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Is Society6 Legit? (Is It a Safe & Trusted Website in 2023?)

Key Takeaway: Is Society6 Legit?

Yes, Society6 is a legitimate online marketplace that offers a wide range of unique art prints, home decor, and other lifestyle products created by independent artists from around the world. They have a secure payment system and offer a satisfaction guarantee for their customers.

Is Society6 a Reliable, Trustworthy Website?

Absolutely! is safe to buy from and I’ve been shopping on their online platform for over 5 years.

So I thought I would take some time to read what 1,452 customers[RES] had to say about Society6, summarize their pros and cons, plus add my own experience with Society6 in this post.

First, let’s look at two things that are very important for online shoppers; customer service and the quality of a variety of products.

Society6 has a consumer rating of 4.23 stars from 1,505 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. – February 11, 2023

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Customer Service Reviews

In previous years, there were a few negative reviews about Society6’s customer service. But in the past couple of years, their customer service is kicking major buttocks!

How so?

They go above and beyond what most customers expect.

Hundreds of customers raved at how quickly they received replies to their concerns.

By reading the reviews, it was obvious that the customer service team made a lot of people happy. Helpful and professional, customer service receives an A++.

Is Society6 Good Quality?

Most reviewers thought Society6’s products were affordable and the quality was impressive. And, I agree that their items are worth the money (especially their wall art and other designer home decor items).

But there were the rare few who mentioned receiving prints with black ink spots. A couple of reviewers mentioned receiving products with stains or smudges. These blemishes might have been subtle, but still there.

A few reviewers mentioned the artwork itself was either pixelated or blurry. This error is probably due to artists uploading images that are too small for the products.

There were two reviewers stating that part of the print on the product was cut off.

Again, the error above was probably due to an oversight on the artist’s part. Sometimes they upload their artwork without placing it correctly on the product’s template.

I would think the production team would be able to catch these errors before shipping the order. Yet these “errors” sometimes wouldn’t be “errors”, but part of the artwork itself. Who’s to judge?

Either way, customer service still won the hearts of those whose items were less than perfect.

For a more complete review of the most common complaints about Society6’s products, check out my post: Society6 Review

Is Society6 an US Company?

Society6 is owned by Leaf Group Ltd. and their main offices are located in Santa Monica, California (United States).

Leaf Group, formerly Demand Media Inc, is an American content business that operates online brands including eHow,, and Saatchi Art (one of the most popular online art galleries in the world).

Where Is Society6 Shipped From?

So, after googling endlessly trying to find out where Society6’s products are manufactured and shipped from, I finally gave in and contacted Society6 with this question.


Can you please tell me where are society6 products made? Thank you!


And, I got a reply in less than 20 minutes.

Here’s the reply:

“Hi Melissa,

Thanks for reaching out! Depending on your location you can receive products from one of our many production centers. They are located in the U.S., Australia, and the E.U.

Hope that helps!

Be well,
Society6 Customer Support

So, the reply was a little vague, but that’s all I got. lol

But it’s better than nothing! lol

Is Society6 Ethical?

Society6 is known to follow ethical practices that do not harm people or the environment, and they don’t exploit workers or children.

However, I see many people online asking if Society6 steals art. But Society6 is ethical even relating to this topic because they do everything they can to respect the intellectual property of others.

Society6 is a global online marketplace for print-on-demand products dependent on user-submitted images of their artwork or designs. This also means that anyone can submit images that infringe on someone else’s intellectual property.

But, as I said before, Society6 is not a scam. The company is not out there trying to purposely steal an artist’s work.

When someone believes their artwork or design has been used in a way that violates their intellectual property rights, Society6 encourages them to submit an Intellectual Property Inquiry.

Visit Society6’s Intellectual Property Concerns page for more information about how Society6 is helping to protect people’s intellectual property in 2023.

Conclusion: Is Society6 a Legit Site?

So, is Society6 a legit website?

I can only answer this question personally, but my answer is a BIG YES! Society6 is a reliable, safe site that I can’t get enough of! (It’s very similar to Redbubble.)

My friends and I have been shopping on Society6 for over 5 years and we absolutely love the quality. And customer service is always there to help with any concerns or questions you may have.

With numerous positive reviews from both Society6 artists and customers, Society6 has established itself as a trusted and legitimate platform. (However, as with any e-commerce platform, it’s always important to do your research and read reviews to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want before making a purchase.)

So go ahead and discover the best artwork that is uniquely you (or sell your own designs), support independent artists, and have fun shopping!

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