Redbubble Mugs Review

If you’re looking for unique mugs designed by independent artists, then you’re in the right place!

Since Redbubble mugs are getting increasingly popular every year, I thought I would write a post summarizing what 152 customers had to say about the classic, tall, and travel mugs (plus I’ve got my own personal collection going on).

From the quality of the materials to the quality of the printed design, everything you need to know about Redbubble’s mugs is right here!

Was delivered on time (maybe even a bit earlier than I expected) and the product looks exactly like the photos. Good quality, no weird taste when drinking out of it and so far there hasn’t been any fading of the logo (from soap, heat, the dishwasher etc). I’m very happy with it! – Camille D. on Feb 20, 2020 (Bought the classic mug) [RES]

Are Redbubble Classic & Tall Mugs Any Good?

Because the classic and tall mugs are made of the same material and use the same printing technique, I decided to combine these two mugs in the same section below.

Quality of Material

These mugs are made from good-quality, durable ceramic.

The lid is made of a really sturdy type of plastic and really stays firmly attached to the mug. You might find it a tad difficult to take off the lid, but that’s a good thing!

They’re completely dishwasher and microwave safe. However, I personally hand-wash my mugs to prevent fading. But I’ve still wash my mugs in the dishwasher from time to time, printed designs are holding up well.

It has a great design and I love that it’s dishwasher safe. It still looks great after using it so much. – Katrina S. on Aug 9, 2017 [RES]

Quality of Print

The print quality of these mugs surpass my expectations every time I get a new one. The colors are really vibrant and the designs are sharp.

Please note that, for both the classic and tall mugs, the print of the design does not wrap around the entire mug. There’s a white striped area at the handle.

You might also find that the design is a little stretched at the top of the tall mug because of it’s shape (which is totally understandable and doesn’t bother me).

The print was great and crisp. It looked exactly how it appeared in the preview online and it came nicely packaged! No damage and a standard box with Redbubble logo, which was perfect to wrap and give to my boyfriend for Christmas (he loves it). – Janelle on Jan 7, 2019 [RES]

The mugs are perfect and even better than I’ve imagined! The quality of the design is amazing. – Samanta L. on Dec 26, 2017 [RES]


Redbubble’s classic mugs are a standard mug size that holds 11 oz (around 1.4 US cups). The tall mug holds 12 oz (around 1.5 US cups).

So, I personally wouldn’t think of the amount of liquid the mugs can hold when trying to choose between both styles.

I think the “tall mug” should be called the “wide mouth mug” or something similar since it’s not really tall compared to the classic mug.

Artwork looks great, [the tall] mug is sturdy and print stands up to repeated dishwasher washing. And that extra ounce gives you that extra boost in the morning (and lets you steal coffee from others…), and the slight ‘v’ shape is a change from the standard mug straight side routine. – Christie on Dec 26, 2019 [RES]

Are Redbubble Travel Mugs Any Good?

Quality of Materials

Redbubble’s travel mugs are made from durable stainless steal and are dishwasher safe.

I really doubt that they’re microwave safe, and I really don’t want to try it. I’ll leave that experiment to someone else.

Redbubble suggests you put these travel mugs on the top rack of the dishwasher. This is probably due to the heating element of the dishwasher being on the bottom, and the travel mug being made iof insulated stainless steel.

Similar to the classic and tall mugs, I usually hand-wash my travel mug because I believe the print will remain vibrant for longer. However, I’ll occasionally put the lid in the dishwasher just to make sure all the corners inside are washed very well.

It’s the second one I buy, the first one endured 3 years of everyday use, bought this new one because I didn’t want to ruin the design of the old one too much. I love it, it’s the perfect companion for your morning travels, it doesn’t spill, you can safely put it in your bag. Keeps my coffee hot enough to enjoy while on the train to work. Definitely recommend it. – Rosamaria P. on Apr 22, 2018 [RES]

Quality of Print

The colors of the travel mugs are beautiful and vibrant. I’m always impressed by the sharpness of the designs on these mugs.

The design wraps all around the mug. You might see a seam where the design begins and ends, but that’s normal.

You might also find that the design is a little stretched at the top of the tall mug because of it’s shape (it’s wider at the top), but it’s hardly noticeable.

Overall, I’m really impressed by the quality of the printed design on Redbubble’s travel mugs.

So glad I found this mug online. It is just what I was looking for. The travel mug is very well insulated and keeps beverages warm for hours. The colors are bright and the image is very clear and clean, just as I saw in the online image. Would definitely get another for myself or as a gift. They may seem a little pricy but I’m happy to be able to support individual artists and also get a great product for all my tea needs! – Rachel B. on Aug 17, 2018 [RES]


Redbubble’s travel mugs are a standard size that holds 15oz (around 1.9 US cups). Unless you’re really addicted to tea or coffee, this mug is a good size for traveling with your favorite hot or cold beverage.

And, most importantly, these travel mugs for nice and snug in a car’s drink holder.

Great travel mug keep liquid at good drinkable temperature and fits snuggly in car drinks holder. – Samantha on Jan 31, 2019 [RES]

This mug looks and feels great. I will buy again. – Jacob on Jan 1, 2018 [RES]

Where Do Redbubble Mugs Ship From?

Classic and Tall Mugs

Shipped toFrom
New ZealandAustralia

Travel Mugs

Shipped toFrom
New ZealandAustralia

Please visit Redbubble’s “Product Manufacturing Info” page for up-to-date information.

Conclusion: Redbubble Mugs Review

Would I recommend these mugs to my family and friends?


These are standard-sized, high-quality !ugs that you and your loved ones will enjoy.

There’s just one last thing I want you to be aware of before you buy these mugs…

Since independent artists are responsible for uploading their own designs, there’s a RARE chance that you might get a mug with a fuzzy or pixelated image.

I say “rare” because these mugs don’t require large images from the artists. So the chances are VERY small that the design will be blurry or pixelated due to the artists enlarging their designs too much.

But if something happens that you have any issues with your coasters, just let Redbubble’s customer service know. You’ll be amazed at how helpful they really are!

Perfect for that one of a kind friend

This was a gift for a most unique colleague as part of a work gift exchange. It was an overwhelming hit. Great quality, fast shipping, cute packaging. Love this website and the original prints you offer. Would recommend to anyone! – Mary N. on Jan 9, 2020 [RES]

I have bought four of the Travel Mugs now, three as gifts, one for me, and they are awesome. I live about 20 minutes away from the nearest cafe & when I get home my chai latte is still as hot as it was when I bought it. Friends have said that it’s the best seal they’ve ever had on a keeper-cup and it fits perfectly in the mug slots in our cars. It has to be one of the best gift ideas I’ve ever had – ridding the world of disposable coffee cups with a unique, quality product that’s designed to match your friends’ quirky interests. Love, love love it & will be buying many more. – Sara on Feb 22, 2018 [RES]

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