Art Prints vs Posters

Yuck! Artsy Fartsy Jargon

Are you wondering what’s the difference between art prints and posters? Then this post is for you!

Before you pull your hair out trying to figure out the difference, I’m going to explain it to you without artsy jargon… because let’s face it, who likes artsy jargon??? Not me! Yuck! Blechk!!! There’s no need of that!!!

So, IN PLAIN ENGLISH, here’s my post on art prints vs posters.

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Giclée Print vs Art Print (What’s the Difference?)

Wondering what’s the difference between giclée prints and art prints? Then you’re in the right place!

These are the basic differences between an art print vs a giclée. First, an art print is any reproduction of an original work of art (e.g. a canvas print that’s a copy of a handmade painting). Second, a giclée is actually a type of art print but it has very special characteristics (more details later).

To really understand the difference between a giclee and an art print, let’s first look at what is an art print. Then, we’ll look at what an art print needs in order to be classified as a giclée.

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Are Canvas Prints, Canvas Photos, and Art Prints Tacky?

are canvas prints tacky
Click the image to see “Deliberation” by Mario Sanchez Nevado on iCanvas.

We all know that it’s really a matter of personal taste when it comes to judging if canvas prints, canvas photos, and art prints are tacky.


What does the general public think?

With 12 years of experience as both an artist and an art curator, I’ve heard A LOT of opinions on this subject.

So, in this post, I’m going to talk about what art buyers generally say about canvas prints, canvas photos, and art prints.

Click here to see my ultimate FAVORITE place to buy inexpensive (but high-quality) canvas art (iCanvas)!

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