Inktuitive Review (2021)

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Review of: Inktuitive

I’m so excited to be writing a review about Inktuitive, an American canvas print company because I really do think they’re the best of the best when it comes to providing remarkable art for the office or for anyone chasing after their dreams.

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I especially want people who feel like they could never afford to buy artwork to read this post because Inktuitive is really making high-quality art affordable for all of us.

My goal for this review is to help you decide if Inktuitive is right for you. So with the help of my own experience and the experiences of 1,218 other customers who bought canvas prints on Inktuitive [2], we’ll be looking at some pros and cons.

Inktuitive Reviews

The artwork I purchased was actually better than what I imagined. The colours were really vibrant and true to how they looked online. They’re now a great conversation starter in my office. I was a bit weary of these types of orders but the inktuitive team did a great job communicating with me throughout this process. Overall very happy and highly recommend.

Jay on Jan. 27,2020 [2]

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Minted Review (2021)

Minted Reviews

Topic: Minted

Minted is now one of the best sites where I buy wall art.

But many people know Minted as the go-to place for everything stationery (including their popular, money-saving all-in-one wedding invitations).

So I thought I would take some time to read what 2600+ customers[RES] had to say about Minted and then summarize it all for you! (You’re welcome!)

From their customer service to the quality of their products, it’s all here in this 2020 Minted review!

Quick Money Saving Tip: Minted has a dedicated page on their website that shows you ALL of their active discounts and coupon codes!!! So go ahead and start saving now!

I absolutely LOVE Minted! I have ordered their products MANY times for personalized teacher gifts, art prints, holiday cards, online invitations, etc. Their design assortment is top-notch! They are my ‘go-to’ for all my printing needs!

Lyssa Franckowiak on Jun 5, 2019 [1]

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Society6 Review (2021)

Society6 Review


WELCOME to the most complete Society6 review for shoppers!

In 2017, I found an art print by Cat Coliquette on Society6 that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. (She’s still one of the best-selling artists on Society6 and is making BIG waves around the world).

But there was one problem…

I was hesitant to buy this print because I didn’t know if Society6 was a safe website. I also didn’t know what their customer service was like, or if their products were high-quality.

And that’s why I wanted to write this Society6 review. I wish I would of had someone like me, a repeat customer at Society6, to tell ME the real pros and cons of this art site.

I love Society6, but not every product they sell is 100% liked by every customer. And with my own Society6 shopping experience and reading 1,452 customer reviews, I wrote this post with a focus on the problems they (and I) had.

So make sure to go through this Society6 review so you can buy with confidence!

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Saatchi Art Review (2021)

Saatchi Art Review

For many art buyers, Saatchi Art has been such an integral part when collecting art online. It’s definitely one of the best art sites to discover emerging and well-known artists.

But not every gallery site is the perfect fit for everyone. So, that’s why I wrote this Saatchi Art review.

With the help of 4,033 Saatchi Art customer reviews[1] and my own experience, here’s a look at the pros, the cons, and everything in between.

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iCanvas Review (2021)

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Review of:

Just recently, I’ve gotten a new addiction…


My new obsession with iCanvas, an art print company, made me want to write a review about them because I really do think this is a company EVERYONE should know about.

I especially want people who feel like they could never afford to buy artwork to read this review because iCanvas is really making high-quality art affordable for all of us.

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My goal for this review is to help you decide if iCanvas is right for YOU. So we’ll be looking at the pros AND CONS.

iCanvas Review

Anyone I speak to on the phone is very kind and courteous. I’ve made more than several mistakes on ordering a print I thought would work well in my house. Once I received and hung it, found out the print or color just didn’t work. It’s so nice to know you’re very forgiving in returning the paintings that I can return my purchase with no added shipping fee.

Susan Noe on Nov 30, 2019 [1]

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Redbubble Review (2021)

Trending on Redbubble!
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This is the most complete Redbubble review for shoppers in 2020!

What makes me qualified to write this review?

  1. Experience: I bought my first Redbubble art print by Karin Taylor in 2008, and I’ve been buying so much stuff from Redbubble ever since. I promise there’s nothing fake about this review!
  2. Research: I read 5,871 Redbubble customer reviews online [RES] before I wrote this article.

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… Customer service is second to none – I [accidentally] ordered an incorrect size (completely my error) and they not only sent me a replacement within 2 days, they said to keep the original shirt, give to a friend or donate to charity!! Absolutely amazing and cannot find any faults…

Samantha Steadman on Feb. 12, 2020 [1]

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