Buy Art Online from Artists (2019)

Wondering how and where to buy art directly from artists online? You’re in the right place!

Written for beginner art buyers, this post will share my 4 favorite art sites. The sites I’m about to reveal make buying art directly from artists fun, easy, and stress-free.

Plus, I also share 7 tips on how to buy art like a pro!


  1. Etsy
  2. Amazon Handmade
  3. Saatchi Art
  4. eBay
  5. Tips on How to Buy Art Directly from an Artist

1. Etsy

In my opinion, one of the best e-commerce art sites that makes art buying safe, easy, and fun is Etsy.

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Etsy is one of the most popular sites where you can buy art directly from the artist online.

Some types of art you can buy on Etsy are:

  • Paintings: oil, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, ink, gouache, spray paint, and more
  • Drawings and illustrations: digital, pen & ink, pencil, marker, pastel, charcoal
  • Sculptures
  • Glass art

* You can also buy photography and prints on Etsy, although not all of them are considered original or hand-made. But a lot of them are still unique, nevertheless

Etsy is definitely my go-to online art gallery. I recommend this site to friends and family all the time.

But Etsy is not only great for buying art. It’s heaven for anyone looking to buy unique gifts. And we all have that friend who has EVERYTHING… but Etsy has you covered with tons of unique items.

Benefits of Buying Art on Etsy

Etsy 2019
  • You can read Etsy seller reviews and opt to only buy from those who have high ratings.
  • You can contact sellers directly with any questions.
  • Some sellers will customize items. This is usually stated in the item’s description.
  • Buying on Etsy is secure. If anything goes wrong, you can contact the seller directly. If that didn’t help you, you can contact Etsy’s customer service team by going to the bottom of any page and clicking the help center link.
  • Buying on Etsy doesn’t require you to pay any memberships. It’s free.
  • A lot of the items on Etsy are high quality but inexpensive (most are up-and-coming artists or just starting out their art careers).

2. Amazon Handmade


Very similar to Etsy, Amazon Handmade is an online store on Amazon where artists can sell their handmade works of art.

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Amazon Handmade is very similar to Etsy except for:

  1. Amazon Handmade has fewer artists selling their artwork than Etsy.
  2. Most of the artists on Amazon will be in charge of shipping and customer service. However, artists also have another option called Fulfilled by Amazon. This means that Amazon will be taking care of the shipping, customer service, and returns on behalf of the artist.

Similar to Etsy, Amazon Handmade has a rating system where you can read reviews about the artwork, shipping, customer service, and much more.

3. Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art

If you feel really intimidated about buying artwork directly from artists online, another great option is to go to Saatchi Art.

Click to check out Saatchi Art.

Saatchi Art is also a great place to get help if you’re wanting to buy art as an investment.

They offer a free, personalized art advisory service. This means you get an expert art curator to help you buy art, for free!

4. eBay


eBay is often thought of the world’s biggest garage sale. It’s a place where buyers and sellers can sell and buy just about ANYTHING from around the world.

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So if you love to collect items, including art, you must check out eBay.

And, just like Etsy and Amazon, you can read eBay seller reviews so you know who to trust!

5. Tips on How to Buy Art Directly from an Artist

  1. First, think about buying artwork you love. Then, you can think about buying artwork as an investment. There are no guarantees that a piece will go up in value, so you might as well have artwork that you enjoy.
  2. Read the artwork’s description and store policies carefully. A common mistake a lot of buyers make is buying artwork thinking that it comes framed when it doesn’t (because a frame will often be shown in the artwork’s picture). So, make sure you read every word in the description. It could save you and the artist a lot of headaches in the future.
  3. Read the artist’s online reviews. Reading reviews will give you a lot of information about the artwork, shipping, customer service, and much more. I personally only buy from artists who have 4+ stars out of a 5-star rating.
  4. If you like a piece of art but you have any questions at all, ask the artist. Most artists I’ve dealt with are very friendly. And any artist who’s rude or is not willing to answer questions about their work is not an artist you want to buy from in the first place.
  5. Be careful not to put down an artist’s work or to tell them you’re thinking of buying another artist’s work. This is a tactic some art buyers use to get the artists to lower their prices. Many artists find this absolutely disrespectful.
  6. If there’s an option to send an artist my best offer on a piece, I usually just buy it at full price. However, on the few occasions I do send my best offer, I personally never go below 15% below the asking price. I’d rather find another piece that’s within my budget than risk insulting an artist’s work.
  7. If you love an artist’s work but you really can’t afford it right now, don’t be afraid to praise them anyway. Being an artist can sometimes be a tough career choice, financially and emotionally. Support them by telling them how much you love their work.