Top 4 Artists Who Paint Ducks (2019)

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Looking for artists who paint ducks? Then your hunt is over!

I’ve searched my favorite art sites to find the top 3 artists who sell their duck prints and paintings online.

1. Funny Duck Paintings and Prints by Will Bullas

Will Bullas, now living in California, studied the arts at Arizona State University and the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara.

Check out Bullas’ duck art on Redbubble

I first noticed one of his most popular duck paintings, Duck Tape, when I was looking at trending duck prints on Redbubble.

Bullas’ humor definitely shows in his prints as he paints ducks and chicks in costumes, animals drinking at the bar, and other funny wildlife.

The best part about Bullas’ prints is that his duck art can be printed and bought on so many different kinds of items at Redbubble, such as:

  • Wall Art – Prints, Framed Prints, Canvas, Photographic, Art Board, Metal, Tapestries, and Acrylic Blocks
  • Home Decor – Pillows, Cushions, Duvets, Mugs, and Clocks
  • Apparel – Sweatshirts, Hoodies, T-shirts, Tank tops, Dresses, Mini Skirts, Leggings, and Scarves
  • Baby Apparel
  • iPhone – Cases, Skins, and Wallets
  • Galaxy – Cases and Skins
  • iPad – Cases and Skins
  • Laptop – Sleeves and Skins
  • Stationary – Cards, Postcards, Stickers, Spiral Notebooks, Hardcover Journals, and Calendars
  • Bags – Totes, Studio Pouches, and Drawstring Bags

If you’re interested in viewing Will Bullas’ original duck paintings for sale, make sure to check out his store on Saatchi Art.

Will Bullas is a very accomplished artist. His accomplishments include exhibiting with the National Academy of Design in New York twice.

He also received the Mario Copper and Dale Myers Medal from the American Watercolor Society for his contributions to watercolor in 2007.

2. Photorealistic Duck Prints by Jeffrey Hoff

Jeffrey Hoff is a photorealistic painter who grew up in Devil’s Lake, Dakota. His experience with wildlife in this area, particularly birds, became the focus of his artwork.

Check out Hoff’s duck art on iCanvas.

To view Hoff’s duck prints only:

  1. Go to Hoff’s portfolio on iCanvas by clicking the link above.
  2. Look on the left part of the screen where it says Subject.
  3. Click on Animals.
  4. Click on Birds.
  5. Click on Ducks.

To create his amazing photorealistic paintings, Hoff mainly uses acrylics and incorporates a bit of airbrushing.

Other subjects that Jeff enjoys painting include grizzly bear, moose, elk, bison, birds, and dogs.

Here are just a few of the awards Jeff Hoff has won in his painting career:

  • 2014 Iowa Ducks Stamp Contest Winner
  • 2013 Iowa Ducks Unlimited Companion Print
  • 2010 Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp Winner
  • 2007 Oklahoma Duck Stamp Winner
  • 2007 Ohio Ducks Unlimited Sponsor print
  • Northern Lights Boy Scouts Print of the Year (2005, 2006, and 2013)
  • North Dakota Duck`s Unlimited Print of the Year (2004, 2005, and 2006)
  • 2002 Nevada Duck Stamp Contest Winner
  • 1999 North Dakota Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year

3. Duck Prints by Marcia Matcham

Marcia Matcham is an award-winning watercolor artist who was raised in Kansas but now lives in Texas.

If you’re looking for duck art that has more of a country feel to it, you definitely want to check out her duck paintings and prints.

Check out Matcham’s duck art on iCanvas.

To view Matcham’s duck prints only:

  1. Go to Matcham’s portfolio on iCanvas by clicking the link above.
  2. Look on the left part of the screen where it says Subject.
  3. Click on Animals.
  4. Click on Birds.
  5. Click on Ducks.

Matcham’s love for impressionistic art has an influence in her unique watercolor paintings.

What I love most about her duck paintings is that she used rich, warm colors. The color palette, combined with the ducks in a country setting, brings a summery feel to any room the artwork is hung.

4. Watercolor Duck Prints by Susan Windsor

Raised in California but now living in Texas, Susan Windsor is a full-time graphic designer who’s recently making waves in the art world.

Her minimalist watercolor paintings mostly focus on animals, some of which include adorable ducklings and one print of a white duck.

Check out Windsor’s duck art on Etsy.

Windsor’s duck and duckling prints would be perfect for a nursery, kid’s room, or bathroom.

And, make sure to check out her other baby animal prints. They’re adorable!

iCanvas’ Duck Art Collection

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for in my top 4 list of artists who paint ducks, then make sure to check out iCanvas’ Duck Art Collection.

Check out iCanvas’ Duck Art Collection.

Contemporary Framed and Canvas Map Art Prints - Available on iCanvas
Contemporary Framed and Canvas Duck Art Prints (Available on iCanvas)

In the year 2018 (and now 2019), iCanvas has become one of my favorite online art sites to buy high-quality canvas prints and framed prints. The prices are amazingly affordable!