Etsy Scams: Can You Get Scammed on Etsy as a Buyer? (How To Tell if an Etsy Seller Is Legit)

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Etsy Scams: Can You Get Scammed on Etsy as a Buyer?

Are you wondering if a certain Etsy seller is a scam artist?

Then you’re in luck!, (similar to Amazon Handmade by, has been one of my favorite places to buy handmade and vintage items online since 2011.


Because Etsy sellers sell almost EVERYTHING, you can find amazingly unique products, and it’s completely safe (…if you follow my tips below).

So in this post, let’s look at how we can tell if an Etsy seller is a scammer and how to make sure our awesome, legit purchases get delivered to our door!

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Can I Trust Etsy Sellers? Are All Etsy Sellers Legit?

Although most Etsy sellers are amazing and kind artisans, there’s always going to be a few scam artists.

If you’ve been researching Etsy reviews online, you’ll soon find out that many negative reviews come from buyers with complaints about a seller.

One thing to look out for are scams where sellers are selling counterfeit products on Etsy such as imitation jewelry, watches, and handbags.

The truth is:

Etsy does not screen its sellers. All you have to do to start selling on Etsy’s website is register for an account.

So how can you tell which Etsy seller is legit?

Keep keeping!

How To Tell if an Etsy Seller Is Legit

3 words…

Etsy’s Review System.

If you scroll down on any product page on, you’ll see reviews written by Etsy shoppers. These reviews are a good way to find out if a seller is trustworthy in many categories, such as:

  • Product quality
  • Shipping and delivery times
  • Customer service
  • Handling of returns, replacements, and refunds

An Etsy buyer has 100 days to write a review after the estimated delivery date of their order. They can also edit their review as many times as they want during this 100 day period.

As a super cautious online shopper, my personal rule of thumb is to NOT buy from Etsy sellers with less than a 4-star rating. And, they must have at least 20 reviews. Yet, the more reviews I get to read, the better!

Do Etsy Sellers Charge Sales Tax or Are They Scams?

Don’t automatically assume you’re getting scammed if a seller is asking you to pay sales tax.

Many legit Etsy seller are required by law to collect sales tax on eligible purchases (depending on both of your locations).

This is quite common on Etsy.

For more up-to-date information on this topic, check out Etsy’s article: Why Am I Being Charged State Sales Tax on My Etsy Order?

Do Etsy Sellers See Your Credit Card Info?

If you pay for your order through Etsy’s checkout system (called Etsy Payments), then sellers will not get your credit card or other banking information.

In a nutshell, Etsy keeps records associated with transactions on Etsy Payments and does not give any secure data to the sellers. This means that your credit card or debit card numbers, or any other financial information, are kept away from sellers.

Etsy sellers will only receive the customer’s shipping information.

What To Do if I Get Scammed on Etsy?

If an Etsy seller doesn’t respond your messages or doesn’t ship your order, Etsy also offers additional protection for buyers.

Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. If you’ve noticed that your order hasn’t been shipped, the first thing to do is contact the seller.
  2. If you and the seller can’t resolve a problem with your order or they are not responding to your messages, open a case with Etsy’s Issue Resolution.
  3. Once a case is open, Etsy can become a mediator, working with you and the seller on whatever issues you may have.

Etsy can’t confirm or help with payments made outside of their own online checkout system. This is why it’s better if you can pay for items through Etsy’s site, instead of sending payments like cheques or money orders directly to the seller.

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Overview: Can We Get Scammed on Etsy?

Yes. Unfortunately, some Etsy shoppers have been victims of scammers in the past.

But the good news is you’ve read the tips in this post! This means you now have the knowledge on how to safely shop on Etsy!

My friends and I have ordered so many items from Etsy, and so far no one I know has ever been scammed by an Etsy seller.

So go ahead and find something that’s uniquely you, support small and legit business owners, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN shopping!

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