Redbubble Acrylic Block Review

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Redbubble Acrylic Block Review

Click the image to see the acrylic blocks that are TRENDING RIGHT NOW on Redbubble!

If you’re looking for unique acrylic blocks designed by independent artists, then you’re in the right place!

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Since they’re getting increasingly popular, I thought I would write a post summarizing what 21 customers had to say about Redbubble’s acrylic blocks. (Plus, I just got 3 acrylic blocks for my home office.)

From the quality of the materials to the quality of the printed design, everything you need to know about Redbubble’s acrylic blocks is right here!

The acrylic block is a great way to showcase a piece of art. It is well made with no flaws. I am planning on purchasing others.

Karen T. on Jan 8, 2020 [RES]


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What Is an Acrylic Photo Block?

Click the image to see one of Redbubble’s trending acrylic blocks, “the office michael scott” by sarahvillella.

An acrylic photo block is usually made with a durable clear plexiglass block that’s usually about an inch (2.5cm) thick and has a photographic print on the back.

And the best part about this type of decor is that it stands on its own. No need for framing or hanging the print.

Acrylic blocks are a great way to decorate some ignored areas in your home or office. Just add them to your desk, mantel, shelf, table, bathroom counter, or wherever you need some extra color or personalization.

I put a 6″x6″ block on my desk (I chose this one from Redbubble since I’m just obsessed with this artwork), and I added a 4″x4″ block and a 6″x6″ block on a wood ladder bookcase I just bought (Amazon). They look great with my small collection of books.

I bought this for my office and when we had our open house, there were a lot of people who commented on it, calling it aesthetically pleasing and nice.

Derek L. on Dec 24, 2019 [RES]

Are Redbubble Acrylic Blocks Good?

Quality of Materials

Click the image to see one of Redbubble’s trending acrylic blocks, “Thank you for helping me grow!” by Milkyprint.

I’m actually impressed with Redbubble’s acrylic blocks because the edges are really crystal clear, which gives it a really nice, polished look from all angles. It really gives the photographic print a nice contemporary look.

I also really like how these blocks capture the light too! Just absolutely beautiful!

I haven’t been rough with my acrylic blocks, but so far they seem to be scratch-resistant.

I absolutely love the acrylic blocks from redbubble. The quality is superb and I love how they reflect light. My only wish is that you offered one size larger to accommodate larger artwork.

Colleen on Jan 16, 2020 [RES]

Quality of Print

Click the image to see one of Redbubble’s trending acrylic blocks, “So many books so little time” by Risa Rodil.

The photographic prints attached to the back of these blocks are high-quality, durable, and make Redbubble’s acrylic blocks even more beautiful in person.

The colors are also very vibrant and the details of the prints are sharp.

Overall, these acrylic blocks are just absolutely stunning.

Made from quality products, item as described, very happy with the art captured in the block!

Abbie B. on May 7, 2019 [RES]

Where Do Redbubble Acrylic Blocks Ship From?

Shipped toFrom
New ZealandUSA

Please visit Redbubble’s “Product Manufacturing Info” page for up-to-date information.

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Conclusion: Redbubble Acrylic Block Review

Click the image to see one of Redbubble’s trending acrylic blocks, “The Birches” by littleclyde.

Would I recommend Redbubble’s acrylic blocks to friends and damily?


They’re absolutely beautiful and now I’m thinking of buying a whole bunch of acrylic blocks to give them as gifts! They’re unique, last forever, and they’d also make a great stocking stuffer.

They’re perfect to give someone who seems to have everything or who is obsessed with a certain celebrity, animal, TV show, food, hobby, or whatever.

I love Redbubble. You guys provide the best stuff using artwork from various artists that you can’t get anywhere else. And it always gets delivered quickly and beautifully packaged. This company is awesome!

Matthew S. on Sep 1, 2019 [RES]

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