What Is a Giclée Print vs Art Print? (A Simple Comparison: The Difference Between Them, & How To Choose Between Giclée Prints or Art Prints)

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What Is a Giclée Print? (The Art of Printing in 2023: An Intro to Giclée Prints, Fine Art Paper, & Giclée Printers)

If you’re wondering what a giclée print is, my latest blog post has got you covered!

In it, I’ll explain how these high-quality prints are made, compare them to other digital print types, and offer tips on how to choose and care for your giclée prints.

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What Is a Premium Giclée Print in 2023? (Explore The Highest-Quality Prints on Fine Art Paper & Canvas)

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What Is Giclée on Canvas? (How Fine Art Is Transformed Into Giclée Canvas Prints in 2023)

Giclée on canvas is a high-quality printing process that involves using a sophisticated inkjet printer to produce prints from a digital file.

The result is a beautiful, gallery-worthy canvas print that will last a lifetime.

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Giclée Print on Canvas or Paper (A Simple Comparison: The Difference Between a Giclée Canvas Print & a Giclée Paper Print, & How To Choose Between Them)

When it comes to giclée prints, there are two main types of materials that you can choose from – paper or canvas. So, which is better? Generally speaking, canvas wall art is typically worth more than those on paper. So, monetarily, canvas prints win most of the time. But wait! Both paper and canvas prints … Read more

Are Giclée Prints Worth It? Should You Buy One? (A Look at Their Value Compared to Paintings & Standard Prints)

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Do Giclée Prints Have Texture?

Typically, giclées are not textured unless they’re printed on textured paper or canvas. However, texture can be added to giclée prints by hand. This uncommon process is often called a giclée on canvas with hand embellishments. This process is typically done by adding a clear gel on top of a print and using the same … Read more

Why Are Giclee Prints So Expensive?

It’s a myth that getting top-quality giclee prints will be expensive. And I’ll admit that some companies do charge quite a bit (maybe too much) for their giclee prints. But, high-quality giclee prints don’t actually have to be that expensive, as you’ll see on websites such as iCanvas, Redbubble, and Society6. Here are some other … Read more