or not. Finally, be sure to examine the painting’s provenance, including any documents or records of previous ownership.

Where To Buy Charles Burton Barber Paintings

As an art enthusiast, I know that Charles Burton Barber’s paintings are a must-have for any collector. But where can you buy his authentic masterpieces? Well, there are a few options to consider:

  • Auction Houses – If you’re looking for a diverse selection of paintings, auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s are a great place to start. They have a vast inventory of artwork available for purchase, including some of Barber’s finest works.
  • Galleries – Fine art galleries are also a great option for buying Charles Burton Barber paintings. The staff members at these establishments are knowledgeable and can help you find the perfect piece to add to your collection. Additionally, some galleries may have access to exclusive pieces not available elsewhere.
  • Online Marketplaces – With the rise of online marketplaces, purchasing art has never been easier. Platforms like Artsy and Saatchi Art offer a convenient way to browse a wide selection of paintings from the comfort of your home. However, be sure to exercise caution and only purchase from reputable sellers to avoid buying a forgery.

If you’re ready to invest in a Charles Burton Barber painting, here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

  • Research the seller – Before making a purchase, research the seller to ensure they have a good reputation in the art world. Look for reviews or testimonials from past customers to verify their authenticity.
  • Inspect the painting – Examine the painting carefully for any signs of damage or restoration. Request high-quality photos from the seller to ensure the painting is in good condition.
  • Consider authenticity and condition – Only purchase paintings with strong provenance and a good condition. To guarantee authenticity, consider working with an appraiser or art expert.

By keeping these tips in mind and exploring various options, you can find an authentic Charles Burton Barber painting to add to your collection.

Conclusion: Should You Invest in Charles Burton Barber Paintings?

Are you considering investing in Charles Burton Barber paintings? As a skilled and celebrated artist, his timeless paintings of children and animals have become highly coveted in the art market. But, what factors should you consider before making a decision?

Rarity, condition, historical significance, and provenance all contribute to the value of a Charles Burton Barber painting. You can find his works in auction houses, galleries, and online marketplaces, but it’s crucial to be careful and ensure that the painting is authentic and in good condition.

Investing in a Charles Burton Barber painting can be a wise choice for those who appreciate his unique style and sentimental subjects. Still, it’s crucial to research and seek professional advice before making a significant investment. With the right knowledge and resources, you can make an informed decision and potentially acquire a valuable addition to your collection.

Ultimately, the decision to invest in a Charles Burton Barber painting is personal and depends on individual preferences and circumstances. However, the enduring appeal and value of his works continue to inspire and delight art enthusiasts worldwide.