Redbubble Poster Review (2019)

Poster featured in this image: “Not Every Season is For Growing” by thelatestkate

Posters are a great and SUPER AFFORDABLE way to cover some of those bland walls and express yourself. (Click this link to see what Redbubble poster represents who I am 100% at this moment. lol. I realize I might need coffee or a nap after I write this review.)

So, in this quick and simple Redbubble poster review, I’m going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions these posters.

Let’s go!

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1. Quality

So, are Redbubble posters any good? I can definitely say, as posters go, YES!

Redbubble posters are NOT your typical paper posters.

As soon as I felt a Redbubble poster for the first time, I immediately saw that it was a nice, durable paper. The print was clear and it had amazing, vibrant colors.

Although it says that the posters are a semi-gloss finish, I find them very glossy. But that’s not an issue because posters are usually glossy anyway.

Great quality and doesnt rip when you take tape off. Feels nice and looks amazing

Axel R. on Aug 16, 2019 [Click here to view resources.]

So basically, what you see on Redbubble’s website is what you’re going to get. Except for one thing…

The only thing to be aware of is that there’s a white border around the poster that measures 3/16 inches (5mm) on all poster sizes (small to large). This border is meant to help with framing the poster. But since most people just hang their posters on their walls without a frame, I thought I would mention this.

I mean the poster size for a small is pretty decent, the quality was real nice but the ONLY downside was the white trim around the poster. Other then that it’s awesome.

Andrew on Feb 15, 2016 [Click here to view resources.]

2. Sizes

“Journey” by Max58 (Redbubble)

One quick note about the size of Redbubble’s posters that you must understand!

If you want to buy more than one poster of the same “size” (small, medium, or large), it doesn’t mean that they’re actually going to be the same size!!!

For example, this small (but epic!) “That’s What She Said” Redbubble poster is not the same size of this small poster of a “The Great Wave of Pug” (a twist on one of the most famous paintings of all time). So make sure you check the measurement of EACH poster before you click “Add to cart”.

3. How Does Redbubble Ship Posters?

Redbubble ships its posters rolled up in a mailing tube with caps at the end, similar to this one on Amazon. The end caps are seals and the durable tube is really constructed to keep your posters safe during shipping.

The best part is that you can reuse this container to store your posters! So don’t throw it away!

4. Frames for Redbubble Posters

Framing is my favorite thing for my vintage, movie, and propaganda poster collections. If they’re framed properly with a contemporary poster frame (like these frames on Amazon), posters can look AMAZING, contemporary, and super high-quality.

Plus, framing extends the life of your posters!

I have purchased a total of 6 Redbubble posters in the past year and they have all turned out perfect! The quality is wonderful and the art is some you cannot find anywhere else – people are always asking where I got them from! One tip – Redbubble posters come in some unique sizes, so what I do is I purchase normal poster frames and put white posterboard in behind each poster to fill any blank space. They all look so wonderful and professionally framed afterwards! [Click here to view resources.]

Emily S. on Oct 2, 2018

5. Redbubble Poster vs Art Print

Redbubble posters are one of the most AFFORDABLE ways to decorate any wall. It’s the perfect choice for artwork that you think you’ll only want temporarily on your wall (like a band that you’ve currently obsessed with).

Art prints are pricier than posters, but they’re meant for artwork you want to hang on your wall for a longer amount of time. They’re made of a higher-quality paper (usually textured paper made with 100% cotton). Art prints usually use higher-quality inks than posters as well.

Art prints are typically framed for preservation and style (Redbubble sells framed-for-you art prints too!)

For more information on this topic, you can check out my post: Art Prints vs Posters

6. Redbubble Poster vs Photographic Print

Photographic prints are much more affordable than art prints, so it’s a great alternative.

Similar to art prints, photographic prints are higher-quality than posters and are made to last longer on your walls, shelves, desk, or wherever. They look perfect in a frame.

Think of a photographic print being similar to the photos people used to take in the 80’s and 90’s with their personal cameras (but bigger).

7. Conclusion: Redbubble Poster Review

“Ghost Mermaid” by lobomaravilha

The question I always like to ask myself when I write a review is this:

“Would I recommend this item to my friends and family?”

My answer is YES!

I would definitely recommend Redbubble posters for anybody who wants to decorate their space, with the intention of the artwork being there temporarily. Posters are perfect for kids to tweens, whose interests are most likely going to change.

“Little Sloth” by Amy Hamilton (Redbubble)

For more permanent artwork, the art that you want to keep for 5 years or more, I would recommend you go with a framed print or photographic print because they’ll last MUCH longer and the art looks much more high-end.

Personally, I there are 3 exceptions to what I just said (that I can think of, at the moment). I find vintage, movie, and propaganda posters look way better as posters in a poster frame (Amazon).

Overall, I think that Redbubble posters are definitely reasonably priced. They’re extremely high-quality as far as posters go and they’re perfect for gifts.

Hope this review helped! Happy shopping!!!

Recently ordered four posters for my computer room. I love the paper quality, nothing flimsy about it at all. Perfect for hanging up with or without a frame. The colors are bright and vivid. I’ve ordered prints from other websites and they don’t compare to the quality of the ones I ordered. I would definitely order more prints and recommend redbubble to anybody that was looking for a special gift for someone or for themselves. [Click here to view resources.]

Alyson F. on May 28, 2019

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