Updated: October 18, 2023

I know… I know…

This contact page is super empty.


It used to have a cute little contact form where you could put your name, email address, and a message.

You could also contact me via live chat or email (you can still find a way to contact me via social media, but I can’t promise you that I’ll answer you through those means… I’m trying to cut back on social media since I became addicted to it, especially Facebook).


Then I got super bombarded by hundreds of people who would contact me every week, trying to market their artwork through my site or people who had problems with purchases.

I really did try to help everyone with their customer service issues, but ultimately the best way to get help is to go to the art site’s customer service page directly.

I got overwhelmed. I’m only a team of one, after all.

So, I decided to take the contact form away (at least for now) so I could focus on researching and writing about art. That’s what I really love doing (that and sipping coffee on my bench, outside; no matter the season).

Life. Keep it simple.