Society6 Face Mask Review

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Since Society6 masks are getting increasingly popular every month, I thought I would summarize what customers had to say about them (plus I personally bought 4 masks for myself).

From how they fit, to the quality of the materials, everything you need to know about Society6’s face masks is right here!

Love the fabric designs! There were so many I liked that it was hard to decide which to purchase. The masks are big, but with the pleats, it’s easy to adjust to desirable top-to-bottom size.

Terry O. on August 08, 2020 – Bought “Lunar cycle” Face Mask
by Maggie Stephenson

Are Society6 Masks Any Good?

Quality of Materials

When I first touched the masks with my hands, they felt really soft and similar to a t-shirt fabric (but less breathable).

In my opinion, the mask’s fabric is thick enough that you don’t even need to insert a filter inside the pocket.

Beautiful, lightweight but sturdy, compact with full coverage, breathable. Very pleased

Lisa N. on July 23, 2020 – Bought “Solar System quilt by Ellen Harding Baker (1886)” Face Mask by Maria Popova

The only real issue I had with the materials is that when I first wore a Society6 mask for a full day, I found the elastics were digging in the back of my ears. The elastics seem to be the kind that you would use inside another kind of material.

Thankfully, my friend gave me one of these mask extenders (Amazon), and the ear pain is completely gone.

Love it! Well made, good sturdy fabric, lovely print.

Edwina P. on July 09, 2020 – Bought the “Terrazzo 2” Face Mask by Mareike Böhmer

Quality of Print

Even though I’m usually very picky with print quality, I really can’t complain about the print quality on Society6’s face masks.

Considering the design is printed on fabric, I found the designs on my masks were sharp enough for my liking. I also found that the colors were vibrant.

Very well made exactly what I expected beautiful fabric love them! Feel like I’m wearing a painting every day.

Louan L. on July 23, 2020 – Bought “Boho Leaves” Face Mask by Aleeya Marie

Size & Fit

Overall, I really liked the fit of Society6’s masks. They’re pretty much one-size-fits-all for teens and adults. However, if you’re looking for masks for kids, I would check out the kids-sized masks by Redbubble.

One thing I really like about Society6 masks are the pleats!

Pleats really do help a face mask fit better.

Face mask fits perfectly and covers properly. Fabric is beautiful. Well made product.

Miranda T. on August 08, 2020 – Bought the “Betty” Face Mask
by Heather Dutton

Since these masks don’t come with nose wires, I easily added adhesive nose wires (Amazon) to all my masks to make them fit better around my nose. This gives my masks a much better fit and keeps my glasses from fogging up.

Again, the only big issue I had with these masks were the ear straps. I found the elastic bands were really uncomfortable after wearing the masks a full day. But when I started using one of those mask extenders (Amazon), this issue was fixed very quickly.

I love these masks, they are roomy comfortable , and of course beautiful. I had to shorten the elastics, but that was not a big deal!

Pauline N. on July 17, 2020 – Bought “Pink Lemonade II” Face Mask
by Leah Flores

Are Society6 Masks Safe?

Society6 masks are definitely safe to use for most people who don’t have sensitive skin or breathing problems.

However, these masks should not be worn by children under the age of 2 or people who can’t remove the mask without assistance. For children ages 2 and above, the child masks should only be worn with adult supervision.

For more information on face mask safety, please visit Society6’s “Face Mask FAQ” page.

Makes wearing a mask every day not such a pain . Probably will be having to wear them for a while so having to personalize them and showing a little bit of my personality makes it a little less tiresome.

robin b. on July 19, 2020 – Bought “Blue Morpho Butterflies” Face Mask by Katerina Kirilov

Are Society6 Masks Effective?

These masks are only good for general public use but are not meant to be worn in medical settings where the risk of exposure to Covid-19 or other diseases is high.

If you’re wondering if these masks passed the lighter test, it did (even without inserting a filter inside the mask’s pocket).

The lighter test is trying to blow out a lighter flame while wearing a mask. If you can’t blow out the flame, it’s thought that the mask isn’t restricting the flow of particles to guarantee protection.

However, keep in mind that Society6’s masks are still not medical grade.

For more information on face mask safety, please visit Society6’s “Face Mask FAQ” page.

I purchased a few and they are all lovely. There is a side opening to add a filter material if desired. They fit nicely and don’t move when I talk as much as some others do.

Allison P. on July 24, 2020 – Bought “Blue and Pink Paint” Face Mask by cafelab

Washing Instructions

These masks are machine-washable (cold wash only), but unfortunately, the instructions say you can’t put them in the dryer. So, I’ve been washing my masks after every use and hanging them on doorknobs to let them dry.

I’ve been wearing 4 masks for over 2 months, and so far they’re still in great condition and the colors haven’t faded.

Comfortable, easy care and the design is beautiful!

Leah O. on August 07, 2020 – Bought “Abstraction Organic Shape Minimalism” Face Mask by forgetme

Conclusion: Society6 Mask Review

Would I recommend Society6 face masks to my family and friends?


The Society6 masks are pretty similar to the other non-medical grade masks I have bought online, except I really like that they have the pleats. This makes the Society6 face masks extra comfortable, especially if you’re going to be wearing them all day.

However, I wouldn’t recommend these masks if you’re at a high risk of contacting people with Covid-19 or other viruses/diseases.

But for going into public spaces where you can’t be 2 meters away from each other or where there are signs that say “No Mask, No Service”, these masks suit me just fine.

These masks may not be N95 masks (Amazon), but they’re definitely better than no mask at all.

The face mask are light weight, comfortable and beautiful, worth the cost.

Johnnye B. on July 23, 2020 – Bought “Mystic Eyes – Primary Palette” Face Mask by Cat Coquillette

So go ahead and find Society6 masks that are uniquely you, support independent artists, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN shopping!