Society6 Comforter Review

A great comforter won’t just protect you against chilly nights, but it can represent your style and personality.

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So after reading what 740 customers had to say about their Society6’s comforters (and buying 4 myself), I summarized their reviews.

My goal?

To try to figure out ALL the pros and cons you should know before you buy a comforter from Society6.

Product is as advertised, good quality, arrived sooner than expected. Easy transaction-will be back for more!

Jared D. on June 10, 2018 [RES]

Are Society6 Comforters Good?

Quality of Materials

“Ocean Waves (Teal)” by Anna Kozak (Society6)

The microfiber polyester comforters at Society6 are definitely as advertised. These high-quality comforters are soft, fluffy, lightweight, warm, and extremely cozy. It’s everything you want from a comforter.

They also come in a protective plastic bag. So, when you’re not using a particular comforter, you can store it neatly in your closet.

Thanks to society6 I now have a perfect center piece for my room. Not only does it look great, it’s also very plush and comforting just like a comforter should be.

chris t. on April 3, 2018 [RES]
Society6 Marble Comforter
“Soft Black Marble” by Mancha (Society6)

Although this was only a one-time thing, one of my comforters had loose threads around the edges when I received it. I just cut the thread and was happy with the comforter.

Also, the sizes were a little bit smaller than I expected. The measurements of the comforters are in plain sight on each comforter’s product page. So don’t do what I did and just order blindly. Take the time to measure your mattress and see how big you want the comforter to be. It’s worth the effort!

Quality of Print

The print quality of the comforters I bought was excellent. The colors were very vibrant and matched what I saw on the website.

The artwork is gorgeous!!! We have a “baseball room” and this set absolutely completed the look we wanted. The craftsmanship is excellent!!! What an amazing artist!! Thank you!!

Linda H on May 26, 2018 [RES]

But from reading the customer reviews, there are two problems I want to mention:

  1. Blurry or pixelated images
  2. The definition of “gold”

Blurry/Pixelated Image

“Rabbit Tail – Colorful” by Gal Design (Society6)

I have to admit that I wasn’t 100% satisfied with one of the comforter’s print quality (it’s been taken off the website since I bought it). This wasn’t due to Society6’s printing process but because the artist had increased the image size of their design a bit too much, which made it just a tiny bit pixelated.

I knew if I Society6’s customer service about this issue, they would have fixed the issue. They’re known for their excellent service and keeping customers happy. But, I decided to keep the comforter because I still loved it and didn’t want to part with it.

Now, you might be on the fence when deciding to buy a comforter because you don’t know if there will be a blurry or pixelated image print on it. But, since Society6 has a lot of experienced artists, chances are the images haven’t been enlarged at all and the print will be sharp.

“Flower 21 Art” by Hovo (Society6)

Plus, now Society6 is letting customers review products with specific designs after they’ve purchased it! So you can know what other customers thought of the design BEFORE you buy!

To find these specific reviews, go to a comforter’s specific product page (like this one, which is one of my absolute favorites), then scroll down until you see “Reviews” with two options, “This Comforter” or “All Comforters”.

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Beautiful artwork, beautiful printing and great quality! I will order from this site again!

Karmen C on December 26, 2017 [RES]

Gold Comforters

Another thing about these comforters is that artists will sometimes put “gold” in the product title or description. Please in keep in mind that there is no gold print at Society6 and the gold will actually be a golden yellow.

Comforters from Society6 – Product Demo

Washing Instructions

Society6 Comforter Washing Instructions

Washing Society6 comforters is really easy!

All you need to do is drop one in your laundry machine, make sure the water’s cold, and wash it on a gentle cycle. I also use a mild detergent (Amazon) to prevent fading, shrinking or stretching.

Then, I like to hang dry my comforters. Not only do you prevent shrinking, but it makes them smell so good!

Conclusion: Society6 Comforters Review

Society6 Comforters

I love and recommend Society6’s comforters because the quality is amazing, you can buy unique artwork and designs, and you’re also supporting emerging artists from around the world

Plus, Society6’s customer service is REALLY the best in this business. If you have any issues with your order, just let Society6’s customer service know. I’m sure they’ll fix the problem. They’re really cool people.

I’ll definitely be buying another comforter from Society6 again!

The best part?

Society6 will deliver these unique comforters to you, no matter where you are in the world. Be it the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, or wherever!

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I absolutely love my Maroon Bells comforter … Soooo pretty! I ordered the wrong size the first time, and I was helped in an expedited manner to get the right size. Great customer service! I would highly recommend this company and this beautiful bed cover.

Michele P on April 11, 2018 [RES]

So go ahead and find Society6 comforters that are uniquely you, support independent artists, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN shopping!


All customer reviews featured on this page were taken from Society6’s customer review section. To see more of these reviews, click on any comforter on Society6 and then click on the “All Comforters” link in the “Reviews” section.