Monotype vs Monoprint (A Simple Comparison: The Difference Between Monotypes & Monoprints, & How To Choose Between Them)

Calling all art lovers and buyers! Are you curious about the differences between “monotype” and “monoprint” printing techniques? Look no further! As both an artist and art collector, I’m excited to share my knowledge and help you make an informed decision about which technique to use. Join me as we explore the unique characteristics of … Read more

What Is a Monotype? (Exploring the World of Monotype Prints in 2023 + Understanding the Differences Between Monotypes & Monoprints)

In my latest blog post, “What Is a Monotype?” I explore the unique and one-of-a-kind art form of monotyping.

Learn about the different types of monotypes, the materials and tools needed to make them, and the various techniques used to create these beautiful prints.

I also discuss the difference between monotypes and monoprints, so you can better understand this fascinating art form.

Join me in discovering the world of monotyping!