iCanvas Reviews (2021)

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Review of: iCanvas.com

Just recently, I’ve gotten a new addiction…


My new obsession with iCanvas, an art print company, made me want to write a review about them because I really do think this is a company EVERYONE should know about.

I especially want people who feel like they could never afford to buy artwork to read this review because iCanvas is really making high-quality art affordable for all of us.

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My goal for this review is to help you decide if iCanvas is right for YOU. So we’ll be looking at the pros AND CONS.

iCanvas Review

Anyone I speak to on the phone is very kind and courteous. I’ve made more than several mistakes on ordering a print I thought would work well in my house. Once I received and hung it, found out the print or color just didn’t work. It’s so nice to know you’re very forgiving in returning the paintings that I can return my purchase with no added shipping fee.

Susan Noe on Nov 30, 2019 [1]

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