What Is Society6?

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If you haven’t heard of Society6 yet, then there’s no better time than now to see what this unique, trendy website has to offer.

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The Basics of Society6’s Website

Every corner of your home and your everyday life should feel like it’s authentically you—so come discover something from us that goes way beyond the “box store blah.” We offer you the opportunity to customize your life with unique products and designs that speak to you.

Society6.com(opens in new window)

Society6 is a worldwide, online community for independent artists, designers, and photographers. Basically, they get a free online portfolio/online store where they can display their work to millions of people around the world.

Society6’s website and print-on-demand service allow artists to have their artwork and designs turned into physical merchandise, such as yoga mats, phone cases, duvet covers, comforters, blackout curtains, shower curtains, tapestries, and so much more.

Buyers can find their ideal artwork from a respected artist and customize it on the product they like.

Once the order is placed, Society6 takes it from there. Society6 takes care of all of the product manufacturing, shipping, and customer care services.

What Does Society6 Mean?

I’ll admit it. I don’t know the answer to this question, yet!

I just asked Society6 about this via Facebook. I’m hoping to get a message soon because I’m curious about what Society6 means. lol

Where Is Society6 Based?

Society6 is based in the United States but they have manufacturers in the United States, Australia, and the E.U.

For more information Society6’s shipping and estimated delivery times, check out their page: Shipping & Estimated Delivery Times

Is Society6 Legit?

I can only answer this question personally, but my answer is a BIG FAT YES! It’s a remarkable, legit website that I can’t get enough of!

My friends and I have been shopping on Society6 for YEARS and we absolutely love the quality. And the customer service is always there to help with any concerns or questions you may have.

Is Society6 Ethical?

Yes! Society6 is ethical. They only manufacture products once they are bought (they care about the environment) and they believe in protecting intellectual property rights.

  1. An artist opens a Society6 shop and uploads his/her artwork.
  2. You find art you love on a product you want.
  3. The artist gets paid and you get something really cool and unique.

And that’s what Society6 is all about!

So go ahead and find the artwork that is uniquely you, support independent artists, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN SHOPPING!

And, don’t forget to sign up for Society6’s newsletter to get insider discounts!

By signing up to to their newsletter, you’ll be the first to find out about Society’s latest deals and new products! And, it’s totally FREE!

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