Where is Society6 Located? | Where They Ship From + Currency Used

Wondering where Society6 is located? Or maybe you want to know where Society6 ships from or the currency they use?

All the answers are right here!


  1. Where is Society6 located?
    • What’s their address?
    • Do they have a phone number?
  2. Where does Society6 ship from?
  3. What currency does Society6 use on their site?

1. Where is Society6 Located?

Society6 doesn’t have any store locations. They only operate as an online marketplace.

Society6’s Address

Where Is Society6 Located?

Society6’s headquarters is located in California, USA.

Their address is:

Society6, LLC
1655 26th Street
Santa Monica, California, 90404-4016
United States

As of June 2013, Demand Media Inc is Society6’s parent company.

Society6’s Phone Number

Society6’s customer service phone number is not listed because…

… it doesn’t exist.

To contact customer service, there are two options:

  1. Fill out a request form on their website (best option).
  2. Contact them through Facebook or Twitter.

2. Where Does Society6 Ship From?

Society6’s products are made and shipped from different locations in the United States. They do not ship products from their Santa Monica office.

They will also ship wall prints, mugs, notebooks, and stationery cards from Australia.

International shipping is available for all products.

Check out my Society6 shipping review to get more information about shipping, such as:

  • Society6 shipping reviews from 1000+ customers
  • Shipping and delivery times
  • Shipping cost
  • Customs fees
  • Tracking your order
  • And what happens if your parcel gets lost or damaged

3. Society6 Currency

All prices on Society6’s website are in US dollars.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to change the currency on Society6’s site.

I like to use the currency converter toll below to get an estimate of what my order will cost me.



Society6 Currency | Convert your currency to US dollars.

The currency converter above is super simple to use.

  1. Type in the amount of any Society6 item to the right of the United States dollar row.
  2. The converter should automatically detect your country’s currency and display it in the second row.
  3. If your country’s currency was not detected automatically (second row), click on the little black arrow to select your desired currency.

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