Investing in Art for Beginners

If you’re a beginner art investor, or you’ve only just started thinking about investing in art, this post is for you.

Note: I talk about a lot in this post. Please be aware that I DO NOT work for them. I just find this online art gallery GREAT for beginner art collectors. I personally recommend them.

Is Art a Good Investment?

Marie with Rose by Mandy Racine
“Marie with Rose” by Mandy Racine
(Painting for Sale on Saatchi Art)

Just like any other kind of investment, there are no guarantees when it comes to investing in art.

When you’re buying art, you really need to love what you’re buying. Don’t just think about the artwork as an investment. It’s a bonus if you can have an emotional connection to the artwork.

However, it’s still fun to dream that the art you are buying could become a classic like a Van Gogh or a Picasso someday.

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Starting an Art Collection on a Budget

You don’t need a big budget in order to start an art collection. And buying fine art by emerging artists is the best place to start since it’s usually much more affordable than buying from well-known artists.

Artists to Invest in 2019

Best art to invest in - 2018

When considering the best art to buy for an investment, you must look at the artist and their potential to rise in value. A few indicators of this are:

  • Which art schools they’ve been to.
  • Exhibitions that they’ve participated in.
  • Awards and prizes that they’ve been nominated for or have won.
  • The ideas behind their artwork.
  • Their track record of sales to date.
  • They have a distinctive style early on.

Are Art Prints a Good Investment?

When talking about investing in art, we’re usually thinking of original fine art.

But are art prints a good investment too?

Here, I’m not talking about hand-pulled silkscreens, lithographs, or block prints which would still be considered handmade works of art.

I’m talking about mass-produced prints.

The answer to whether those types of prints are a good investment is usually “no”…


It depends on a few factors:

  • Is it a limited edition? (This means that the print of the artwork is limited to a specific number of copies.)
  • What is the size of the limited edition? (Fewer prints can mean more value.)
  • What is the limited edition number marked on the print? (For example, No. 1/100 can have more value than No. 100/100.)
  • What is the significance of the work?
  • What is the condition of the print?
  • Is it signed or dated by the artist?

Limited edition prints can be a great investment, as can other types of prints that have some sort of importance.

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Video: Invest in limited edition prints, available at Saatchi Art.

FREE Art Advisory Service

Collecting all the information about artists and making a decision about which art to invest in is very time-consuming.

So, when people ask me for my advice about investing in art, my first thought is this:

Get a professional art curator that has a lot of experience in looking at fine art created by emerging artists.

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Saatchi Art is a curated online art gallery/art investment company that offers paintings, art prints, drawings, sculptures, and photography. They help connect art buyers with over 60,000 artists from around the world. Plus, they have artwork by very talented artists whose works have the potential to rise in value.

But I mostly recommend Saatchi’s FREE art advisory service because:

  • They’re really nice art curators.
  • They have up-to-date information on what’s going on in the art world.
  • And they’re ready to help beginner art investors.

The curators at Saatchi art will help you whether you’re a first-time art buyer, an experienced art collector, or even an interior designer.

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Like I mentioned before, there are no guarantees that any artwork you buy will rise in value. However, if you’re only just beginning to invest in fine art, having a team of experienced art curators is your best bet.

But, remember:

You should always be happy with the artwork you’re buying. So, surround yourself with art you love and can relate to. This way, you always win.