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Recently, I bought a dozen limited edition art prints and canvas prints from Minted and all I can say is wow, wow, WOW!!!

Needless to say, I’m a new fan of!

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So with the help of over 2600 customer reviews[1] and my own personal shopping experience, I thought I would write a review that would include all types of prints by Minted.

By writing this article, my goal is to make your decision about buying artwork from Minted a million times easier!

(This Review is more about art prints and canvas prints. If you’re looking for a more general Minted Review about all things, then check out my post: 2600+ Minted Reviews Summarized)

What Is Minted Art?

In a nutshell…

Minted is a curated site that holds regular art contests that are open to anyone in the world.

More than 2,000 designs are submitted by artists to every week. Then, anyone (including you) can act as a judge and rate the artists’ artwork.

This company is basically using consumer votes to help predict the next best-seller! So you know that the designs are going to be top-notch!

Then, the winning artwork is placed on all types of products, like stationery, invitations, and wall art.

Check out their “Live Design Feed” page on their website (it’s pretty cool) and see what designs are being voted on right now!

Types of Wall Art Sold

Art Prints

If you buy art prints from Minted, you’ll definitely notice how high-quality the print and framing is right away.

What’s really unique about Minted is that they only make 350 art prints per size, color theme, and material of a certain design. Once the artwork is sold out, Minted will not release the artwork again. So if you like a print, buy it before it sells out!

When you purchase artwork from Minted, you’ll also receive a certificate of authenticity to ensure the integrity of the edition.

You also have the option of buying art prints with a frame. I find the frames to be made of high-quality materials and I haven’t been disappointed yet!

I appreciated the wide variety of art on the website. It was easy to find things based on art type or colors. The website allows you to select the size you want, and framing options are available. I ordered a watercolor print with a frame. It was delivered faster than I expected and it looked exactly as it was shown on the site. I love it. I will order from Minted again!

Jennifer Abernathy on Mar 10, 2017 [1]

Canvas Prints

I was also impressed by the quality of the canvas prints. It has such a nice, high-quality, textured canvas that’s stretched around a sturdy wooden frame. I really can’t complain!

They’re very lightweight compared to a framed print, so they’re easy to hang on walls where you can’t make holes. I just hung up this canvas print on a brick wall using [@@@ tape] and it looks amazing!

Because three prints are so lightweight, I’m also a fan of giving them as gifts for people who have children. It’s definitely a safe alternative to hanging heavier framed art.

But what really makes me happy about these prints are that they are limited editions, just like the art prints I discussed above. It makes the print extra special and increases its value.

If you can’t afford an original painting, these canvas prints really are the next best thing.

Original Fine Art (Commissioned)

If you’re looking for a specific, original piece of fine art, then you can also get commissioned art by a Minted artist. You can either ask to get a completely new piece of art or use an already existing piece as inspiration.

Here’s how to get commissioned original art:

  1. Choose an artist who’s available for a commission from this list.
  2. Click “Request Commissioned Art”.
  3. Complete a short form.
  4. Once you and the artist agree on a price, will collect a down payment, which is 50% of the price.
  5. Once you approve the final image of the artwork, you pay the other 50% of the price. The artist will then insure and ship the original piece to you.

Frames by Minted

When you buy limited edition prints on, you also have the option to have it framed.

There are 17 frames, with 4 finishes, and 13 sizes to choose from. And I’m really impressed by the quality. I’ve bought 4 frames prints with 4 different types of frames, and they all looked amazing.

Click here to see the different framing options by Minted.

There are 4 real framing options:

  • Float Mounted
  • Matted
  • Full Bleed (Standard)
  • White Border

What I really enjoy is the option to get a frame with UV plexiglass. If your art print is going to be in direct sunlight, I highly recommend getting UV protection to keep your print from yellowing. It also has a non-glare finish, so it still looks amazing when there’s light shining on it.

Free Design Help by Minted

Not sure what artwork would look best in your space but hiring an interior designer isn’t in your budget?

No problem! You can get FREE art styling by Minted!

Text a photo of your wall, answer a few simple questions, and a Minted stylist will text you back with recommendations for FREE (for a limited time only).

It’s really easy, you’ll get your recommendations within 3 business days, and you have no obligations to buy anything.


If you buy art from and it’s not 100% to your liking, lost in the mail, or damaged in any way, just let the customer service at Minted know.

I read a lot of reviews, written in 2019, on how customer service would give replacements to orders that people weren’t 100% satisfied without any hassle.

However, I didn’t read any reviews (yet) where customers were given full-refunds. Customers that were given refunds were only part-refunds (like in the area of 35%).

So, from all the customer reviews I’ve read, it feels like Minted is more focused on fixing the order with replacements rather than giving refunds. (But, again, this is only based on the reviews I read. Please remember this doesn’t mean this info is 100% correct or complete.)

As for returns, I didn’t read reviews where the customer mentioned that they had to actually return items by mail to get a replacement on faulty items. All that was needed was a picture.

Please Note: Minted’s return policy doesn’t include original commissioned art. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, Minted encourages you to contact the seller directly.

Click here for more information on Minted’s return policy.

Conclusion: Minted Art Review

So, is a safe site to buy from? Definitely!

Would I recommend Minted to my friends and family? YES! Absolutely!

The quality of their products is excellent, and it has a lot to do with their interesting business model.

And the best part about Minted?

Minted’s customer service! If there’s something wrong with your order, you can rest at ease knowing that they will give you a replacement. Just maybe don’t wait at the last minute to shop on if your order is time-sensitive!

So go ahead and find the Minted wall art that is uniquely you, support independent artists, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN shopping!

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