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Wait… what? Butts?

Seriously, check out “Butts” by Julia Heffernan(Society6).

Tee hee.

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  1. What I Bought
  2. Sticking It to the Wall
  3. Is It REALLY Removable?
  4. Print Quality
  5. Quality of the Material
  6. Conclusion

What I Bought

Fried Eggs by Lay Some Eggs on Society6

I bought fried eggs wallpaper for a small accent wall in my kitchen. I initially wanted yellow polka dots, so might as well have each dot be yolks!

I picked a seamless pattern because I wanted to see if the design would match up on the sides. They lined up perfectly. (Check!)

The pattern didn’t line up at the top and bottom of the panels, so make sure to order panels long enough to cover your wall from floor to ceiling.

Sticking It to the Wall

Applying the wallpaper was like applying big stickers.

Seriously, the only minor problem I had with this process was that the 2 feet by 8 feet sheets were hard to apply alone. So I had a friend help me and it was MUCH easier. But, that’s no biggie. I think any kind of project like this is so much easier done with a friend.

The paper was easy to cut with an Exacto knife and overall, the whole experience wasn’t frustrating.

DIY Guide, How to Hang Wallpaper

As with most everything that I’ve bought at Society6, the colors of the print was vibrant and sharp. I really can’t complain about the quality of the print at all!

Thumbs up!

Just as a warning though…

In another Society6 review that I wrote, I mentioned that sometimes images that were printed on products were either pixelated or blurry. This error is probably due to some artists uploading small images that they had enlarged prior to uploading them to the website.

If you have an issue with print quality, just let Society6’s customer service know and they will fix it, hassle-free. I’ve dealt with them before and they’re excellent.

Quality of the Material

Printed on self-adhesive woven polyester fabric panels, easy to stick on and off. –

I had to admit that, even though I knew I was getting “woven polyester fabric panels”, I had no idea what to expect before my order arrived.

But, right away, I could feel that the material was sturdy. That means it would most likely be resistant to scuffing and tearing. This is especially good if you have children or pets.

This material is also perfect for a kitchen. I was able to wipe it down with a damp cloth and clean it when I accidentally spilled some spaghetti sauce on it.

I admit it. I’m a clutz.

I’m also happy that the material has a matte finish because I’m not a fan of shiny walls (except for shiny artwork and other wall decor).

Is It REALLY Removable Wallpaper?

Our peel and stick Wallpaper is easy to apply and take off, leaving no adhesive residue. –

Every time I read “peel and stick”, I have major doubts. That’s just my nature.

I’ve always had the thought that something self-adhesive is harder to peel off the longer it stays stuck to a surface. So, I decided to conduct an experiment.

After I finished putting the wallpaper on my kitchen wall, I stuck the leftovers to my painted basement wall. I left it there for 3 months.

I really, really wanted to test if I would be able to peel it off without leaving any residue or peeling off the paint.

So, what’s the verdict?

They peeled off nicely. The paint didn’t come off at all!

The wall wasn’t sticky except for one tiny little spot. Although, I didn’t wash my wall before I applied the wallpaper so it might have been my fault.


Thumbs Up to Society6's Wallpaper

Would I recommend this wallpaper to family and friends?


I would especially recommend it to anyone renting or temporarily wanting to decorate their walls.

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