Redbubble Stickers Review (2019)


Stickers are a great way to show the world who YOU really are. That’s why I bought this sticker. (It’s SO me. lol)

From showing the world you absolutely LOVE dogs, to making people laugh with “That’s What She Said” humor, you’ll definitely find one just for you.

At the time of writing this post, Redbubble has 52,551 UNIQUE stickers to choose from! I mean, what are the chances that you see people with the same one as you?


Before you buy anything, make sure to read this review. It might save you some headaches later on.

I am very happy with the various stickers I ordered for the water bottles so the preschoolers in my program, some of whom are too young to recognize their bottles by putting their names on them, can all recognize their own bottles. The variety meant all the kids could have stickers they liked and that were all easily distinguishable. They are thrilled.

Joy B. on Feb 11, 2019 [RES]


  1. Bundle Discounts
  2. Quality
    • Are They Durable?
  3. White Borders
  4. Are They Reusable?
    • Are They Durable?
  5. Are They Waterproof?
    • Water Bottles and Travel Mugs
    • Are They Dishwasher Safe?
  6. More Info

1. Bundle Discounts!

Redbubble offers year-round discount on some of their items?

YEAY at saving some money!!!… Can you tell I really like sales?

So here’s a discount you might enjoy…

Click to get 25% OFF when you buy 4 to 9 small stickers from Redbubble, or buy 10 or more (size small) to get 50% OFF.

Another GREAT way to save money is to buy one of the 15,967 sticker packs! These are perfect for gifts too!

2. Quality

The stickers I’ve bought are all high-quality with sharp images and fonts. The colors are vibrant and hold their value over time with minimal fading.

They have a semi-matte finish, so if you’re looking for a super glossy material these might not be for you.

Are They Durable?

Yes! They are extremely durable.

I’ve had eleven of them on my tablet for almost two years and they still haven’t faded or peeled off at all.

I love it. It looks just like the picture and I put it on my laptop case. I get a lot of compliments on it. The pigment hasn’t gotten rubbed away, and the sides haven’t peeled up. Good quality sticker!

Elizabeth on Oct 24, 2018 [RES]

3. White Borders

The stickers all have a 1/8th of an inch white border around each design. This may or may not be an issue for you. Some people cut the white border with scissors.

4. Can They Be Reused?

Some people reported that they couldn’t take the stickers off to re-stick them on another surface. This greatly depended on the type of surface they put them on.

For example, if you stick them on a rubberized laptop case, they’ll easily peel off and you’ll be able to re-stick them to another surface. But if you stick them on a wooden surface, they will really be stuck and will be much harder to peel off.

I’m always happy with the stickers I order from Redbubble. I put them on everything from my computer case to my waterbottles. They are pretty easy to peel off, which is good since I know I’m not going to line them up straight the first time.

Jessica E. on Nov 6, 2018 [RES]

5. Are They Waterproof?

Whether or not these stickers are 100% waterproof is debatable, but they can definitely get wet.

I’ve read online that some people put them on their cars and they claim they still looking great months and years later, with no peeling.

I have no experience with having a sticker on a car and I’m not going to do it. So I don’t personally know how they really are when it comes to extreme conditions.

But maybe the two reviews from buyers (below) will help.

The quality of the stickers were amazing. They stick strong and have no peel when firmly attached to a surface. I put one sticker on the outside of my car and one on the inside and both stick with no problems. Regardless of the weather the stickers hold on strong while there is no sign of fade. Perfect. – Vijerthan on Nov 13, 2018 [RES]

Sadly I discovered redbubble stickers don’t hold up to very cold weather. My van was covered in snow which evidently froze the adhesive on the stickers so they fell off the window. Other than that they’re great they hold up to washing and Sunshine. – james on Mar 2, 2019 [RES]

Water Bottles and Travel Mugs

Can you put these on your water bottle?

Absolutely! Put them on travel mugs too!

They stick extremely well on surfaces with condensation.

I was so excited to put these stickers on my hydro flask! They stuck very well and looked amazing! I would buy again and again!

Jennifer M, on Feb 6, 2019 [RES]

Are They Dishwasher Safe?

I personally would NEVER put my sticker-covered dishes in the dishwasher.


Because dishwashers are made to be extra tough on grease… so why put your stickers through unnecessary abuse?

I hand wash my sticker-covered travel mugs and water bottles, and they still look fine 10 months later.

6. More Redbubble Info

I recently wrote a review about Redbubble that talks a little bit more about my whole buying experience buying things on their site (and the experiences of 5,871 customers).

In that post, I talk about shipping, returns, tracking numbers, and so much more. So, hopefully, it will answer most of the questions you might have.

Happy shopping!


All testimonials were taken from Redbubble’s customer review section. To view all comments left by shoppers, click on any sticker on the site and then click on the “Read all reviews” button on the product page.