Is Redbubble Safe to Buy From? (2020)

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In 2008, I found an art print by Karin Taylor on Redbubble that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. (She’s still one of the most popular artists on Redbubble).

I NEEDED to have it!

But there was one problem…

I had never ordered anything from Redbubble before and I didn’t know if it was safe to buy from them.

But I followed my gut and bought the print anyway (I still have it and love it today).

68 Redbubble purchases later…

I’m hooked!

So, from my experience, I can definitely say, “YES! Redbubble is definitely safe and reliable”, and this article will tell you why I think this way.

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Is Redbubble Safe to Buy From?

…I had 3 orders with them so far: quick shipping, great quality stickers and prints, but their customer services is what really astounded me. For my last shipment, I accidentally put my old address, which I noticed too late, when the package already arrived. Contacting the old building didn’t yield any results, so I messaged customer support at Redbubble, asking whether they received anything back. Within an hour I received an email saying that they’re going to send another shipment to the new address for free. It also appeared that one of the stickers I initially ordered wasn’t available anymore, so they sent me a coupon for a future order. Very happy with my experience!

Oleg Saparing on Feb. 10, 2020 [RES]

Is Redbubble Legit? (My Quick Opinion)

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Yes, Redbubble is legit. There are three main reasons why I think this way:

Number one, this company started in 2006, in Australia, and now they’ve grown big enough to have offices in the United States and Berlin. What non-legit company do you know would be able to do that? lol You need to make customers VERY happy to grow that big!

Number two, My friends and I have been buying stuff from Redbubble since 2008. And, the only few problems I had was sometimes the order was a little late (by a day or two). And one of my duvet’s print was a little blurry (but 1 out of 5 duvets is pretty good… and it was blurry because the artist had enlarged their design too much).

Number three, the customer service team at Redbubble is SO NICE. I wouldn’t worry about having to contact them to return anything. Most of the time, if there’s something wrong with the product, you can just take a photo of it and show it to them. Then, they’ll just send you a new item. (Seriously, they’re REALLY great).

Redbuble Customer Service

I ordered the wrong size for my wife and you handled it so nicely. You let me keep the wrong size t-shirts which I gave to my daughter who just loves them and you gave me credit back to buy the right size for my wife. Your company made 2 woman in my life very happy and I am glad there are still good companies like yours around. Thank you again and Cheers!!

Maat Salsgiver on Oct. 24, 2019 [RES]

Is Redbubble Good Quality?

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Overall, I personally give Redbubble’s a 4.5 out of 5-star rating when it comes to quality. There are only 3 items that I could SLIGHTLY complain about.

  1. Canvas Art Prints: The print does not wrap around the sides of the canvas. The sides of the canvas are left white. It’s OK if you’re going to frame the canvas, but I prefer the sides to be black. All I do is paint the sides with black acrylic paint (Amazon). It’s really easy.
  2. Graphic T-Shirt Dresses & Leggings: The light-colored Redbubble t-shirt dresses and leggings are a tiny bit too see-through for my taste. I just bought an inexpensive slip (Amazon) to put underneath the dress and it fixed that problem. And I just wear my tight dress over my leggings to cover my bum. lol It’s worth mentioning that some people think the dresses are too short, but I’m 4’11” so I obviously didn’t have that problem.
  3. T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Other Clothing: I did read some complaints that the designs on T-shirts and hoodies coming off after washing, but I never personally had a problem with that. However, I do wash my t-shirts in cold water and let them hang dry like Redbubble suggests, so that could make a big difference. Another thing to look out for is the size of the clothing, as I find it runs small. Just look at the sizing chart before you buy! It’s worth the effort!

I’ve bought several t shirts, always as presents, and I’ve found the quality is excellent. I was expecting the images to fade with washing, but there’s no sign (and they are washed! Lol). The designs are unusual and the recipients have always been very pleased with them.

Raven Stone on Oct. 25, 2019 [RES]

Other than that, I personally haven’t had much of a problem with Redbubble’s quality except for one duvet cover (I bought 5) was a little blurry but that was because the artist had stretched out their artwork too much.

Since I was 90% pleased with the duvet cover, I kept it anyway. Although I KNOW customer service would have sent me another duvet for free, without any hassle. They truly are amazing!

I ordered a product that did not fulfill my expectations. Redbubble refunded me and did not want me to go through a return process.

Their understanding was most impressive

Angela on Feb. 27, 2020 [RES]

How Long Does it Take for Redbubble to Deliver?

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All items ordered through Redbubble are only printed once someone has bought them online (Print-on-Demand). This means Redbubble doesn’t have any premade items in their warehouses.

Once items are bought, they are made by one of Redbubble’s global team of third-party manufacturers. Then, the order is shipped.

Usually, this process takes 24 to 48 hours. But, sometimes it might take 3 business days for items to be printed and shipped.

The type of items you order and your shipping address affect where the items are manufactured. Because of this, your order can sometimes come in different packages and arrive on different days.

Please visit Redbubble’s “Product Manufacturing Info” page for up-to-date information on where each type of product is shipped from.

While you’re shopping, you can also find estimated delivery dates on each of the items’ description pages, displayed right under the “Add to Cart” button. Just make sure your country and currency settings are correct while browsing Redbubble!

How long does it take for Redbubble to deliver?

I was looking for a Stephen King themed pillow to accent my study. There were so many to choose from along with varying sizes. The quality is great and you couldn’t ask for more selection. Shipping was quick. I don’t leave many 5 star reviews, but this time it is well deserved.

Matt on Oct. 25, 2019 [RES]

* Redbubble only ships on business days, excluding National Holidays.

Can You Return Things on Redbubble?

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If you receive an item from Redbubble, and you’re not happy with it, you can always return the item.

You have 90 days to submit a return once you receive your order. When you return an order, you have a few options to choose from:

  • Replacements: Redbubble will replace your original order.
  • Credit: A credit code, with the same value as your original order, will be sent to you.
  • Full Refund: Redbubble returns the amount to your original payment method.

Really cool people work at Redbubble (… I wish I worked there!).

Returning things is really hassle-free, so I personally wouldn’t worry about not liking a product and being stuck with it. And I’m a really high-anxiety type of person, so if Redbubble can calm my nerves over the years about shopping online, you’ll be fine. lol

All clothing is fantastic quality and designs varied. Customer service is second to none – I accidently ordered an incorrect size (completely my error) and they not only sent me a replacement within 2 days, they said to keep the original shirt, give to a friend or donate to charity!! Absolutely amazing and cannot find any faults (though I’m not sure my boyfriend will agree with our matchy matchy t-shirts)

Samantha Steadman on Feb. 12, 2020 [RES]

Conclusion: Is Redbubble Safe?

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I can only answer this question personally, but my answer is a BIG FAT YES.

My friends and I have been shopping on Redbubble for YEARS and we absolutely love the quality of the items. And the customer service is always there to help with any concerns or questions you may have.

Been ordering from these guys for almost 4 years and had very minimal fuss, whenever an issue came up they have always been eager to rectify it. Love the garments I’ve ordered from them! Can’t complain :)

avacanaahrs on Jan. 14, 2020 [RES]

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So go ahead and find the artwork that is uniquely you, support independent artists, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN shopping!


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