Top 4 Hipster Wall Art (2019)

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At the time I wrote this post, the artwork mentioned below shipped to the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and most other countries.

Hipster Animal and Skull Art by Balazs Solti

Balazs Solti's hipster posters for sale on Redbubble, iCanvas, and Amazon.

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If you like:

  • hipster lions
  • Boston Terriers
  • pandas
  • polar bears
  • or mugshots of animals…

…then I want to introduce you to Balazs Solti.

A self-taught, freelance illustrator from Hungary, Solti’s mostly known for his humorous and somewhat bizarre illustrations of animals and skulls.

His modern style definitely reflects popular culture, aimed at younger people (or the young at heart) and those who like the hipster subculture.

His attention to detail is part of his signature style and makes his illustrations anything but plain. Yet his real-life works of art are still minimalistic, usually only featuring one character and no background.

It doesn’t appear to me that every drawing has some symbolic meaning behind it, but they’re fun nevertheless.

So if you like grungy art and expressive animals, definitely check out Balazs Solti’s hipster art.

Vintage Hipster Art by Mike Koubou

Mike Koubou's hipster posters and art prints for sale on Society6 and Redbubble.

>>> Click here to see other prints by Mike Koubou on Redbubble.

If you’re into retro and vintage styled art, then Mike Koubou’s hipster illustrations will amuse you.

Born and raised in Germany, but now working in Athens at a publishing house, Koubou is gaining massive popularity with his hipster art.

One print called “The Gentleman becomes a Hipster” got a lot of attention on Redbubble.

It appears as though he sketches with pencil and keeps adding details either digitally or by using watercolor and ink. No matter his technique, his work is definitely high quality.

From hipster skeletons to chalk art-themed prints, Koubou’s illustrations are fun, quirky, and a definite must-see.

Dictionary Page Prints by collageOrama

CollageOrama's hipster dictionary page prints for sale on Etsy and Amazon.

>>> Click to see more prints from collageOrama on Etsy.

This next artist does not create your typical, ordinary prints.

A professional graphic artist, known on the Internet as collageOrama (aka Matt D from Washington, USA), is crushing it on Etsy with his hand-made, vintage dictionary page prints.

He takes old dictionaries that were about to be destroyed, carefully removes the pages, then prints an image he created directly on the paper.

This is perfect for the person who is environmentally conscious and who loves to upcycle: taking used items and producing something different out of it.

From dictionaries to original pieces of artwork, Matt’s prints are both unique and affordable.

You can find Matt’s work on Etsy, where he has 800+ items to choose from, 5-star ratings, and over 18 thousand raving reviews. Most of the prints are of animals in unique poses or situations.

* Please note: These prints come unframed, but will fit in an 8.5″ x 11″ frame (Amazon).

Hipster Icons: HIPSTORY by Amit Shimoni

Amit Shimoni's Hipstory - Hipster art prints, canvas prints, and framed prints for sale on iCanvas, Society6, and Amazon.

>>> Click to see more images of Shimoni’s art on iCanvas.

We regularly see images of world leaders all prim and proper. Rarely or never to be seen as ordinary, everyday people. It’s even harder to imagine these icons as part of the hipster culture.


An artist by the name of Amit Shimoni has an ongoing art collection called HIPSTORY on iCanvas.

What makes his artwork so unique is that he digitally paints world leaders in hipster clothing. He also styles them with such things as tattoos, hipster glasses, and piercings.

He uses vibrant colors and Generation Y’s hipster style when digitally painting world leaders such as Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Princess Diana, or Barack Obama.
Each leader is also given a unique hipster look based on that person’s real-life:

  • Barack Obama is tattooed with the words hope and change below his collarbones.
  • Kim Jong Un sports a Chicago Bulls biker tank like a true fan.
  • Hillary Clinton has purple hair which is symbolic of bipartisanship (blue + red = purple).
  • Princess Diana is wearing a Perigo Minas t-shirt, referencing her mine activism.
  • Albert Einstein has tattoos expressing his passion for theoretical physics.
  • Hipster Santa has a tattoo of a snowflake and one of a reindeer.
  • John F. Kennedy is wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Marilyn Monroe.
Amit Shimoni digitally paints Albert Einstein.

iCanvas’ Hipster Art Collection

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Then check out iCanvas’ Hipster Art Collection. It’s absolutely a must-see and there are 201 canvas and framed prints to choose from!

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Hipster Art for Sale on iCanvas: Canvas and Framed Prints
Hipster Art: Canvas and Framed Prints (Available on iCanvas)