Is Redbubble Legit? (Is Redbubble Safe To Buy From?.. A Look at How Legitimate, Secure & Reliable This Company Is in 2022)

Is Redbubble a Legit Company?

Yes! I absolutely know that is a legit print-on-demand website.

There are 3 main reasons why I think this way:

1. Redbubble’s Online Marketplace is Growing

Redbubble was founded in 2006, in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia).

And now, this online company has grown big enough to have additional offices in San Francisco, California (USA).

This company also grew to the point where they built a global network of manufacturers that ship Redbubble products from the United States, Australia, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

What unsafe company do you know would be able to increase its size like this, over the years? You need to be very reliable and keep customers VERY happy to grow your company this way.

Today, Redbubble is one of the most popular online marketplaces in the world among teens and young adults (and other cool people of all ages, of course).

Redbubble has a great range of product designs, quality materials & excellent customer service. I won’t hesitate to get a present for myself or my loved ones for any occasions!

Jack Tan on Jul 21, 2022 [2]

Always a great experience dealing with Redbubble. Their products are wonderful!

Anthony B. on Jul 6, 2021 [1]

I have received my items today and was very pleased. Thank you for making good on my first order that was never received. I can assure you I will order again from you in the future. Customer satisfaction!

Patti B. on Jun 16, 2020 [1]

2. I Safely Ordered From Redbubble Many Times

My friends and I have been safely buying products from Redbubble since 2008 with little to no problems.

Over the years, I’ve bought 72 items from Redbubble. This includes ordering 12 items in 2020 & 2021 (the “pandemic years”).

Have ordered from Redbubble many times and am never disappointed. Wonderful range of original designs to pick from. The tee shirts are good quality and true to size. The phone and laptop covers/cases are easy to fit. Prompt delivery. You are also supporting artists rather than big merch agents, which is a plus.

Pauline Thornton on Sep 8, 2021 [2]

Red Bubble always has a huge variety of art, products, and styles. There are always great discounts and I have purchased multiple people gifts from this website. Honestly, I would say it is my favorite site to get fandom-themed stickers. Shipping can be expensive, but the discounts on the actual products more than make up for that cost. 10/10 would buy again.

Liv on Oct 6, 2021 [2]

Great design, quality products and fast service. Shocked to see negative reviews, I’ve ordered a few things from them and each time I’ve been very happy. It’s an A+ from me!

Emma on Sep 22, 2021 [2]

The only few problems I’ve personally had with Redbubble (a few times) were the following:

i) Sometimes My Order Arrived Late

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, my orders were sometimes delivered a week or two after the expected delivery date.

However, this is totally understandable, and shipping issues had been affecting all online businesses all over the world starting in early 2020.

Now, deliveries don’t seem to be as affected by the pandemic. Although that can always change, again, since we live in crazy times.

Ordered a duvet cover for Christmas, unfortunately due to covid and other problems I did not receive it in time, however without quibble I was given a full refund and eventually when the item did arrived a month later they let me keep the duvet as a gift rather than return.

Bob Beer on Jan 31, 2021 [2]

I recommend Redbubble as a source of gift ideas for birthdays and Christmas. …The only negative is delivery can be slow, so plan in advance; Redbubble is not ideal for last minute panic buys, but Christmas and birthdays are the same day every year, so they shouldn’t come as a surprise…

Mark Postgate Blind Pachydermo on Feb 2, 2021 [2]

I have ordered several items and they have all been top quality! Shipping is quick and always exactly what I expected.

Michelle on Sep 20, 2020 [1]

ii) Print Quality Issue

Although rare, there are some instances where you might get a Redbubble product with a printed design that isn’t as sharp as it should be. This is probably because an artist uploaded a small or subpar image to This can make the print on the item look a bit blurry or pixelated.

If this problem happens to you, don’t panic!

Redbubble is well known for making sure its customers are 100% happy with their shopping experience. Just let them know about any issue you have and I know, from experience, that they’ll make it right (hassle-free).

Got sent a print which was pretty bad quality – blurred and not anywhere near as nice as what the image online suggested. I emailed Redbubble about the issue with picture attached of the blurry picture. Redbubble got back within a few days apologising and explained there was an issue with the artist’s original file (it was blurry). They issued a refund, including the delivery cost (!), and said to just recycle the print. I was amazed! They were quick and prompt and super kind in helping me. Very impressed. Aside from this, they have a fantastic selection of beautiful pieces of art. Brilliant way to get artists work on a larger platform.

Rebecca on Jul 3, 2020 [2]

Another issue you might come across is when an artist puts a description that includes things like “iridescent”, “silver”, “glitter”, or “gold”. All printed designs on products cannot have any glitter or iridescence to them.

The quality of the cusion covers I received were terrible. The “rose gold” was just pink and bight baby pink, NOTHING like the description.

Natalie Taggart on Jul 2, 2017 [2]

First time using this site and like the idea but Very Disappointed. I ordered a tote bag called Rose gold Pink Glitter Sparkle and got pale pink spotted material, no gold, no glitter and no sparkle… Update: Second item I ordered arrived BEFORE Christmas and the Mushroom Tote was amazing. Customer service was very responsive and refund for first item was quick and easy. Really love the idea of connecting with artists so definitely reconsidering using Redbubble in the future. 4 Stars !!

Carrie buchyns on Dec 29, 2020 [2]

3. Reliable Customer Service

One thing I can absolutely confirm is that Redbubble’s customer service team is the best of the best. Not only are they extremely polite, but they’re also very patient and reliable.

I also find they’re really quick to reply to any questions I have.

I ordered some clothes and made a mistake in my order which they fixed at the blink of an eye. When order arrived I realized one of the items was the wrong size. No problem at all they solved this superfast and made sure I got the right size, and they were really friendly too. I am really satisfied with the whole process and would definately recommend this company

tonya l. on Feb 14, 2022 [3]

Although, please keep in mind that as soon as you message them, you will get an automated email sent to you almost immediately saying they received your message and that they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

Today, I emailed them a question about shipping in the United States, and after getting their automated email, it took a real person less than 20 minutes to contact me.*

The best part?

Returns are hassle-free!

I cannot speak highly enough of red bubbles customer service. I ordered the wrong size item and had to change it. Not only was this a straight forward experience, but they told me not to return the wrong sized item but donate it. Outstanding

Anita Murkin on Sep 14, 2021 [2]

If there’s something wrong with your order, you can just take a photo of the product and send it to Redbubble’s customer service through their website.

You have 90 days to submit a return (except for face masks, which can be returned within 14 days of receipt).

Great selection of band products, from shirts to clocks and much more. Moreover Redbubble’s customer service staff is second to none. Any issues I might have had were resolved quickly, efficiently and professionally. Could be the reason I continue to purchase their products.

Michael Deege on Oct 11, 2021 [2]

* Please Note: I have found that, sometimes, it might take up to 2 business days to get a reply from customer service. It all depends on how busy they are.

I ordered my first [phone] case and it arrived but did not fit my phone, original description was not correct. Reached out to customer service and was very happy with how they took care of me. New phone case fits perfect and will buy again from Redbubble. The artist work and how they do business is top notch.

Melissa on May 19, 2020 [1]

I screwed up an order, sizing-wise, they let me keep the other size and sent me the right size for free. Do not know about other reviews but they have done right by me so i went out of my way to write this.

Max Russell on Oct 8, 2021 [2]

Ordered shipped promptly, great quality, but needed a smaller size, let the company know, they sent me a size smaller and told me to donate or gift the larger shirt to someone. The entire process was effortless and the smaller size fit perfectly, even after washed.

Jessi on Jul 8, 2021 [2]
Are the Reviews on Redbubble Fake?

I seriously doubt that the reviews on Redbubble’s website are fake because there are some negative comments on there. (The reviews I’m talking about can be found on any product’s page, by clicking on the “Read all reviews” link.)

I honestly like reading these buyers’ comments because I really do get a good sense of the pros and cons of a product before I purchase it, especially when it comes to choosing clothing sizes.

Please Note: The reviews on Redbubble’s product pages talk about the overall quality of Redbubble products, like the quality of materials, sizes, fit, print quality, etc. They are not talking about a specific design uploaded by an artist.

So often read reviews and doubt if they really are genuine, there were so many glowing reviews for this company I did wonder. That said, I ordered two framed prints, they arrived a few weeks later ( in this COVID world can you believe it) and they were just perfect, quality, packaging , logistics, every aspect of dealing with this company was genuine and first class. I shouldn’t say this, but I googled and looked for any discount offers and found one, so worth looking .

Nigel Stowe on Feb 16, 2021 [2]
Redbubble’s Product Quality

Overall, I personally give Redbubble’s product quality a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

Canvas [print] was absolutely beautiful! Quality and design far exceeded my expectations ! Thank you. Will buy from Redbubble again!

Christie on Feb 4, 2021 [1]

I nearly didn’t order from Redbubble because of bad reviews I had read about the quality of their prints and their service. However, they had a design I loved that I couldn’t find anywhere else, so I just went for it anyway. The poster arrived a week after I ordered it, and the quality was truly excellent! I was so pleasantly surprised that I felt honor-bound to counter some of Redbubble’s bad reviews by sharing my top-notch experience. The poster paper is heavy weight, the colors are vibrant, and the resolution is crystal clear. Absolutely no complaints here.

Tabitha G. on Apr 19, 2022 [3]

There are only 3 items that I could slightly complain about so far.

  1. Canvas Art Prints:
    • The artwork does not wrap around the sides of the canvas. The sides of the canvas are left white. This is okay if you’re going to frame the canvas, but I prefer the sides to be black.
    • All I do is paint the sides with black acrylic paint from Amazon. It’s really easy.
  2. Graphic T-Shirt Dresses & Leggings:
    • The light-colored Redbubble t-shirt dresses and leggings are a tiny bit too see-through for my taste.
    • I bought an inexpensive slip from Amazon to put underneath the dress and it fixed that problem!
    • It’s worth mentioning that some people think the dresses are too short, but I’m 4’11” so I obviously didn’t have that problem.
    • I just wear a dress or skirt over my light-colored leggings to cover my bum. lol
  3. T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Other Clothing:
    • I did read some customer complaints that the designs on T-shirts and hoodies came off after washing, but I never had a problem with that at all. However, I wash my t-shirts in cold water and I let them hang-dry (which is what Redbubble suggests anyway). So, that could make a big difference.
    • Another thing to look out for is the size of the clothing, as I find some of them run small. Just carefully look at the sizing charts and read the comments left by other buyers before you order clothing. It’s worth the effort!
Are Redbubble Products Worth the Money?

I don’t think that Redbubble is a ripoff at all, although I know some people would disagree.

What am I talking about?


… Or, more specifically, customers thinking they overpaid for their Redbubble products.

Product was good and as advertised, just too expensive.

J P. on Dec 17, 2020 [1]

Some people find that Redbubble is too expensive for the quality of the products you get. But I disagree because I understand that I’m paying for not just an ordinary item. I’m paying for uniqueness.

I’m also paying for artwork.

Love Redbubble! Great and unique products made with love from very talented Artists! I like supporting these amazing Artists! Huge variety of awesome designs too!

Robyn Anderson Smith on Aug 31, 2021 [3]

EVERYTHING that I order looks so professional,& I ALWAYS get my money’s worth!! that’s why I will ALWAYS be a continued customer!!

HAYDEN H. on Jul 19, 2021 [1]

I love everything I’ve gotten from this site. [Stickers] all look and stick great, and the quality is unparalleled for the price. It’s especially satisfying because my designs look and hold up great on both my laptop and car. 10/10, definitely would order again.

Sam M. on Mar 25, 2021 [1]

Whilst some shops sometimes have good cards, Redbubble always does with masses of good ones to choose from. Plus fast service, supporting creative people, and the novelty of probably sending someone a card they’ve never seen before. What’s not to like ?

Adrian Jackson on Oct. 20, 2021 [2]

Redbubble is my now go to for many items, A-line dresses are my absolute favorite thing I have bought in years. The quality of the product is wonderful and supporting the artist is another reason I shop here

Patricia Thornton on Aug 2, 2021 [1]
Does Redbubble Steal Art?

No. Redbubble is a legal print-on-demand company because it respects the artists’ intellectual property.

Redbubble is a global online marketplace for print-on-demand products dependent on user-submitted images of their artwork or designs. This also means that anyone can submit images that infringe on someone else’s intellectual property.

But, as I said before, Redbubble is not a scam. The company is not out there trying to purposely steal thousands of artists’ work.

When someone believes their artwork or design has been used in a way that violates their intellectual property rights, Redbubble encourages them to submit a Notice and Takedown Report.

Visit Redbubble’s IP/Publicity Rights Policy page for more information about how Redbubble is helping to protect people’s intellectual property in 2021.

Yes! Redbubble is a secure, legitimate online shop with a good reputation with customers; so you can completely shop in confidence.

Redbubble has been around for over a decade and has built a large foll owing of users. However, in the past, the site has been criticized (by some) for being a scam. But many users like me and my friends have had good experiences with the site!

In fact, my friends and I have been purchasing items from Redbubble for years and have had no problems with them at all. They are very trustworthy!

They are very active in their customer support, and their return policy is very generous.

Worse comes to worst, if you’re not impressed with the Redbubble item you bought, it’s easy (and free) to return anything within 90 days of the latest estimated delivery date for most products (see more info on how to return items).

(Psssst… Want to save 20% on your first Redbubble order? Click here to sign up as a customer and save!)

Amazing customer service My 5 stars are for the customer service. The product I bought was not the quality I was expecting but I will definitely use the company again because the complaint was addressed quickly and with a very satisfying result.

Rachel Stephenson on Oct 20, 2021 [2]

The t-shirts are of fantastic quality, as have been all the shirts I have purchased from Redbubble, and the fact that if a mistake is made when filling my order, you all bend over backwards to make it right, has made me a fan and a lifetime customer! Thank you!

Brenda E. on Mar 28, 2021 [1]

I never leave reviews, but I absolutely have to for Redbubble. They have the BEST customer service bar none. If your order isn’t to your satisfaction, they will 100% make it right. They have a forever customer right here.

Breck Cowan on Jun 27, 2021 [2]

Pros & Cons: What Customers Had To Say About Redbubble

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