Best Abstract Artists (2019)

Background Art Used in This Image: “The Tender Sounds of Nature” by jeffjag (Redbubble)

If you’re looking for the best abstract artists, then count yourself lucky because you’re in the right place!

In this post, I list the top 5 abstract artists in 2019.

They’ve created art that’s so extraordinary that it stops people in their tracks!

The best part:

All of these artists have their art for sale online! So let’s get to it!

1. Original Abstract Paintings by Claire Desjardins

Contemporary abstract painter, Claire Desjardins, explains her process in this video.
Original Abstract Paintings for Sale (Claire Desjardins) - Amazon and Saatchi Art

Click to see more of Desjardins’ original paintings and prints on Saatchi Art.

Claire Desjardins is an award-winning, Canadian abstract painter with a studio in the Laurentians, Quebec.

In 2011, she gave up her day job as a graphic designer and decided to paint full-time. And I have to say, it was a great decision!

Her modern paintings have been featured in galleries all over Canada and the United States.

But you don’t have to go to a gallery to view her work.

Original Abstract Paintings for Sale (Claire Desjardins) - Amazon and Saatchi Art

The bright pastel colors and repeated patterns in her paintings will turn any dreary room into a place that will uplift you, and cheer you up. Not too chaotic, but not too calming either, her paintings make me want to get up and start my day with joy and energy.

I think her paintings would be perfect for any room you spend the most amount of time in the morning. Then, you can start your day with positive, happy feelings.

It’s also the perfect artwork to surround yourself with if you need to get out of a rut.

2. Abstract Canvas & Framed Art Prints by Rebecca Moy

Interview with Rebecca Moy, Abstract Painter.
Colorful Abstract Art Prints (Rebecca Moy) - Amazon and iCanvas

Click to see more of Rebecca Moy’s abstract art on iCanvas.

As you can see from the video, Rebecca Moy seems to have a close relationship with deep self-expression and color.

She’s brilliant at structuring chaos. She seems to start with painting organic shapes. These shapes are the kind you could see in the natural, disorganized world. Then she frames these shapes with rigid lines, giving them structure.

Her paintings are the perfect example of an artist being both spontaneous and technical. It’s the perfect balancing act.

And her paintings take about 350 to 400 hours to create, and approximately 60 layers of paint! Her paintings are the perfect reminder for those of us (including me) who have trouble with patience. Without Moy’s patience, the world would be robbed of her beautiful creations.

3. Abstract Art Prints by JeffJag

“Distortion Sympathy” Watercolor Painting Timelapse – JeffJag.
“Gloopy Swoosh” Pencil Illustration Time-Lapse and Stop Motion – JeffJag
Psychedelic Abstract Art for Sale (JeffJag) - Redbubble

Click here to see more of Jeff Jagunich’s abstract art on Redbubble.

Jeff Jagunich (aka JeffJag) is an American artist that is known for his colorful, vibrant, and psychedelic abstract paintings and illustrations.

His incredibly detailed works of art are full of life and the quality of his work is beyond impressive. And whether he’s using acrylics, watercolor, pencil, pen, 3D software… you name it. He masters it all.

I wish I could describe his artwork like as does, but I will never even come close to the videos below. While watching an artist create their work, I just love listening to them talk about their artistic process (especially when they’re funny like Jagunich).

Jagunich also wrote and illustrated a coloring book called Abstract Zen: Adult Coloring Book – Color Across Space & Design, available on Amazon.

4. Famous Abstract Paintings by Wassily Kandinsky

Helen Mirren (you might know her as Acadamy Award winner for Best Actress in the movie The Queen) talks about Wassily Kandinsky (also known as Vasily Kandinsky).
Famous Abstract Paintings (Wassily Kandinsky) on iCanvas

The third abstract artist I want to mention is really unique and EXTREMELY famous. After all, he was one of the first people to develop modern abstract art! That’s some serious stuff right there!

Click to see more of Wassily Kandinsky’s abstract art on iCanvas.

Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) was a Russian painter and printmaker. And, in my opinion (and the opinions of many), he’s created some of the best abstract paintings of all time.

Kandinsky believed that if you painted what you actually see around you in real life, it would stop you from expressing your deep spiritual self. And so his colorful abstract art was born. Creativity at its finest!

Fun Fact: He allegedly had a condition called “synesthesia”. This condition allowed him to see color when he listened to music. He believed that art and music went hand in hand.

Kandinsky wanted to create art that was equivalent of a symphony that would stimulate the eyes but the ears as well.

5. Abstract Canvas and Framed Art Prints by June Erica Vess

Abstract Paintings That Will Make You Happy (June Erica Vess) - iCanvas

June Erica Vess is a full-time artist whose work has been seen by many people around the world. Chances are, you’ve seen a few of her prints somewhere on the Internet or in stores before.

See images of Vess’ abstract art on iCanvas.

Vess paints many different subjects like animals, landscapes, floral and botanical art, and so much more. But I really want to focus on 4 of her abstract print collections.

Abstract Art That Will Make You Happy

If you want to surround yourself with art that will lift up your mood and will give you the same happy feeling you get when summer arrives, then you definitely want to check out Vess’ Adagio and Glass Sea collections.

I think that you’ll agree with me when I say that her color palette is a breath of fresh air. It’s the perfect art for a kitchen, living room, or wherever you want a touch of that summer feeling in your house.

These colorful, minimalistic abstract prints will just do something positive to your brain.

Abstract Art for Bedroom or Spa

If you’re looking for neutral-colored abstract prints, then Vess’ Abstract Logic and Monochrome Gestures wall art collections might be just what you’re looking for.

Her color palette is much more calming in these two collections but the lines in the art have the same mesmerizing effect as a flickering flame.

Soothing and meditative, these prints are perfect for a bedroom or for turning your bathroom into a spa.

How I Picked the Best Abstract Artists

There are three types of abstract artists on this list:

  1. Those who have already gained worldwide popularity.
  2. Emerging, best selling artists.
  3. The hidden gems. The artists that should be recognized for their amazing work. However, they’re currently unknown to the mainstream world.