Gallery Wrap vs Museum Wrap

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Gallery Wrap vs Museum Wrap: What’s the Difference Between Them?

Gallery wrapped canvases (sometimes called splined canvas) and museum wrapped canvases are both quite similar. They’re both canvases that are pulled tightly over a wooden frame and have sides that are usually 1.25 inches thick or more.

Both of these types of canvases also have sides that are free of staples and the corners of the canvases are folded and neatly tucked around the sides.

But here is the main difference between the two…

A gallery wrapped canvas either has the image appear on the sides of the canvas as well as the front. On the other hand, a museum wrapped canvas has the entire image to the front of the canvas and the sides are white or a solid color.

iCanvas and Inktuitive are examples of gallery wrapped canvas prints.

Society6 and Redbubble are examples of museum wrapped canvas prints.

An example of what a museum wrapped canvas looks like is in Society6‘s product video (below).

Product Video: Society6 Canvas Prints

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap a Canvas?

If you buy canvas art that isn’t already stretched over a frame, then you’ll probably want to have it gallery or museum wrapped.

If you get a professional to wrap the canvas for you, the cost range will most likely be around $50-$1000 USD, depending upon the size of the artwork and the thickness of the frame (also called stretcher bars).

The most I’ve seen spent on wrapping a canvas was $1780 USD. The canvas was 120″ by 120″, and 3 inches thick. But, for a typical 16″x20″ canvas that’s 1.5″ thick, you’ll usually spend something around $80 – $100.

How Do You Do a Gallery or Museum Wrap Yourself?

If you’re no expert in gallery/museum wrapping canvases (like me), but you still want to save money by doing it yourself, then I suggest you look at stretcher bar kits for canvases (Amazon).

There are many kits that allow you to easily gallery or museum wrap a canvas print or painting with nothing more than a pair of scissors.

Can You Frame Gallery or Museum Wrapped Canvas?

Even though many people prefer to hang gallery wrapped canvas art without a frame, you can definitely frame them! It’s really a matter of personal preference.

When it comes to museum wrapped canvas art, I personally prefer to have them framed (100% of the time).

The frame that is trending right now for canvas art is called a floating frame (Amazon). This type of frame adds a nice finished look.

If you’re like me and you love the look of framed canvas art, you definitely want to check out iCanvas, Minted, and Inktuitive!

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Cheapest Top-Quality Canvas Prints and Paintings

Here are my favorited places to get the cheapest, high-quality canvas prints and paintings.

If I’m looking for super inexpensive canvas prints or paintings, I’ll usually browse through Etsy and Amazon and read the reviews until I find something I like with a 4 or 5-star rating.

Other of my favorite places to look for canvas prints are iCanvas, Society6, Redbubble, and Inktuitive. These companies are all known to be high-quality producers of canvas prints that do not look cheap at all.

Society6 and Redbubble only sell unframed museum wrapped canvas prints, while iCanvas and Inktuitive only sell framed or unframed gallery wrapped canvas prints.

Bonus: iCanvas has free shipping in the contiguous United States, and Inktuitive has free shipping to most locations around the world!

Another place I like to buy both museum and gallery wrapped canvas prints is Minted (you can also get custom canvas paintings and prints made from a Minted artist). You’ll end up paying slightly more for these canvas prints, but they’re of premium quality and are limited editions, so they’re more valuable than most canvas prints.

And, last but not least, if I’m looking to buy gallery wrapped or museum wrapped canvas paintings and prints as an investment, Saatchi Art is where I go! Just like Minted, their canvas prints are usually limited editions. And their paintings and prints are curated by a team of professionals and are usually more valuable (but a little more expensive) than the canvas art from the sites mentioned above.

So, go ahead and buy canvas art, support independent artists, and HAVE FUN shopping!