Where Is Society6 Located?

Wondering where Society6 is located? Asking yourself where this company is based and where their products are manufactured?

You can finally stop googling this question right now because I contacted Society6 and asked them these questions!

Where is Society6’s Headquarters?

Society6’s headquarters (the company’s main offices) are located at the following address:

1655 26th Street
Santa Monica, California
United States

(This explains why the currency on Society6’s website is in US dollars.)

But wait!

They don’t actually have a warehouse at this location, and they don’t ship their products from this California.

So, where does Society6 make their products?..

Where Are Society6 Products Manufactured?

So, after googling endlessly trying to find out where Society6’s products are manufactured, I finally gave in and contacted Society6 with this question.


Can you please tell me where are society6 products made? Thank you!


And, I got a reply in less than 20 minutes.

Here’s the reply:

“Hi Melissa,

Thanks for reaching out! Depending on your location you can receive products from one of our many production centers. They are located in the U.S., Australia, and the E.U.

Hope that helps!

Be well,
Society6 Customer Support

So, the reply was a little vague, but that’s all I got. lol

But it’s better than nothing! lol

Here are the questions customers are having. Please answer them as best as you can! Thank you!

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