What Is iCanvas?

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If you haven’t heard of iCanvas yet, then there’s no better time than now to see what this unique, trendy website has to offer.

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The Basics of iCanvas’ Website

We Curate Art

We work with hundreds of leading artists to curate a deep selection for all styles of art — helping people across the globe find art they will love.

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ICanvas is a website that curates and promotes some of the best artists and photographers in the world. With thousands of canvas art and framed art prints to choose from, you’re more than likely to find the perfect artwork.

Here’s how iCanvas works…

An artist doesn’t have to do anything but to create amazing art and submit it to iCanvas’ review/licensing department.

Once an order is placed on the website, iCanvas takes care of all of the product manufacturing, shipping, and customer service.

What’s truly unique about iCanvas is that they are a print-on-demand service. This means they don’t have any premade artwork in their warehouse. They only manufacture the prints once they have been purchased by a customer. This makes perfect economical sense because it allows them to feature thousands of artwork on their website, in a variety different styles and sizes!

Is iCanvas a Safe Website?

ICanvas is definitely a safe website.

Plenty of people (including me) have been buying prints from iCanvas since 2006 with nothing but good experiences.

As I’m writing this, 36,071 iCanvas customers gave iCanvas 4.7 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot [1]! That’s incredible!

But you may be wondering what about the quality of their products, their customer service, shipping, and returns. Let’s see what I and over 36,000 people think…


When it comes to the quality of the print and materials, there’s no doubt that iCanvas surpasses most people’s expectations!

iCanvas truly offers extremely good, high-quality frames and prints. They’re genuinely some of the best prints you’ll find online!

The prints have vibrant colors and are sharp. And, you can really tell that they use premium materials all-around.

Basically, what you see on the website is what you get (except I think all my prints look even better in real life).

Customer Service

If you ever want to meet a customer service team that will keep surprising you with kindness and generosity, then say hello to iCanvas’ customer service.

Most customer reviews I’ve read mentioned how iCanvas’ customer service goes above and beyond what most customers expect. It’s obvious that the people at iCanvas made a lot of people happy.

Hundreds of customers also raved at how quick they received replies to their concerns. I couldn’t agree with them more! Helpful, prompt, and professional, customer service receives an A++.

Click here to learn more about iCanvas and what they stand for.

How Long Does iCanvas Take To Ship?

Please Note (Updated January 5, 2021): Carriers worldwide have removed guaranteed delivery within a specific timeframe. For the most accurate information regarding deliveries to your area, I recommend checking with your local carriers and/or governments to see if deliveries may be restricted or disrupted, affecting the estimated delivery date for your order.

All items ordered through iCanvas are only printed once someone has bought them online (print-on-demand). This means iCanvas doesn’t hold any stock in a warehouse.

Once items are bought, they are made by one of iCanvas’ team of manufacturers. This process can take up to 7 business days to assemble and ship.

Usually, if you select the free standard shipping (only available in the contiguous United States), you can expect your order to arrive between 8 and 10 business days from the time you bought the item(s).

ICanvas does ship orders internationally, but shipping prices vary based on the size of the item(s) and the location of your delivery address.

When you’re shopping on iCanvas, you’ll be able to see the shipping costs in your shopping cart. Just submit your delivery address and the shipping price will be calculated automatically.

All US & international orders ship via UPS in very sturdy boxes with foam corners inside to protect the print.

Click here to see iCanvas’ FAQ about shipping.

Where Is iCanvas Located?

ICanvas is located in Morton Grove, Illinois (United States).

All of their art prints, canvas prints, and frames are made and shipped from the USA.

iCanvas’ Return Policy

ICanvas offers a 100% Love Guarantee.

If you receive a print from iCanvas, and you’re not completely in love with it, they’ll take it back. You have 60 days to submit a return or exchange request after you’ve bought a print from iCanvas.

And the best part:

If your order was shipped within the 48 contiguous United States, you are eligible to receive a free shipping label if you’re returning or exchanging your order. However, free return shipping is not available for oversized prints.

BUT! Here’s the exception…

No matter where you live in the world, if your order arrives damaged or its condition is imperfect in any way, you don’t have to worry about paying for a return! Just take a picture of your order and the box it arrived in, and iCanvas will replace your order for FREE.

Click here to see more information about iCanvas’ return policy.

How Do You Hang iCanvas Prints?

For detailed hanging and care instructions for your canvas prints and framed paper prints, make sure to check out iCanvas’ “Hanging Instructions and Care Guides“.


iCanvas has been finding success as an online art store since 2006. Their success is partly due to:

  • Their high-quality canvas and framed art prints
  • Their AFFORDABLE prices (all prices in US dollars)
  • Their impressive list of curated art
  • Their top-notch customer service
  • Their worldwide shipping
  • And their FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous United States.

iCanvas is clearly in the business of making their customers happy and their success continues to grow because of this.

Click here to learn more about iCanvas and what they stand for.

This is one of my absolute favorite art print stores. The curated selection or art prints is to die for. The prices are unbeatable. Plus, the quality of the print and materials is excellent.

And you can’t forget about the amazing customer service team at iCanvas that makes me, a nervous online shopper, feel at ease with every purchase.

Another thing I always look for when I’m reading reviews is if there are repeat customers. I do this because I know that repeat customers = happy customers that were treated well by a company. I’m very happy to say that, according to the reviews I’ve read, many reviewers said they’re repeat customers or people who were saying they would buy more prints from iCanvas in the future.

I would definitely recommend iCanvas for anyone who’s on a budget and wants high-quality art prints.

Click here to see what other customers are CURRENTLY SAYING about iCanvas!

So go ahead and find the artwork that is uniquely you, support independent artists, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN shopping!

What Qualifies Me to Write This Post?
  1. Experience: I bought my first iCanvas art print in 2012, and I’ve been buying prints from them ever since.
  2. Research: I read 36,071 iCanvas customer reviews online before I wrote this review (crazy, I know).
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